3 Eco-Programs in September at the College of Complexes
Saturday, Sept 12, 19, 26

College of Complexes, free speech forum
Every Saturday at 6:00 PM
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​September 12
What Will Be the Legacy We Leave?
5 Questions Everyone Should Answer
Meeting # 3,581 - environmental activist Janice Gintzler asks all of us the following questions: 
          What does the word “dominion” mean in Genesis 1:26-30? 
          How did we get an agricultural system that spews toxins into our air, ground water, and soil? 
          Do you have eyes to see injustice? 
          Have you heard of or seen the vortices of plastic circling the globe? 
          What causes monthly storms of the century? 

Janice Gintzler has been an activist since college when the US bombed Cambodia. She is a retired teacher of Russian, then Computer Science, at Morgan Park HS in Chicago. One of her students gave her the book Diet for a New America, by John Robbins. Since then a focus of hers is food and how since the 1960s it has harmed our health and the environment. She has been a leader in the Northern IL United Methodist Women, which has a reading program and lobbies for the environment, and is a member of the prison ministry at the Unitarian Church of Hyde Park. Janice listens to NPR on WBEZ 91.5 FM

September 19
Best Practices for Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
Meeting # 3,582 - Jan Boudart, who is active with NEIS - Nuclear Energy Information Service​
Speaker states that:
"In 1953 I was a high school student in Salt Lake City where fallout from the Nevada nuclear-testing dropped; but I didn’t know about it until I was in my 50s.

A symposium keynoted by Helen Caldicott set the course for me to become an anti-nuclear activist; and I attended a conference at U of Chicago on the subject of nuclear waste where I became acquainted with David Kraft and the group Nuclear Energy Information Service. Then I committed to educate others about radiation and to combat the nuclear menace.  

As a board member of NEIS I am a full-time volunteer in nuclear activism. I support Environmental Justice and Just Transitions, encouraging legislators both federal and state to pass laws demanding funds to retrain nuclear and fossil fuel workers throughout the fuel chain in the renewable energy sector.  

I believe nuclear waste is an unspeakable filth that will never be used up or go away. I really want people to understand the necessity to stop making nuclear waste and to understand best practices for storing spent nuclear fuel. That is what I am working for."

September 26
An Update on Actions to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline DAPL
(powerpoint presentation)
Meeting # 3,583 - environmental activist Richard Stuckey, who says:
"There has been a lot going on in the Bakken in the last few months. In addition to our fight in the ICC to prevent the doubling of the pipeline, the corona virus and the war for market share between Saudi Arabia and Russia has pushed oil prices throughout the US, Canada and most of the non-middle east, to way below breakeven production costs.  

Those in the know project that over 500 US exploration and production and oilfield service companies will go bankrupt this year. Some of the biggest like Chesapeake and Whiting have already gone.  

The major oil companies have started to put out highly misleading statements about how they intend to diversify into renewables, and be net zero carbon by 2050. But reading the fine print shows their commitments are hollow and virtually meaningless. They haven’t got the message yet."