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Sustaining the Academic Tradition of "One Fool at a Time"
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To Disquiet the Minds of the People
The original College of Complexes has been meeting in Chicago, IL, since January 6, 1951:
Celebrating Meeting # 3,333 on July 11th.
Occupy Your Mind
Established Feb. 28, 2009
Weekly Free Speech Forum  
College of Complexes
The Playground for People Who Think                          
Statement on Free Speech
Our constitution and laws encourage the freest possible exchange of opinions, ideas, and information.  In part, that recognizes our worth and dignity as human beings.  To forbid us to speak our minds demeans us and makes us more like slaves or robots than citizens of a free country.  But as important as freedom of expression is for us as individuals, it is perhaps more important to society at large.
1.  Presentation by Guest Speaker
2.  Questions and Answers
3.  Remarks and Rebuttals  
     (5 minutes each / infamous)
All meeting are open to the public.  No reservations are required. The college maintains no memberhsip, and is operated on a volunteer basis.
If you would like to speak, or simply would like more information about the College of Complexes, contact the Program Coordinators 
Tom Berry (214) 321-6222 or (214) 738-3386 (cell)
Jim Peeler (214) 340-5338 or (214) 532-4452 (cell) 
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February 6th               Meeting #303
End of the World
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss the "what, why and how" of how Free Market Capitalism in our time has damaged not only the middle class, but the USA's security as well. He will show how the "what" includes 14 major changes in the social and economic landscape over the last fifty years, and that the "why and how" explains motivation for the changes and connects the dots to illustrate why so many are angry, frustrated and disillusioned with leadership in both parties. Jim will be essentially analytical, but will outline and explain the most prominent feature of today's political landscape:  anger.

February 20th             Meeting #305
On Opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
George Nolan, President, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, former Braniff A&P Mechanic and Supervisor, and an activist with Occupy Dallas, Occupy Congress, and others,will discuss opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), He will show that this free trade agreement is NAFTA on steroids. George will argue that what we need is fair trade not free trade. He will explain how this agreement will be a disaster for working Americans, seniors, and will further increase our trade deficit. George will show how this agreement is 40% of the world economy, and how American jobs will be off-shored to countries like Vietnam where the hourly wage is $.56 cents an hour. He will offer suggestions as to what can be done to reverse this calamity.

February 13th             Meeting #304
Toward a Stronger U.S. Constitution
Ed Paul Wuensch, Retired Psychotherapist, will discuss how the system of checks and balances and separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution effectively guarantees paralysis. He will show that whether a candidate of the right or the left is elected president this year, the chances of getting his or her agenda passed are slim. Instead, the likely result will be the gridlock we have come to know and suffer with. It is a system designed to inhibit change. Ed Paul will argue that may be fine, but consider the fact that the inhibition of change has allowed grave injustices such as slavery and denial of civil rights to ruin people's lives for generations, and that other democracies, notably the United kingdom, have a parliamentary system in which the elected majority can govern more effectively. He is not advocating a UK-style parliamentary system. Rather, Ed Paul will lay groundwork to show how the amendment process is a path to a stronger and more effective US Constitution.