WEF’s ‘Mission Possible Partnership’ Aims To Destroy 
Building Blocks of Human Society

Feb. 1 (EIRNS)—The World Economic Forum is the leading motivator of a new coalition of business and institutional powers which is now aiming to destroy the very building blocks of human society itself. 

Launched Jan. 27, the Mission Possible Partnership has set its sights on “decarbonizing” the cement, steel, aluminum and chemicals industries, “as well as the ships, planes, and trucks that move them.” 

Joining the WEF in this triage of humanity, are their executive arm the Energy Transitions Commission (with 50“commissioners” representing the largest financial and multi-national institutions of Western society, led by Lord Adair Turner),the Rocky Mountain Institute (founded 2004, “globalized” through merger with Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room in 2014), and the We Mean Business coalition of globalized companies already committed to a future “clean” of humans 

.“If business continues as usual, by 2030 these global industries will exceed the total amount of carbon the world can emit this century based on a 1.5°C carbon budget,” these oligarchs pronounce. Therefore, “Our goal is to propel a committed community of CEOs from carbon-intensive industries, together with their financiers, customers and suppliers, to agree—and more importantly, to act—on the essential decisions required for decarbonizing industry and transport in this decade. 

We are orchestrating high-ambition disruption through net-zero industry platforms for seven of the world’s most carbon-intensive sectors.” [emphasis added]“The Mission Possible Partnership,” reads their launch statement on the WEF website, “will be the delivery mechanism for Race to Zero Breakthroughs in hard-to-abate sectors. These are specific near-term tipping points for each sector of the global economy in the race to net zero emissions, being launched by COP26 President Alok Sharma and U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerryas part of the Davos Agenda. 

In late 2021, the Partnership will aim to showcase net-zero agreement breakthroughs in shipping, aviation ,and steel. Within three years, it plans to help companies complete climate action agreements in these sectors as well as trucking, chemicals, cement, and aluminum .”Beyond the mere “dabblers” such as billionaires Larry Fink and Mussolini Mike Bloomberg, these are hard-core Malthusians of what one could call the Prince Charles cult of true depopulators. 

The Partnership claims to have over 300 multinational corporations already on board. From the tenor of the launch, those who don’t join(or step aside) will be destroyed through “defunding” or other options available to global oligarchs.