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               Upcoming Programs

Nov 23rd        The Problem of Egalitarianism: A Philosophical 
               Examination on The Precursor of Inequality
Meeting # 3,556 - Germinal G. Van, author & political essayist, will discuss his new book
“The purpose of this lecture is to explain why Egalitarianism as a goal is impossible to achieve. Seeking equality requires coercion by the state. As the state is used as the great equalizer to enforce equality, the state must deprive the haves of their property, and give it to the have-nots. Egalitarianism, by seeking equality, generates in fact more inequality between the haves and the have-nots.”

Nov 30th         Should I Shop On-Line for Gifts, or Go to a Store?
                        a look at how changes in retailing affects our economy and employment, consumer choices, 
                        what we buy and US trade policy, etc
Meeting # 3,557 – Tim Bolger, college regular
Speaker has worked marketing electronics on-line worldwide for 10+ years, takes a look at the transformation in shopping for Christmas gifts, places and conditions of employment, with advice on benefits and disadvantages of each to the consumer

Dec 7th           Life & Ideas of Hungarian Economist Janos Kornai
                        under Communism, on the thirtieth anniversary of the 1989 fall of the Eastern Bloc
Meeting # 3,558 – Adam Balling presents a glimpse at twentieth century European history, economic ideas and dynamics, & recent politics, as well as a surprisingly dramatic life.

“Hungarian economist Janos Kornai, who is not a household name but a distinguished academic who wrote an autobiography, “By Force of Thought: Irregular Memoirs of An Intellectual Journey.” He was born in 1928, lived through WWII and lost relatives in the Holocaust, joining the communists party after the war. Initially a true believer, Kornai later became a critic of communism through both his study of economics and learning about Stalinist repression. 

Despite suffering persecution in the aftermath of the 1956 uprising, his ideas about central planning and chronic economic shortages under state socialism won him an audience on both sides of the Iron Curtain: perhaps unique in being able to reach Soviet bloc experts, as well as scholars in the West, both followers of Keynesianism & their more market-oriented opponents. Still alive at 91, in recent years, Kornai has spoken out against the Orban regime in Hungary.”

Dec 14th         50 Years of the Modern Libertarian Movement
Meeting # 3,559 - Donald Meinshausen, Longtime Libertarian Scenester
2019 not only marks fifty years of the moon landing, the Stonewall rebellion and Woodstock, but also the modern Libertarian movement.

Donald Meinshausen, longtime Libertarian scenester, will discuss key events of 1969 that ignited the modern movement, such as the final Students for a Democratic Society convention, held in Chicago, and the Young Americans for Freedom convention in St. Louis. He will also the history of the movement since those important events. 
Dec 21st      A Collection of Libertarian Memes Shared on Social 
Meeting # 3,560 - ​Celebrate the holidays with Justin Tucker as he presents a slideshow of libertarian-themed memes, demonstrating how images shared through social media have been an effective means of spreading the philosophy of liberty. He will also discuss how the phenomenon of memes are a form of 21st Century folk art. Trigger Warning: excessive hilarity.

Dec 28th         Joshua Flynn, Libertarian for State House (District 78)
Meeting # 3,561 - 
Joshua Flynn is a vibrant, energetic, experienced champion of the underserved in his community. For over a decade, Flynn has been an organizer, activist, mentor and conduit of resources, creating opportunities and making an impactful difference in the lives of others.

Joshua Flynn is running for the office of State Representative, 78th district, in the state of Illinois, to represent and champion the needs of his community. District 78, home to over 108,000 residents, is located in the city of Chicago and includes Leyden, Oak Park and Proviso townships, and the villages of Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Melrose ark, Oak Park and River Grove.

Restoring integrity to our local government is the prime focus for Flynn. At the financial level, he seeks to bring better oversight to both budget and spending, and believes that our pension and tax programs need solid, thoughtful reform. And at every level, he plans to bring greater transparency to government.

Flynn is well-versed in the disparities facing African American communities, and has made it his mission to educate and engage citizens to attain more financial security and opportunity. As an experienced Insurance professional, Flynn has had a transformative effect on the lives of others through seminars, mentorship and providing resources, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

As an Austin native, Flynn has been interested in the welfare of his community since he was a young boy. Both of his parents were active community leaders - his mother as a local business and real estate owner, and his father as a local pastor, Austin community organizer, NAC (North Austin Council) Board Member, CAPS member and United Front Organization member. His tight-night, deeply involved family encouraged Flynn’s interest in public service. In his youth, Flynn was involved in the Junior Craft Mason organization and also part of the 25th Police District Explorer’s program.

Flynn now works with several organizations in the Austin community and beyond - he is Co-Director and Community Organizer for the new North Austin Council, Facilitator and Recruiter at Get to Work Illinois, (GTW), a Mentor with BUILD, Honorable Committeeman of Black Workers Matter (BWM), Honorable 29th Ward Committeeman of the Libertarian Party, and a recent Inductee in the Rotary International Organization, headquartered in Evanston, IL.

Family values are at the heart of Flynn’s work. His desire to build a better world for his children to live in is his reason for running for local government. He credits his success to his upbringing, his love of people, and being a family man. His wife, a Doctoral candidate, and his two children are at the very core of all that he does, and he strives to shepherd his family in the same way he shepherds his community - by providing opportunity, education and resources. As State Representative, Joshua Flynn will be an intelligent, informed, tireless champion for everyone in his district.  

Jan 4th            Illinois Prison Project
Meeting # 3,562 - Jennifer Soble, Executive Director
The Illinois Prison Project works for a saner criminal justice system by using creative approaches to reducing the size and expense of Illinois' prison population. We represent clients directly, and connect clients to lawyers throughout the State.

"We push back against excessive sentences in Illinois through direct representation, issue education, and by connecting lawyers directly to clients."

Our Work
Direct Representation
We provide direct representation to people in the Illinois Department of Corrections by filing clemency petitions on their behalf.  
Screening and Clearinghouse
We screen thousands of cases to identify people that are strong candidates for clemency. We match those people with lawyers, social workers, and other volunteers throughout the state, who file clemency petitions on their behalf. We provide models, templates, and support to our volunteers throughout the clemency process.
We provide education about our core issues, the clemency process, and the benefits of a smarter approach to criminal justice.

Jan 11th          50 Reasons Why Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang 
               Appeals to Both Sides of the Aisle
Meeting # 3,563 - Joseph Kopsick returns with a powerpoint presentation
“The Freedom Dividend, a universal basic income of $1000/mo, Medicare for All, Human-Centered Capitalism, candidate says it’s a fight to put Humanity First”

Jan 18th         The Mystery of Fascism
Meeting # 3,564 - author David Ramsay Steele discusses his new book

Jan 25th         Revenge of the Nerds: the Technocratic Takeover of the                        Public Sphere
Meeting # 3,565 - Robert Holland returns with another penetrating essay

Feb 1st           Democratize ComEd Campaign
               The Greater Chicago Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of                America
Meeting # 3,566 - Sveta Stoytcheva, Matthew Cason
Do you believe we should own our energy? Then Join Chicago DSA’s #DemocratizeComEd Campaign! For the first time in 30 years, Chicago’s electricity distributor ComEd is renegotiating its contract with the city. Now’s the time for us to push for a city-owned electric utility with an elected board, aggressive renewable energy targets, progressive rates, and green, union jobs to maintain infrastructure. If we democratize ComEd, we can serve our communities and the environment instead of investors. Email for more information.

Feb 8th``        The History of Freedom from the Beginning of Evolution to the 
                Present Day
Meeting # 3,567 - college regular Sidney Cohen returns

Feb 15th         What is Wrong with the Weather?
                Panel of Three Speakers from Three Different Perspectives
Meeting # 3,568 - 20 minute presentations by Nancy Hill, Ted Aranda, and David Ramsay Steele

Feb 22nd       The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the 
              Betrayal of America
Meeting # 3,569 - college regular Ellen Corley returns to report on the judicial system

Feb 29th         Open
Meeting # 3,570 - contact the Program Coordinator Charles Paidock if you would like to speak at (312) 842-5036, (312) 714-7790 cell, or by email to: ​

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