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Sustaining the Academic Tradition of "One Fool at a Time"
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To Disquiet the Minds of the People
The original College of Complexes has been meeting in Chicago, IL, since January 6, 1951: wwwcollegeofcomplexes.org
Occupy Your Mind
Established Feb. 28, 2009
Weekly Free Speech Forum  
College of Complexes
The Playground for People Who Think                          
Statement on Free Speech
Our constitution and laws encourage the freest possible exchange of opinions, ideas, and information.  In part, that recognizes our worth and dignity as human beings.  To forbid us to speak our minds demeans us and makes us more like slaves or robots than citizens of a free country.  But as important as freedom of expression is for us as individuals, it is perhaps more important to society at large.
1.  Presentation by Guest Speaker
2.  Questions and Answers
3.  Remarks and Rebuttals  
     (5 minutes each / infamous)
All meeting are open to the public.  No reservations are required. The college maintains no memberhsip, and is operated on a volunteer basis.
If you would like to speak, or simply would like more information about the College of Complexes, contact the Program Coordinators 
Tom Berry tomberry1@att.net (214) 321-6222 or (214) 738-3386 (cell)
Jim Peeler  jpbridge@flash.net (214) 340-5338 or (214) 532-4452 (cell) 
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December 13th           Meeting #253
Why the Republican Party is Bad Both for America and the World
Steven R. Butler, Ph.D, historian and author. will discuss: "Beginning with the late nineteenth century and coming forward to the present day, Dr. Butler will cite several specific examples to illustrate how the Republican Party's abandonment of the liberal ideology of Abraham Lincoln in favor of Conservatism has unnecessarily caused real and lasting harm not only to the United States but also to other nations around the globe."

December 20th and 27th    No Meetings
January 10th and 17th Programs below
November 29th               No Meeting
December 6th          Meeting #252
Beyond a Fair Living Wage
Katherine Savers McGovern, retired Assistant United States Attorney, Dallas, recent Democratic Nominee to U.S. Congress, District 32, with current practice at McGovern Law Office since April 2011, will discuss whether, given the Texas Legislature's dysfunction in establishing a fair minimum wage, Texas Voters should pass a Constitutional Amendment Establishing a Minimum Wage of $12.00/hr. with annual adjustments based on COLA.         
January 10th           Meeting #255 
Can We Change the World 
with the Power of Our Minds?
The US is in Big Trouble. Troops in 150 countries are fighting wars for profit. Our rights and freedoms are eroding at an alarming rate. Government at every level routinely invents and enforces unconstitutional laws/rules.  The economy stinks.  And our minds and bodies are being manipulated for the benefit of an elite few.  But what can we do about it?  The darkness seems too big to fight.  And it's difficult to escape or opt out of the corruption.
        Bringing fresh optimism to the New Year, author Pat O'Connell will talk about the philosophy and physics of powerful methods that enable all of us to shape the world into a better place.  She will outline manifestation tools such as prayer and the law of attraction, and will discuss ways of objectively tracking our impact on global consciousness. Help launch an experiment to make a difference.  Come prepared to tell us what "the perfect world" looks like to you.
January 17th           Meeting #256
Join a Math Revolution, 
No Pencil, No Paper, No Calculator 
Kenneth Everett, master educator and motivational speaker, will discuss how to expose, educate, and empower youth, parents, teachers, pastors, and community leaders using his never before seen algebra concepts.  He will show how to teach certain algebra concepts without pencil, paper or calculator to someone as young as 5 years old.  Let Kenneth write it on your brain before you write it on paper.  Learn to assist those who are struggling with certain algebra concepts to struggle no more.