I was thinking of posting on our Facebook page an occasional assertion to think about from the College of Complexes. It would have to have a link to an article discussing it that one could read. I presume that you guys think about topical things all the time. Here are two examples of what I am talking about. I will put together a graphic for it. 
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A Big Think from the College of Complexes
The Universe is disappearing, and we’re powerless to stop it
There are an estimated two trillion galaxies within the observable Universe. Most are already unreachable.  Information

​A Big Think from the College of Complexes
Streetcar lines might be the ideal model for flexible, efficient urban development
Suburbs existed as soon as there was transportation to get there - using streetcars. Horsecars were too slow, and so had largely been confined to the center of town. Regular railroads had commuter service, but it was expensive and made few stops. The fast accelerating electric streetcars took care of that.  Information