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Sustaining the Academic Tradition of "One Fool at a Time"
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To Disquiet the Minds of the People
The original College of Complexes has been meeting in Chicago, IL, since January 6, 1951:
Celebrating Meeting # 3,333 on July 11th.
Occupy Your Mind
Established Feb. 28, 2009
Weekly Free Speech Forum  
College of Complexes
The Playground for People Who Think                          
Statement on Free Speech
Our constitution and laws encourage the freest possible exchange of opinions, ideas, and information.  In part, that recognizes our worth and dignity as human beings.  To forbid us to speak our minds demeans us and makes us more like slaves or robots than citizens of a free country.  But as important as freedom of expression is for us as individuals, it is perhaps more important to society at large.
1.  Presentation by Guest Speaker
2.  Questions and Answers
3.  Remarks and Rebuttals  
     (5 minutes each / infamous)
All meeting are open to the public.  No reservations are required. The college maintains no memberhsip, and is operated on a volunteer basis.
If you would like to speak, or simply would like more information about the College of Complexes, contact the Program Coordinators 
Tom Berry (214) 321-6222 or (214) 738-3386 (cell)
Jim Peeler (214) 340-5338 or (214) 532-4452 (cell) 
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April 1st            Meeting #358
​Contact the Program Coordinator Tom Berry if you would like to speak at (214) 321-6222 or (214) 738-3386 (cell)​
March 4th              Meeting #354
The Real Enemy
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and having both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how the USA is surrounded by States (official and unofficial) that are hostile to us.  He will show that we re internally divided by culture and politics,  Jim argues that we cannot afford to be divided any more, identifies enemies and threats, how this all developed, and what we can do about it.​
to the USA
March 11th            Meeting #355
Unwanted Pregnancy:  Is Legislation the Answer?
Michele Valentino, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Life Coach, has spent her life in service to others.  She will draw from her own life experiences and extensive research to argue that increased access to contraception and policies that promote better economic conditions for women is the best way to deal with the issue of unwanted pregnancies.  Michele will also revisit the lessons of the past (prohibition) on why attempts to legislate morality were not only unsuccessful and dangerous, but ended up giving birth to organized crime. 
February 25th       Meeting #353
The Future Status of Our Voting Tejanos
Robert Chavez, Sr., a proud Tejano (DFW), will discuss the history of our ancestral Tejanos, going back a few centuries, and outline their contributions to our nation.  He will argue that it is for this reason we need a media that will connect/reconnect with Tejanos who vote in our elections, to show how Tejanos have a long and loyal history to this nation, and fully deserve much better recognition.
March 25th            Meeting #357
Protecting the Borrower:  Do Payday Bans Work?
Sean Hubbard, PhD, Candidate in Public Policy and Instructor of Quantitative Methods at The University of Texas at Dallas, will discuss how since the Great Recession there has been a great deal of debate about the effects of "predatory" lending on the financial health of their customers.  He will show that the solutions at the local and state levels have been rate caps or bans of certain types of lending.  Sean will argue that these policies, while well intentioned, may actually harm borrowers because they consider only the supply side of credit markets.
March 18th             Meeting #356
Economic Democracy, the Answer to Wealth Inequality
Maralyn Hamaker, retired teacher and concerned citizen, notes that wealth inequality is a growing problem worldwide; it has been well-documented by Thomas Piketty, Oxfam, Robert Reich, and others.  She argues that along with the growth of wealth inequality we see the growth of terrorism and the erosion of political freedom around the world.  It would seem then, that if we are to save political freedom and bring about peace, we must first address wealth inequality.  Maralyn shows that so far, most solutions appear to involve wealth redistribution:  progressive taxation and/or reduced taxation,  tinkering with monetary and fiscal policy, more/less government, charity, etc.  But none of these traditional measures offered by traditional economists 
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have solved the problem; therefore:  "We the People are going to have to find the solution."  She shows there is no super hero. In a democracy; we don't wait for someone to solve the problem; we are privileged to solve the problem ourselves.  So it is up to "We the People" to get to the core of the wealth inequality problem:  that is, how wealth is  distributed in the first place.  Who really creates the wealth and therefore has a moral right to the reward for that effort?  Maralyn will examine the underpinnings of our economic system and point to how to adjust those underpinnings in order to provide a society where all can prosper.