COC Pop Quiz on the presentation
 “A Look at the Green View of Politics in the Platform of the Illinois Green Party, A Guide for All Voters” 
(ANSWERS below)

1. What word should be inserted?
Just as the _____ rise, so shall we!
A.  dead
B.  sun
C.  oceans

2. What group is most likely to become eco-activists?
A.  young
B.  99%
C.  unemployed

3. What do the Greens have ten (10) of?
A.  members serving on their central committee
B.  key values
C.  fingers and toes

4. The Greens will not accept campaign contributions from:
A.  the 1%
B.  corporations
C.  registered Republicans

5. One of the Green Party candidates is Ms. Toneal
A.  Jackson
B.  Jones
C.  Jablonski

6. Which one of these is adopted as part of the Green Party Platform?
A.  the Ten Commandments
B.  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
C.  the Ten Planks of the Manifesto

7. Every year we produce 50 billion tons of…….?
A.  clean rain water
B.  greenhouse gases
C.  waste for landfills

8. The increased heat of the earth is being stored in……?
A.  the ocean depths
B.  the atmosphere
C  mountain ranges of solid rock

9. The CoC Lecture Library has a previous presentation by Chuck on……?
A.  the Constitution
B.  the Green New Deal
C.  his low-consumption lifestyle

10. The Chernobyl nuclear reactor is….
A.  contained and slowly cooling down
B.  cooking like a barbecue
C.  fixed and will be turned back on

11. Factory farms are making the Midwest…..?
A.  an economic powerhouse
B.  uninhabitable
C.  a good place to go grocery shopping

12. Indoor air can be up to ______ more polluted than outdoor air
A.  18 t0 20%
B.  ten times
C.  one hundred times

13. The Chicago Greens posted an Indian Earth Prayer on
A.  April 22nd
B.  election day for Trump or Biden
C.  Thanksgiving

14. When the cicadas emerge from the underground
A.  their numbers overwhelm predators
B.  close all windows and lock all doors
C.  keep small pets inside

15. Next Saturday the CoC will have a program on
A.  community solar installations in Illinois
B.  understanding and getting along with your boss
C  the latest lefty conspiracy to take over

1 C, 2A, 3B, 4B, 5A, 6B, 7B, 8A, 9B, 10B, 11B, 12B, 13A, 14A, 15A

# Correct makes you
1 to 5
corporate polluter
6 to 10
lime green
11 to 15
friend of the earth