September 2
Special Labor Day Speaker
Honoring the Legacy of Eugene V. Debs
RWU - Railroad Workers United
Meeting # 3,340 - Mark Burrows who states:
"In recognition of Labor Day, this presentation will honor the legacy of Eugene V. Debs and his evolution from organizing railroad workers in the mid-1890’s to becoming one of the most prominent fighters for social justice in the first two decades of the 20th century. What timeless lessons can we learn and apply to our present struggles for social justice?"

Mark Burrows is a former Co-Chair of Railroad Workers United. RWU is a cross-craft inter-union caucus of rail labor activists across North America, who strive for unity, democracy and solidarity within the rail unions, in order to more effectively fight for safety, dignity and quality of life, as part of the broader struggles for social, political, economic and environmental justice.

Prior to retiring last year, he worked in the rail industry for 40 years, predominantly as a locomotive engineer. He represented his union local, United Transportation Union #1433, as their delegate to the last two international conventions.

September 9
Anniversary Update of Forensic Evidence on the 911 “event”
Meeting # 3,441 – Lindson P. Anderson, Research Analyst of the Northwest Information Service of Palatine, will provide a condensed summary of the forensic evidence produced by tens of thousands of scientists on the global 911 education movement.

There 6 categories of evidence will be covered, with extensive printed material on the scientific sources that have produced this evidence.
Who: a brief summary of the people in the Bush-Cheney administration who orchestrated 911
What: A giant real estate fraud, in which seven old, obsolete office buildings were demolished with pre-placed explosives, and then sold as a “terrorist” attack by 19 lucky Muslins with box cutters
When: The 911 event was planned and prepared month in advance by people in the Bush-Cheney regime.
How: The events of the day involved pre-placed explosives and aircraft substitution.
Why: 911 was created to be the New Pearl Harbor, to motivate Congress to pass the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act and establish “Homeland Security.”
The Media: 911 was a scripted event, in which the major media sold the myth of a Muslim attack on America while promoting the false legend of Osama bin Laden and the “Muslims hated America’s Freedom” mythology

September 16
The Cold War Establishment vs. JFK
Meeting # 3,442 - In the 1950s the so-called "Cold War" was proceeding apace, with the American Oligarchy, through the CIA, engineering criminal coups and wars in several countries in the name of fighting communism. When John F. Kennedy entered the presidency he soon began formulating and implementing (a) economic policy in the interests of the American people rather than the corporate elite, and (b) foreign policy more favorable to world peace than to the warmongering, profiteering aims of the military-industrial complex. Kennedy thereby incurred the Cold War Establishment's deadly wrath. 
            The 1963 false-flag assassination of JFK was thus the culmination of a titanic struggle within the American state, one whose outcome cemented the supremacy of the imperial Oligarchy behind and above the year-to-year facade of electoral/party politics. The American people have been living under this type of tyranny-by-deception ever since, with the present "War on Terror" being merely its latest incarnation.  Historian Ted Aranda examines the Eisenhower-Kennedy Cold War period in this light. 

September 23
Social Change - in Chicago
Meeting # 3,443 - Todd Belcore, Executive Director, Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School
Social Change is a people and policy focused non-profit that empowers and amplifies the voice and power of the marginalized via film, coalition building, and by providing advocacy, legal, and technical assistance to individuals and organizations.

The best way to break the cycle of poverty, prison and violence is to give people a real alternative. We do that through by providing all interested, not just those who can afford it, with the training needed to get the well-paying jobs of today and tomorrow.
September 30
How African Americans Experience Higher Education
Meeting # 3,444 - 
Description:In America, access to, and success in, higher education is often seen as the most viable path to class, cultural, and social improvement. Unfortunately, different populations tend to have contrasting college experiences. Through this discussion we will explore the shared lived experiences of African American students, faculty, and administrators in the nation’s higher education institutions. Conclusions from this discussion will point the way toward racial and socioeconomic equity within America’s colleges and universities.

Bio:DeWitt Scott is Student Success Specialist at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, IL. He received his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Chicago State University. DeWitt is also an instructor at Sister Jean Hughes Adult High School, a high school for formerly incarcerated adults in Chicago. He has also developed and teaches a class titled “Black Male Leadership” to inmates at the Cook County Jail in Chicago. Currently, DeWitt lives in Chicago with his wife Cecelia.