September 7
A Discussion of Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR)
Meeting # 3,545 - what is EMR, the EMR spectrum, and discuss possible problems.
September 21
Prisoners' Rights Program of the Uptown People's Law Center 
Meeting # 3,547 - 
​For over 35 years, Uptown People’s Law Center has fought on behalf of Illinois prisoners. UPLC is the only group that actively represents prisoners in both class action matters as well as individual cases.
Who We Help
UPLC has a database of correspondence with over 10,000 prisoners. We receive over 100 letters a week from people in all of the Illinois prison facilities, as well as federal, other state and county facilities. Additionally, we receive hundreds of phone calls from family members of prisoners, who we try to assist as much as possible. 
Our Work
UPLC has multiple class action lawsuits and several other lawsuits currently filed against the state of Illinois for unconstitutional prison conditions. Our lawsuits will ultimately change the Illinois prison system for the better. 
UPLC assists prisoners in various matters, including denial of adequate medical care, excessive force matters, denial of religious rights, discrimination, access to the courts, due process and cruel and unusual punishment. Through the pro bono network, UPLC is able to find legal representation for many of these cases. UPLC does not represent individuals in criminal appeals.
As part of our Prisoners’ Rights Program we provide other attorneys advice about litigating prison cases and other related information. Our lawyers and paralegals have an extensive knowledge of the prison system, prison litigation and information about Illinois Department of Corrections.

September 14
Russiagate and Pizzagate: Fake News or True Fact?
Jeffrey Epstein, and the Uranium One Scandals
Meeting # 3,546 - Joseph Kopsick and Ethan Windmillsky present a list they have compiled of 50 scandals and related subtheories in chronological order, concerning the DNC email leaks, Hillary/Bernie cross-accusations, and other such topics.
​Program includes a powerpoint presentation
September 28
Movement for a Peoples Party
Meeting # 3,548 - Chris Kruger, Organizer
"We are working to build a coalition of groups on the left in order to create a new party for working people. Polls show that the large majority of Americans are progressive and want a major new party. They want single payer health care, free public college, money out of politics, an infrastructure jobs program, a $15 minimum wage, financial regulations, and more. Working people do not feel represented by the Democratic and Republican parties and, after decades of watching the parties turn their backs on them, they understand that they cannot be salvaged. That's why Gallup reports that almost two out of three Americans are now calling for a major new party, including an even greater number young people and poor people. 
The country is beyond ready for a new nationally viable progressive party. 

Our intrepid field leaders and volunteers across the country are approaching groups and discussing the coalition with them. They are emissaries of the coalition, and one conversation at a time we are bringing groups together for the party that will complete the political revolution and usher in a twenty-first century progressive era. Let's make history!"