November 27
Race, Racial Ideas, and Racism
Meeting # 3,644 - Jian Li, PhD
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will discuss the understandings and misunderstandings of the concepts of “race, racial ideas, and racism”. Based on the theories of anthropology, genetics and her own personal experiences and reflections, she argues that the concept of race that many people still hold true is outdated. We need to re-examine the concepts of race and racism so we can move towards more open-minded and socially responsible citizens.

November 6
Marsha Williams for Congress IL-16
Meeting #3,641 - with Nicolle DiMaria, Campaign Manager

​"As members of Congress, it is our job to create laws and policies that will uplift our communities and make America a better place – a safer place - for future generations. It is time to move forward as a country by finding real solutions to the issues we face every day."
November 13
Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service
Meeting #3,642 - Veronica Pelicaric, Director of Educational Programs.
​Speaker states:  "I will present the work of Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service. We are a 32 year old organization that works in the field of strategic and principled nonviolence. We have programs such a yearly week long Campaign Nonviolence that this year organized 4.400 actions. We have also trained 500 people this year through our workshops."

I am the Director of Educational programs and have co-authored two books on the subject:

November 20
Coalition for the National Infrastructure Bank (NIB)
$5 Trillion, 25 Million Jobs
Meeting #3,643 -  
The Coalition for the National Infrastructure Bank is an organization of individuals and groups dedicated to a common purpose: To get legislation enacted by the US Congress that creates a $5 Trillion National Infrastructure Bank.

Our proposed $5 trillion Bank would provide funding for a nationwide network of high-speed rail, rebuilding thousands of bridges and tunnels, repairing and upgrading tens of thousands of miles of roads, constructing large-scale water projects to provide clean, fresh water for drinking and irrigation, upgrading our electricity generating capacity as well as the transmission network, building broadband internet access, and schools and hospitals. In addition, it will provide sufficient funding to finally realize new technologies.

These projects would create more than 25 million new, good-paying industrial American jobs.

In short, the NIB would change the life of every single person in America, and impact people and events worldwide.

It means giving the people of the United States back their sense of identity as producers, not merely "consumers." The NIB will be crucial for our recovery from the COVID crisis; we can not only regain what we lost during the crisis, but achieve a level of capability that will mean we are never caught unprepared again.

We need you help to get Congress to adopt legislation for a $5 trillion National Infrastructure Bank.
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