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June 1st                       An Up-Close Look at China Today 
Meeting # 3,531 - Presentation by Stansfield Smith on his 24 day trip to China, with some pictures. 
Speaker states that:  "China is rapidly advancing, investing a great amount in infrastructure and housing. Poverty has almost been eliminated, with 700 million Chinese lifted out of poverty over the last 40 years. China remains a socialist country with a fair amount of capitalism, but the capitalism does not dominate. In its development China is outstripping the United States. It is also making giant strides in taking action against causes of global warming."

June 8th                      The Roots of The Welfare State
Meeting # 3,532 - Germinal G. Van, author and political essayist, who explains how the welfare state started in the United States and reason why its policies harmed the people it intended to help

June 15th                    The Humane League - Chicago
Meeting # 3,533 - Josh Richards, Grassroots Coordinator
Since our founding in 2005, The Humane League’s mission has been to save the lives of as many animals as possible and to reduce as much animal cruelty as we can. We want a world where all animals are treated with the same respect and compassion that we show to our beloved family dog or cat.

We are working relentlessly to reduce animal suffering through grassroots education to change eating habits and corporate campaigns to reform farm animal treatment. 

June 22nd                   Why Are We So Often Stuck with the Status Quo?
Meetings # 3,534 - author Margaret Goldstein, who says: "From the Illinois EPA and Dept. of Human Services to the struggle to get fair redistricting of our electoral districts, to the United Nation's Security Council's flaws, much never gets changed.
All possible advocacy accomplishes little. Authorities merely tweak the system or claim they will satisfy demands but never do."

June 29th                    An Analysis of the Green New Deal:  
                                    What It is, Who Benefits from it, and How to Pay for it
Meeting # 3,535 - college regular L. P. (Andy) Anderson

July 6th                      DeCOALonize and Degrow: Ending the Tyranny of 
                        Growth and Revitalizing our Sense of Possibility
                                    Chicago Area Peace Action
Meeting # 3,536 - Rachel Elfant, Organizer and Administrator
Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA) provides resources and opportunities for empowerment through active grassroots participation in the growing global movement for economic and environmental justice. The earth and its inhabitants are endangered by the twin threats of global climate change and nuclear war, either of which could end the world as we know it.

• We embrace a world free of the growing devastation of global climate change.
• We work to reduce and eliminate the danger of nuclear weapons and excessive military spending.
• We promote peace and reject warfare as a valid method of resolving conflict.
• We confront the core, systemic injustices of political and corporate institutions that support ever-increasing financial inequities and block opportunity for all to share in the earth’s bounty.​

July 13th                    The Non-Fiction of Ayn Rand:
                        "The Virtue of Selfishness" and "Capitalism: 
                        The Unknown Ideal"
Meeting # 3,537 - Justin Tucker, Chair of The Libertarian Party of Chicago and David Travis, College regular and longtime LP activist

Ayn Rand is best known as the author of such novels as "Atlas Shrugged" and 'The Fountainhead." Her works stressed the primacy of the individual and the evils of collectivism. She was also the founder of the philosophy of Objectivism, built around the themes explored in her novels. This presentation will discuss two of Rand's non-fiction philosophical works: "The Virtue of Selfishness" and "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal." Tucker, discussing the latter, and Travis, discussing the former, will elaborate on the tenets of Rand's philosophy.

July 20th                    The United States of Lies: 
                                    50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing Hoax
Meeting # 3,538 - historian and conspiracy theorists Ted Aranda

The U.S. government is a thoroughly CRIMINAL regime, a ROGUE STATE run by homicidal maniacs which must be terminated posthaste. In fact, the tyranny is rapidly escalating. This is neither far-fetched hyperbole nor hysterical alarmism. It is sober analysis. So why doesn't everyone see this clearly? Because, for the most part, the Oligarchy's modus operandi is deception and subterfuge--false flag psy-ops and brainwashing--rather than obvious, jackbooted thuggery.  

On this fiftieth anniversary of the fake Apollo 11 moon landing which catapulted the USA to the status of a uniquely semi-divine nation, we must fully appreciate Gerhard Wisnewski's sage words (from his excellent book, One Small Step?: The Great Moon Hoax and the Race to Dominate Earth from Space): "The might of the United States derives not from its military machine, its atom bombs, or its financial and commercial strength, but from its lies." 

In this presentation, investigator Ted Aranda briefly examines some of the more recent diabolical machinations by the Empire--including the California "wildfires," the Parkland and Christchurch "mass shootings," vaccines, 5G, and censorship--and puts them in the larger context of the nature of the American political system.

July 27th             The History of Free Speech
Meeting # 3,539 - Ellen Corley with a presentation to be announced

July 27th                    Bughouse Square Debates
Newberry Library, Washington Square Park, Noon to 4:00 PM, Free
Visit Our Table!  Volunteers Needed
900 North Clark Street across Walton from the Newberry

August 3rd                 Mental Illness, It’s Causes and Cures, Without 
                        Medication, by Pavlovian Methods
Meeting # 3,540 - college regular Sidney Cohen

August 10th               Unite America, Chicago Chapter "Country Over Party"
Meeting # 3,541 - Amy Stoken, Chair, and David Earl Williams III
Country Over Party
We’re building a movement to elect common-sense, reform-minded candidates to office who can represent We, the People – not the party bosses or special interests. 

August 17th             Open
Meeting # 3,542 - contact the Program Coordinator Charles Paidock if you would like to speak at (312) 842-5036, (312) 714-7790 cell, or by email to: ​

August 24th             Good and Bad in Sam Harris
Meeting # 3,543 – an analysis by author and political commentator David Ramsay Steele

Samuel Harris is an American neuroscientist, philosopher, author, critic of religion, blogger, public intellectual, and podcast host. His work touches on a wide range of topics, including rationality, ethics, free will, neuroscience, meditation, philosophy of mind, politics, Islam, terrorism, and artificial intelligence.

August 31st             Alliance for Community Services
Meeting # 3,544 – “More than 3 Million people in Illinois depend on Medicaid and other Human Services for basic medical care and food. The Alliance brings together people with disabilities, low income families and front-line service workers to resist threats, identify common ground and put the 'Human' back in Human services.”

September 7th        The Dangers of Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR)
Meeting #5,545 - Paul Rescino is planning to define what EMR is, go over the EMR spectrum, and then discuss possible problems.

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