A Collection of 100+ Comments about Trump
After his First Campaign Event for Re-election:

1. ”No matter how bad the Biden Administration gets you’ll never convince a single Democrat to vote for Trump. Most independents still despise him, and won’t vote for him, and many Republicans still don’t like him, and won’t vote for him. I sincerely believe he’d lose by an even greater margin than last time.”

2. “Nobody is interested in this guy anymore except the extremists.”

3. “Things should really hit the skids when he’s indicted in the next several weeks. And that goes for politicians willing to endorse and be seen with him…,”

4. “I hope he keeps up the tirades. I’m pretty sure most people don’t want to repeat the total exhaustion we felt during his term in office.”

5. “Trump is about to find out that the opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference.”

6. “…He can’t accept the fact that he has become irrelevant,”

7. “The more education you have the least likely you are to vote Republican.”

8. “I guess an extended prison stay might finally mash his mute button.”

9. ”Trump never won the most votes in any election and will lose again.”

10, “Trust me, most of the country wants him more ‘committed’ than ever, Federal prison funny farm, either one.”

11. “He SHOULD be banned from re-election. In an earlier age he would have been swinging from an oak tree.”

12. “The man offers NOTHING to America but more division and chaos.”

13. “What he meant to say is that he should definitely be committed this time—to a very secure psychiatric facility.”

14. Trump will NOT win the nomination and he will cry, whine, and lie that the primaries were rigged or stolen. Looking forward to his public humiliation.”

15. “I don’t think he’s very healthy with lack of sleep and a terrible diet, and zero exercise.”

16. “We’re supposed to put up with Trump Nonsense until the next election, and then put up with more of his “Stop the Steal” lies after he loses again.”

17. “So Trump is committed. I’ve always thought he should be.”

18. “What he wants is to pardon himself and not be held accountable. He needs to be defeated again and not allowed to ever hold office again.”

19. “’More committed than ever”. Almost right. He should be COMMITTED more than ever.”

20. “Making a fake run for office will not stop the multiple criminal indictments coming down in the next several weeks.”

21. “As a Democrat, I’d like to thank Donald for this gift.”

22. “The biggest question is: ‘what kind of Secret Service protection will he have while he is incarcerated for the rest of his life?’.”

23. “I expect Trump will go so low in his war against DeSantis that DeSantis will only have to smile and pretend to be positive to be nominated. Both reek of death; one is just fresher than the other.”

24, “He should be committed. Even Republicans know he needs to be committed!”

25. “I think what he’s trying to say is, he’s more worried and concerned about going to prison than ever before. That’s why he wants to get elected to stay out of jail.”

26. “If you STILL support a guy who tried to overthrow the government and keep himself in power, and you think that it is okay to take away YOUR LEGAL vote, then there is REALLY something wrong with you.”

27. “He was, and still is, the laughingstock of the world.”

28. “81,293,098 people went to the pols to vote against Donald Trump.”

29. “Let me guess; he’s already declaring the 2014 election has been rigged.”

30. “Another 4 years of his ineptitude would destroy what’s left of our current democracy.”

31. “He tried to get a mob to kill members of Congress and the VP, and they are still supporting him.”

32. “It would be wonderful if he was to be arrested for treason at one of those rallies.”

33. “I saw a clip of him on tv the other day from his untruth social failure. He looks terrible: Fat, more makeup than ever. His little mouth spitting as he spued. Hard to believe this guy was a President. Now he wants to build an impenetrable dome over the US.”

34. “Personally I hope that all State Election Officials refuse to let him file to run in the Primary, because of his violating Section 3 of the 24th Amendment to the US Constitution.”

35. “Remember, he did not want early voting, and now he’s for it!”

36. “Hard times for Trump = hard times for Putin. Does anybody think this is just a coincidence?”

37. “Put this guy on the ticket. That would give the Democrats a gift.”

38. “I like the way he won the senior golf tournament by skipping the first round and putting himself up by 5 on day two. Now THAT sounds rigged.”

39. “Soon, he will be a rally of one—even the most obtuse can see he is just a carnival barker selling snake oil.”

40. “He’s already confirmed himself as a serial loser.”

41. “Mr. Trump has lost his base because of continuing lies, deception, and name calling. That is not leadership. That is not a man of vision>”

42. “The wort part is knowing that family members and friends bought into this con-man to begin with. It casts an entirely new light on THEIR character.”

43. “Trump will be better served by dropping out. He has ZERO chances of winning the general election; unfortunately, there is nobody willing to reveal that fact to him. He will lose in an historic landslide to any person or vegetable with a (D) on front.”

44. “I agree he should be committed to an asylum. No more hiring family and filling your pockets on the taxpayer’s dime.”

45. “I know GOP leaning voters who say they will never vote for Trump again. They feel like he is the reason for the divisions in our country.”

46. “IT’S OVER FOR Trump. He may be indicted before we even get to the point of choosing a GOP runner. He only wants to be president so he can avoid his legal issues. Watch Putin, he is just inching for Trump to be elected.”

47. “He is the real nightmare no one wants. He is the disaster we can all avert. He is the weakness we all got to see up close for ourselves.”

48. “Of course he’s more committed than ever. He thinks the only way he stays out of prison is if he’s elected president in 2024.”

49. “A CLOWN can move into a palace, but it does not make him a KING. It only makes the palace a CIRCUS!”

50. “I can’t even listen to Republican voters talk about debt ceiling and the budget after having this guy in office.”

51. “He owes money to everyone! Still hasn’t paid his bill to cities he campaigns in.”

52. “This man, Trump, will destroy the Republican party and, if he has the chance, the Constitution itself.”

53. “Trump is wasting his time because he will be indicted by Georgia District Attorney, and sentences to prison.”

54. “This sounds like a desperate attempt on Trump’s part to avoid the possibility of a prison sentence.”

55. “All he does is talk about how wonderful he is. I don’t know how anyone could listen to him for 5 minutes.”

56. “This article fails to report the FACT that many Trump voters are DEAD of covid, or FELONS doing jail time for attacking the Capitol. Rally crowds don’t win elections; neither does maxing our t credit cards for Trump.”

57. “If making money off your last name was illegal, most descendants of Fred Trump would have been executed long ago (and good riddance).”

58. “Trump left his trail of slime across two States.”

59. “He’s just craving attention. If we ignore him, maybe he’ll go away, or maybe go to jail.”

60. “Trump said ‘Together we will complete the unfinished business of making America great again….” When did he start?”

61. “Just think, there are still people ignorant enough to keep sending him money!”

62. “Why is he running for President when he believes himself to be the current President?”

63. “I’m ‘angry’ that criminal Trump isn’t in jail already for orchestrating a deadly insurrection to subvert the US Presidential election.”

64. “Let the ‘losing’ begin.”

65. “What he doesn’t realize, assuming the GOP is actually not gone completely mad to nominate him, he will lose AGAIN, and worse than before.”

66. “He’s already saying the 2024 election is rigged, just to prove why he’s going to lose. He’s committed to the biggest revolt ever in past and future.”

67. “Nauseating just thinking about him.”

68. “He should be more committed than ever, in prison or a mental health facility.”

69. “Impeached twice, inciting an insurrection where people were killed, being ALLOWED to run again, beyond ridiculous, He’s just lining his own pockets.”

70. “How delusional do you have to be to believe you can win the Presidency with 25% of the vote.”

71. “He’s not been committee yet, but for sure he should have been, straight jacket and all!”

72. “The Republican party seems incapable of running intelligent, kind, or innovative policy people. What a sorry bunch.”

73. “Trump opens 2024 run, says he’s ‘more committed than ever’. We totally agree with Trump. He should be committed.”

74. “Let’s see: He’s angry, he’s whining, temper tantrums, losing his base, has competition, hates Dems, hates all who aren’t his base, needs to grift, sees his base as marks, cheats at golf….”

75. “Any ‘man’ who claims bankruptcy 6 times, and still claims he is a billionaire, should never ever be put in a position of such power like the Presidency of the US.”

76. “The only thing he is committed to is golf, and he cheats at that.”

77. “So, America is supposed to put an insurrectionist in the WH? Not a chance.”

78. “Has anyone told Trump that as of this afternoon only four members of the RNC will affirm their support for him to be the 2024 nominee.”

79. “This has-been needs to get lost; he’s useless and a lunatic.”

80. “He truly doesn’t care. Its all about the title, the brand, and his own ego. Anyone who thinks otherwise is part of the cult.”

81. “Make America Great Again? Didn’t do it when he had the opportunity. No second chance. Too much a Putin lover.”

82. “With the classified document issue, obstruction of justice, and support for Russia, this is the WORST possible candidate for President in American History.”

83. “Looking forward to his Obituary.”

84. “How can our government officials allow this TRAITOR to our country even attempt to run. He should have been in prison a long time ago.”

85. “Trump fans are in prison. He should be with them very soon.”

86. “Enough! Less people to support the anger and lies; they are learning this guy is about one thing and one thing only: himself.

87. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask how much money and power can you give to Individual #1.”

88. “This is the ‘Avoid Prosecution by Running for POTUS” tour.”

89. “He is unfit for office, and the DOJ needs to act.”

90. “Methinks I smell Fraud: Actually, he is HOPING to be committed. Mental facilities are much more comfortable than prison.”

91, “Get your popcorn and enjoy the much-deserved demise of the Un American GOP.”

92. “He is trying to rake in as much money as possible before it all comes to an end.”

93. “Trump is raking in all the CASH by fooling the Republicans. They love him and are sending him their life savings and Social Security money while they cannot pay their utility bills, rent, and mortgage.”

94. “Same song, different day, orange rump couldn’t win a race for dog catcher (My apologies to dog catchers)….”

95. “Anything for attention typical narcissist. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you are done.”

96. “The ratings are down. The energy is down. The weight is up. The same old speech/rant is played. And the law is closing in.”

97, “The entire planet wishes he would kick off! For good.”

98. “Now he just seems like a fat old orange man screaming at a street corner. Few people care anymore.”

99. “Any non-1%er would have gone to prison after EITHER his fake school, or his fake charity had been shut down for fraud.”

100. “Oh he’s committed, committed to trying to stay out of jail and pardon himself.”

101, “Trump hasn’t gotten a glimpse of any reality outside his own head since 2006 or so.”

102. “The same people who believed him when he said he’d build an impenetrable wall across the border will believe him when he says he’ll create an impenetrable dome over the nation.”

103. “Republicans are a laughingstock of our country, doubling down on stupid every chance they get. No one believes their nonsense.”

104. “Trump has zero chance of occupying the Oval Office again, He knows it, but they (his base) don’t, and he counts on that to line his pockets before he goes to prison.”

105, “ Of course he’s angry, what else is new, and he should be committed. I will settle for him being indicted, tried, convicted, and jailed. And maybe there he will get the treatment he deserves.”

106. “Trump is running to save himself, no way out. The walls are caving in, and he has got the gullible to save him.”