November 24
Christmas Gift Spending Will Result in Extinction vs. 
Capitalist "Productivism" Will Result in Prosperity for All
Meeting # 3,504 - Tim Bolger vs. Charles Paidock - with powerpoint presentations

November 17
Making Meaning by Interpreting Paintings
Meeting # 3,503  - Prof. Robert Lichtenbert, author of the recently published book "Making Meaning:  Welcome to a Fulfilling and Joyful Life' - looks at the world of art as a potential source of meaning in our lives.  He states that:  "Art gives us in concrete, vivid and powerful forms broad truths about our lives as a whole, for examples, about human nature, the self, the good life and all values. We can know none of these by today's scientific method with its demands for scientific facts."  
November 3
The Chicago Chapter of The Climate Reality Project 
Meeting # 3,501 - Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert
The Chicago Chapter of The Climate Reality Project is one of 80+ national Chapters, a nonpartisan group of local climate activists, comprised of trained Climate Reality Leaders working to support the international nonprofit’s mission of catalyzing a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society.  We combat climate change by working to make the transition to a clean energy economy a priority on the federal, state and local level and rally around Climate Reality’s organizational priorities. Additionally, we launch local projects and initiatives as developed by Chapter members to accelerate climate action in our regional area.
November 10
Defeated Candidate Declares Higher Victory 
Meeting # 3,502 - activist Moe Shanfield​
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