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To Disquiet the Minds of the People
The original College of Complexes has been meeting in Chicago, IL, since January 6, 1951: wwwcollegeofcomplexes.org
Occupy Your Mind
Established Feb. 28, 2009
Weekly Free Speech Forum  
College of Complexes
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Statement on Free Speech
Our constitution and laws encourage the freest possible exchange of opinions, ideas, and information.  In part, that recognizes our worth and dignity as human beings.  To forbid us to speak our minds demeans us and makes us more like slaves or robots than citizens of a free country.  But as important as freedom of expression is for us as individuals, it is perhaps more important to society at large.
1.  Presentation by Guest Speaker
2.  Questions and Answers
3.  Remarks and Rebuttals  
     (5 minutes each / infamous)
All meeting are open to the public.  No reservations are required. The college maintains no memberhsip, and is operated on a volunteer basis.
If you would like to speak, or simply would like more information about the College of Complexes, contact the Program Coordinators 
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Jim Peeler  jpbridge@flash.net (214) 340-5338 or (214) 532-4452 (cell) 
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July 26th                              Meeting #235
Stop ALEC!
Gene Lantz, President of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, host of the "Workers Beat" radio program on KNON 89.3 FM, serving on three labor executive boards: UAW 848, Dallas Central Labor Council, and Texas AFL-CIO, also editor for UAW 848 and Press Secretary for Dallas Central Labor Council, will discuss how he and the labor movement in general oppose ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, for their efforts to turn all forms of economic activity into profit centers for their corporate clients. Gene will also discuss how ALEC has scheduled its national convention at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas July 30-August 1, and what we can do to curb or stop its adverse effects.

September 6th                      Meeting #241
Why Organized Religion is Undeserving of the 
Respect it Holds in Society
Dr. Steven Butler, historian and author, will discuss how religion, especially organized religion, not only commands a great deal of respect but also holds an exalted or privileged position in most human societies, even twenty-first century America. He will show that owing to the spurious nature of the claims religion makes (none of which can be proved), the divisiveness that it fosters, the irrational and illogical mode of thinking that it promotes, and the outright dangers of its dogmas, it is neither deserving of our respect nor does it merit the privileged place in our society that it currently enjoys. In short, Steven argues that it is time to see religion for what it really is, namely an anachronism and a barrier to human progress that potentially endangers the future of our planet and the human race.

August 2nd                          Meeting #236
Addressing The Global Status of Human Rights
Rick Halperin, Director, Embrey Human Rights Program (at SMU) will present an overview of the current status of human rights in the world today, highlighting various crimes in several parts of the world.  He takes and conveys the position that people need to both know about and actively work to end these crimes so that we can truly have a world without victims.
August 16th                         Meeting #238
What We Must Do About the Growing 
Inequality Between Working People and the Elite  
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Clear Valley College, will discuss how the means net worth of households in the upper 7% of wealth distribution rose to an estimated 28%, while the means net worth of households in the lower 93% dropped by 4%. Calvin will show how this trend is now threatening the foundations of our society.  He will show how consumer spending makes up 70% of American activities, and thus with income inequality, the lower 93% has to borrow, which results in reduced spending, which has led to excessive unemployment and a vast reduction in the middle class.  He will outline ten steps we need to take to reverse this trend.
August 9th                           Meeting #237
Contact the Program Coordinator Tom Berry at (214) 738-3386 or tomberry1@att.net if you would like to speak