September 2
Special Labor Day Discussion – Open Microphone
Is De-Globalization in Progress, to be Re-Placed with Regionalism, and Sustainable Policies? 
Meeting # 3,732 – seeking 3 keynote speakers for 10 minutes each - contact Program Coordinator: Charles Paidock if you want to speak
Powerpoint Presentation on the 15 Biggest Multinational Companies in the World by Charles PaidocKj, IAMAW, AFL-CIO                  

Information on topic / Homework Assignment
What is deglobalization?
Deglobalization is a movement towards a less connected world, characterized by powerful nation states, local solutions, and border controls rather than global institutions, treaties, and free movement.

Is the world in a period of deglobalization?
Some consider the world to have entered a period of deglobalization, citing recent events such as Brexit, Trumpism, the Ukraine war, problems with supply chains, the global energy crisis and the past decade’s decline in foreign direct investment (whereby residents of one country invest long-term in another country’s economy).

2 Videos
What is deglobalization? | Explainer (6.5minutes) 
or (10.5 minutes)


September 30
Electric Vehicles / EV Accelerators Team
Climate Reality Project, Chicago Metro Chapter
Meeting # 3,736 - Tom Coleman, Chapter Chair

The goal of the EV Accelerators team is to increase adoption of electric vehicles in the Greater Chicago Area. This is done with a particular focus on consumers and passenger vehicles, with another Climate Reality Chicago team focused specifically on public transit (see Electrification of Public Transit team page). The EV Accelerators achieve this goal through education of consumers and car dealers, as well as advocacy for new local, state, and federal policy on electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles are a key resource for reducing both GHG and local pollutants and we want to get them on the road as quickly as possible!

Current Initiatives
-   Developing policy positions to share with the public and discuss with government representatives at all levels of 
-   Creating supplements to existing Climate Reality presentations, as well as standalone presentations to inform the 
    public further about the benefits and urgency of getting more EVs on the road
-   Developing education resources for dealers, and encouraging dealerships in the area to pursue more EV sales
-   Organizing in-person events to get “butts in seats” and allow the public to see how nice EVs are – hopefully 
    encouraging them to make an EV their next vehicle purchase

Meetings Monthly on 3rd Mondays, 6:00pm

EV Accelerators Team

Climate Reality Project Chicago Metro

Join our Chapter

Task Force on Electrifying Public Transit
September 9
The Oracle Institute and The Peace Pentagon
dedicated to building a new world based on Social Justice, Interfaith Unity, and a Culture of Peace
Meeting # 3,733 - Rev. Laura M. George, J.D., Executive Director
Speaker states that: “I would talk about our work and the sacred/solemn mission we have undertaken. The Peace Pentagon would feature heavily in the presentation, and I will weave in our patriotic sub-theme.”
Information: ​

The Oracle Institute is a 501(c)(3) educational charity dedicated to building a new world based on Social Justice, Interfaith Unity, and a Culture of Peace. Our mission is to advance this global transformation by hosting pluralistic programs and anchoring progressive values.

Oracle operates a spirituality school, award-winning publishing house, and peace practice. Our programs are designed to foster Conscious Evolution and Sacred Activism. Our formal mission statement is Virginia’s Act for Religious Freedom. "Truth, Love, and Light" is our motto and the titles of the Oracle foundational trilogy. Our iconic logo is the Violet of Venus

Oracle is a spiritual think tank, and we study the nexus between religion, politics, civil rights, and human evolution. We teach the Spectrum of Consciousness, a proven model for mapping and motivating socio-spiritual development.

We believe science and spirituality are merging, guided by systems theory and natural holarchy. We predict humanity will undergo a major paradigm shift that will herald a new era – the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm – in which the ancient masculine Godhead will be redefined and rebalanced with Divine Feminine energy.

The Peace Pentagon is the Heart of Oracle Campus
Our school hosts classes and retreats that help identify your purpose and power.
The Peace Pentagon is a wisdom center that spans cultures and creeds. Here, we host regional, national, and global events that contribute to a Culture of Peace. At our eco-spiritual sanctuary, you will find balance, clarity, and a renewed sense of self. Join us for a class or special event and experience the joy of transformation!

The Peace Pentagon also serves as the community center for the Valley of Light community that shares Oracle Campus. Please help us complete this monument to Truth, Love, and Light!

September 16
Re-Directing Military Spending towards Programs that will Help Americans in America
Meeting # 3,734 -  Andy Anderson, an Army Veteran, and Steve Doran, a Navy Veteran
Presentation will be based on the philosophies of two America generals: Dwight Eisenhower, and Smedley Butler, famous Marine general, who wrote “War is a Racket.”

Text of “War is a Racket”

By Major General Smedley Butler Butler discusses how business interests commercially benefit from warfare. He points to a variety of examples, where industrialists, whose operations were subsidized by public funding, were able to generate substantial profits, making money from mass human suffering.
Chapter 1: War Is A Racket 
Chapter 2: Who Makes The Profits? 
Chapter 3: Who Pays The Bills? 
Chapter 4: How To Smash This Racket! 
Chapter 5: To Hell With War!
September 23
Democracy from Primitive Time to the Present
The Evolution of Homo Sapiens from the Animal Kingdom
Meeting # 3.735 - Sid Cohen,a 96 year old, 72 year-long member of the CoC, will present his philosophical and scientific insights gleaned from his long life as a scholar of Marxism in Chicago