The Chinese Communist Party CCP 
uses Zoom to Gather Evidence on Everyone
The email below was sent to the satellite campus of the College of Complexes in Dallas, TX:

“Tom, I highly recommend that you choose another method to carry out the meetings other than Zoom. Zoom is an arm of the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, and may soon be banned from the United States. The CCP uses Zoom to gather evidence on everyone. They even have a CCP law in China, that allows extradition of anyone anywhere in the world who makes any comments anywhere in the world that are negative to the CCP. A person working for Epoch Times spent 10 years in prison in China for expressing a negative remark about the CCP. For that reason, I recommend making sure not to travel to any country that has an extradition treaty with China, because they take this collection of data on EVERYONE very seriously. I will not use Zoom, Tom, and I have been passing the word to others about the truth of Zoom. Do not use Zoom or participate in a Zoom function. The same is also true for Tik-Tok. There are other sources, such as "GoToMeeting", etc. Do a little research: the news programs "Zooming In" with Simone Gau and "Crossroads" with Joshua Philipp are good sources. For the safety of everyone, DO NOT USE ZOOM!”