September 26, 2020, Meeting #509
How Christian Nationalists Really Don't Care About Life:
"They'll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record's clear: it was segregation."
Margaret Aguilar, Nurse Practitioner, with a long time interest in abortion issues, will discuss how Christian Nationalists are using the issue of abortion to further their power and establish a Christian theocracy in the United States. She will argue and conclude that Christian Nationalists, on balance, really don't care about life.

September 19, 2020, Meeting #508 Access Passcode ^37eKGcy
On the Religion Paradox: Racism, Misogyny, and Pedophilia
Rosalinda Trevino Stone, retired from the United States Federal Courts, Northern District of Texas, a Systems Analyst and Systems Manager, always an inquisitive type with a fascination for history, philosophy, psychology, fine arts, and religion. She is a Humanist by choice. Rosalinda will argue that the Christian religion has molded our treatment of fellow human beings in a destructive manner from its inception and continues to do so today. She concludes that its propaganda does not match its action now and thru history.

September 12, 2020, Meeting #507 Access Passcode: !U5H^V4x
On the Question of Our Necessary Civic Duty to Vote
Sandy Horwitz, Dallas County Election Judge and Precinct Chair, will discuss the importance of planning to vote and voting this year, in one of the most important presidential races of our time. She will argue for the necessity of returning mail-in ballots early, to insure they are received in a timely manner, and not delayed by Post Office interruptions. Sandy will fill in the blanks and assert when you must have registered to vote, by when you need to request a mail-in ballot, early voting dates and times, health protocols, and other information you will need and want to know..

August 29, 2020,Meeting #506 Access Passcode: M$Z94f!L
How Labor is the Very Core of the Progressive Movement
Gene Lantz, a labor activist in Dallas for over 40 years, has held a number of positions with his union local, Jobs with Justice, and the AFL-CIO, He will discuss how labor is the very core or the progressive movement. Gene will argue that all progressive activists should closely monitor organized labor's political positions and activities, and look for ways to unite.

August 22, 2020, Meeting #505
Does President Trump Have “Blood On His Hands”?
Carol Donovan, Chair, Dallas County Democratic Party, will discuss how today over 168,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, and how most of these deaths could have been avoided with responsible leadership in the White House. 

August 15, 2020, Meeting #504
In the Corona-virus Pandemic, How Voting Access in Texas Must Be Ensured
Katherine Savers McGovern, retired Assistant United States Attorney, Dallas, 2012 Democratic Nominee to U.S. Congress, District 32, with practice of McGovern Law Office since April, 2011, Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and currently the 2020 Voter Protection Director of the Dallas County Democratic Party, will discuss and argue how in the Corona-virus Pandemic, voting access in Texas must be ensured.

August 8, 2020, Meeting #503 Access Password: n=yquHR7
The Prospects of War and Peace between China and the US
Graham Allison, an American political scientist and professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, made a compelling case of why the rise of China is “the biggest international story of our lifetime, which is also the most important international challenge the world will face for as far as the eye can see”. He also points out that “the very idea of another country that could be as big and strong as the US -- or bigger -- strikes many Americans as an assault on who they are”. After viewing a 20 – minute TED talk by Professor Allison, Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will outline some key features of the Chinese geography, history, culture and economic development to help us to gain some insight into where China has been and where it might be going. She argues that the “Thucydides's Trap", a term coined by Graham Allison - the dangerous dynamic that occurs when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power, can be avoided if we have the desire, knowledge and determination to find common ground and work towards peace and prosperity together.

August 1, 2020 Meting #502 Access Password: DASV0s^?
A Republic, If You Can Keep It
Kenneth Williams, President, Dallas Alliance for Retired Americans, will discuss the very grave danger that Donald Trump poses to the United States of America, and what ordinary citizens can do to maintain our republic. Kenneth will argue and conclude in favor of keeping our Republic

July 25, 2020, Meeting #501
What Happened, What Will Happen Next, and Where to Hide!
Gene Lantz is a long time labor activist who is presently Communications Director for the Dallas AFL-CIO, Secretary of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, and President of UAW Local 848 retirees. He will argue that we are facing our darkest hour, but we are also gaining previously unknown powers. Whether or not we will prevail over the dire crises besetting us remains to be seen.

July 18, 2020, Meeting #500
On the Reality of Unsustainable Wealth Inequality
Maralyn Hamaker, retired teacher and concerned citizen, notes that the United States has been called the richest country on earth. Indeed, in 2016 we produced goods and services that equaled $228,000 for every family of four. Yet, the median income that year was only $57,600. And, as the decades roll on, the median income continues to shrink in comparison to total goods and services. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, just as in the poorest countries on earth. Unsustainable wealth inequality has existed in most nations throughout history, causing those nations to eventually fail. Why? Maralyn will examine the ways in which three major economic institutions have channeled wealth unequally since man crawled out of the cave – and continue to do so today. We will then look at how these three institutions can be revised to create a fair and just economic system that allows abundance for all in a modern world. 

July 11, 2020, Meeting #499
"Why America Should Create 50 Million New Productive Jobs -- and How"
Daniel Burke, LaRouche Independent candidate for US Senate in New Jersey, will outline the need for a dramatic shift in economic paradigm in the US and worldwide -- away from the financial looting of the central banks and their cronies in the huge international banks, and toward a rapid increase in productive industrial capability leading to 50 million new productive jobs in the US over the next twenty-five years. Over several decades, the manufacturing capability of the USA has been hollowed out, despite the enormous need world-wide for advanced infrastructure, including hospitals, power plants, water systems, and transportation. If we marshall the productive capabilities of our nation, as FDR did, then we can be the engine for the creation of 1.5 billion new jobs worldwide. What stands in our way? Only our own pragmatism.

June 27, 2020, Meeting #498
On Globalization, Business Models, and the future of the US-China trade relations
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will lead a discussion after sharing two videos with the participants. One of the videos is about an interview of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and a successful Chinese entrepreneur, at the 2017 World Economic Forum at Davos. Another video is a TED talk, “Is war between China and the US Inevitable? “ by Graham Allison, an American political scientist and professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. The main topics of discussion include globalization, business models, and the future of the US-China relations. She argues that the world needs more than one model of governance and economic development, and we need to think beyond the box in an increasing interconnected and complex world. See also:, Jack Ma: You're Supposed to Spend Money on Your People, 
& Graham Allison: Is war between China and the US Inevitable? ttps:// 

June 20, 2020, Meeting #497, Access Password: 6Z+Q=*xA
How Nuclear Energy Can Solve Our Climate Crisis
Tim Bolger, 25 year veteran from the Chicago College of Complexes, will discuss nuclear energy, and how it can solve our climate crises. Tim argues that it is not the present form of nuclear power, but one that is proven, safe and very clean. The reactor is called the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor. Tim will tell the story of Thorium, the development of the reactor, and his own journey on how he came to this view. He concludes that global warming can be solved; we simply need to change our energy source.

June 13, 2020, Meeting #496 Access Password: 6Z+Q=*xA
America: A Culture Past its Prime
Dr. John Beesley, English born Author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how It was very evident to those who grew up in post- WWII Britain that the country had changed beyond all recognition. It was, in many ways, crippled by the past and has never really recovered. The US is now in a similar position – the "Make America Great Again" slogan is a testament to that. America's culture has diverged from the rest of the English-speaking world and needs a reset. John will examine the various facets of American culture to see why they developed as they did, so that we in the US will not become totally crippled by the past.

March 7, 2020, Meeting #495: 
On Resolving Economic Inequity between the Middle Class and the Elite
Calvin Bluiett, Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss how America should have a working equilibrium under Capitalism and Democracy based on current practices; however, this does not exist. He argues to prove that there is not a working equilibrium with capitalism and democracy in our nation. Calvin shows that the driving force of capitalism is greed, and the actors in both political parties have been and continue to be influenced by the corporate community. He argues that Democracy should be the political force through regulation to ensure that the corporate community plays by fair rules consistent with our National interests. Further that American National and State government, through its legislative authority, has developed and implemented public policy that benefits corporations rather than what is in the American National interest. Calvin points out that this shift began with the President Reagan administration in 1981. The tax cut did not lead to high employment, rather it led to a huge federal deficit, high unemployment stemming from the tax cut, and increases in defense spending. He argues that this is a paradigm of why capitalism and democracy do not (of their own) demonstrate that there is a working equilibrium between both. Calvin will outline the history of this dilemma, including the outcome of democracy and capitalism during and after World War II; President Kennedy's tax cut, which generated positive economic outcomes relative to high employment and a reduction of the national debt; the economic recession of 2007-2008; and President Trump's tax cut of 2018, Calvin concludes by identifying the causes leading to the preceding observations, and recommends a solution that will alleviate this dilemma, and move us to a political and economic system which will have an equilibrium between the working community and the elite.

February 29, 2020, Meeting #494 
Far Better to Prevent Illness & Build Health, than Treat Disease Already Manifested
Dr. Daniel Herlihy, Osteopathic Doctor (ret.) & Author, will discuss that while our medical system is excellent at treating acute illness (heart attacks, infections. etc.), medicine itself is now just understanding that chronic diseases (those typical of aging) need to be addressed. He also points out that as Baby Boomers reach retirement age, they expect answers to such quality of life issues. Daniel argues that Medicine is developing effective advanced technologies that can detect, prevent, and treat aging-related diseases that we can all expect to face. He questions: “What will be standard practice in a few years?” Dr. Herlihy, after having suffered through a severe traumatic brain injury and journeyed his way back to “normal,” offers personal insights on brain, heart, gut health, and trends to keep us young, including: 1) Objectives for Anti-Aging with a Focus on Brain Health; 2) Evaluating genetic markers for memory loss - understanding the role that toxins have in memory loss; 3) Learning common used medications that may cause memory loss; 4) Identifying nutrients that help maintain memory and focus; 5) Understanding how stress affects memory; 6) Comprehension of the role that insulin dysfunction plays in memory loss; 7) Understanding the value of sleep hygiene and its effect on memory; 8) Identifying fatty acids (like fish oils) that aid in memory maintenance; 9) Understanding the role inflammation plays in memory loss; 10) Knowing that dysbiosis (gut health) can affect memory. 11) Identifying toxic metals that can affect cognition; 12) Understanding the role neurotransmitters have on memory; and 13) A review of other trends in keeping us at our best including sexual, cardiac, and musculoskeletal health. Dr. Dan Herlihy advises that this presentation will be an informative and humorous (not to the bone) gathering and that we should join him with Chewy, his exceptional service dog, also in the Shakespearean tradition, bring rotten fruit, water balloons, or toilet rolls to express your op-positional opinions, and bring gift cards, jewels, paper money (large denominations) which may be thrown at the speaker if audience members are so inclined. Daniel will also advise of books he authored for those who wish to purchase same.

February 22, 2020, Meeting #493 
On the Importance of Creativity
Abe Garcia, Group Creative Director at Dieste, will discuss how in today's world of global competition and complex problems, creativity is crucial and creative innovation are fast becoming requirements for personal and professional success. He notes however, that in the majority of educational systems and corporate America, creativity is perceived as secondary to many other skills. Abe argues that at this “College of Complexes” we will prove creativity is crucial to any real success, and isn't something few individuals are blessed with, but a skill we can all learn and master that is essential to promote humanity and social economic growth. See also and Advertising | Abe Garcia Group Creative Director | United States

February 15, 2020, Meeting #492
Is China Spreading its Control Over the Entire Pacific Basin?
Dale Klosterman, Ed.D, Retired Licensed Psychologist, will argue that while the U.S. and Australia appear to be distracted by other events around the world, China is making headway in its attempt to take over the Pacific Basin countries in much the same way as the Japanese tried during World War II. As Iran tries to establish a sphere of influence over the Middle East, Russia looks over Eastern Europe, and various despots attempt to control poor countries around the world, China is seizing on the opportunity to enrich itself.

​February 8, 2020, Meeting #491 
On the Power of Belief
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will explore the power of belief from different perspectives, including her own. She argues that we can all benefit from examining our own beliefs in the beginning of the New Year for personal growth, happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

February 1, 2020, Meeting #490
On the History, Threats, and Future Outlook of GPS
Richard D. Easton, MLS University of Chicago, and co-author of “GPS Declassified, From Smart Bombs to Smart Phones” will discuss the development of GPS (Global Positioning Systems), as a tremendous aid to navigation, both as to passenger and transport air and ships, world transport, and individual navigation to get wherever we are going. He will also discuss threats to GPS, and conclude on his view of the future outlook for GPS systems. See also and  

January 25th, Meeting #489
What is a 14th Amendment U.S. Citizen?
Eve Elsbury, a lawful inhabitant, will discuss how, as peaceable inhabitants, we haven't lost control of the United States of America, but by consent have entered into contractual obligations with “The United States, Inc.“, a foreign quasi-governmental corporation located within the ten square miles of Washington DC. She will contrast the differences between the United States of America and the The United States, Inc.: the first, a lawful de jure government where all men equally enjoy inalienable rights and the other, a defacto state corporation posing as government where through legislation a new “corporate person” described in the 14th amendment as the U.S. citizen was created. Eve will discuss the lawful and legal ramifications of the standing and status of of the 14th Amendment U.S. Citizen, and conclude that this presentation is for informational purposes, and not to be legal advice.

January 18, 2020, Meeting #488
On the Science of the Priests
David O'Neil, Author and Computer Programmer with a Mechanical Engineering Degree, will share some of the items he has learned about the biblical Samson story that convinced him it is not to be read literally. Those items include an overview of the 33 astronomic parallels he discovered in the tale. For instance, Judges 14 has Sampson rip a lion apart, which corresponds to the planet Mars passing through Leo, the celestial lion, in 1416 BC when Jupiter and Saturn were conjuncting. Additionally, Judges 15 documents the next sixty-year Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. (David notes that these planets conjunct conjunct every 20 years, but every third conjunction occurs near the same background stars, which made every third conjunction significant). He points out that during the Judges 15 events Mars retrograded, or moved backward against the background stars, near the Hyades, in Taurus. The Hyades was known to the Babylonians as a “jawbone”, which is where the biblical imagery of Samson (Mars) killing a thousand men with a jawbone originated. David will share some of the astronomic parallels found in Judges 16, which documents the following sixty-year conjunctions until 979 BC, after which King David or Solomon had the priests create the tale we now possess. He argues that it was these celestial investigations that helped turn the Israelite's away from their former paganism. David concludes that a better understanding of our early history helps to springboard and center us in this changing world. See also:

January 11, 2009, Meeting #487: 
On Threats that Seriously Challenge Our Nation's Foundations
Ray Crelia, who has spoken to us on several occasions, will discuss how our country is threatened by the rise of radical ideologies that challenge the way we were founded, oppose our founding fathers, demean our Constitution, and would even seek to overthrow our way of life. He will contract these threats with the basic American principles that have made our country the envy of the world

December 14, 2019, Meeting #486 
Slats Rogers and the Love Field Lunatics
Jim Gatewood, Dallas History Professor and best selling Dallas Author, will discuss “Slats Rogers and the Love Field Lunatics”. He advises that this is a Dallas adventure that is a good fit for this time of year. Jim will tell the story that is posted on a Texas Historical Marker which stands at the main entrance of the McAllen International Airport. He will show among other things that when Slats was 18 he lied about his age and got a job with the railroad. His strong will and keen mind enabled him to slug his way to railroad engineer. The young soldier of fortune discovered he could make money faster hauling bootleg whiskey in the cab of his locomotive. Using his new found wealth he built the first airplane assembled at Cleburne, Texas, and later founded a flying circus at Love Field in Dallas. The story excites/expands your imagination, and there is so much more to be said about his continuing path from rags to riches. Jim will also being books for those who wish to purchase same.

December 7, 2019, Meeting #485 
Addressing a U.S. Constitution that Doesn't Work for Everyone
Lorraine Keed, a citizen of the United States of America, born and raised in Sydney, Australia, lived and worked on 3 continents, and ultimately retired from a long, professional career with Xerox Corporation. She has spent the majority of her life residing in Dallas, Texas. Although a proud citizen, Lorraine does have some issues with constitutional rights delivery to all citizens, despite various Amendments to our Constitution throughout our history espousing such citizen’s rights. Many Supreme Court rulings reinforcing/supporting constitutional rights have been thwarted by some States via work around legislation to abuse and/or not enforce rulings. Such actions have deprived many citizens the protections and equality stated within our country’s most powerful document/mandate. She also contends our Constitution is slowly and surely being hijacked by the minority, lobbyists/corporations, working directly for the fulfillment of their own greed, thus, resulting in further inequality for the majority of citizens. More alarming and more recent, our Supreme Court Justices and Federal Court Judges (Article III Judges) are being nominated and approved/not approved, based solely along partisan lines with a predetermined judicial agenda, whether nominees are fit to serve or not, thereby, potentially affecting the constitutional rights of all citizens for decades to come. Lorraine argues that these issues must be acutely realized, addressed, and rectified if we are to save our citizen controlled democracy from evolving into an autocratic fascist state.

November 23, 2019, Meeting #484
The Democrat Party of Not - How the Two Wings Must Fly or Sink Together
Kenneth Williams, President of RDC (Rowlett Democratic Club), will discuss the nature of the Democratic Party, its two major factions (Centrists and Progressives), and argue how they need to work together to win in 2020.

November 16, 2019, Meeting #483 
How Impeachment, Not Election, is the Only Way to Comply with the Constitution
Katherine Savers McGovern, retired Assistant United States Attorney, Dallas, 2012 Democratic Nominee to U.S. Congress, with practices at McGovern Law Office since April 2011, also a 2016 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, will discuss how in accordance with the Constitution Articles I and II, upon credible facts that a president has violated the Constitution by commission of Treason, Bribery, High Crimes or Misdemeanors, the Constitution places the duty on the House of Representatives to open an inquiry to determine what and whether Articles of Impeachment should be adopted by majority vote of the Members of the House. She argues that there is no Constitutional authority to fail to proceed pursuant to Article I, and instead let the electorate determine the Question. Katherine also points out that this is obvious because an election is simply a popularity contest. She argues that the Constitution requires the determination of guilt or innocence of the charges in the Articles of Impeachment by the Senate. Katherine concludes that the concepts of impeachment and election are mutually exclusive.

November 9, 2019, Meeting #482 
On Money in Politics and Gerrymandering: Two Essential Democracy Reforms
Ann Drumm and Joan Ridley will discuss the benefits of making our democracy more responsive to our citizens. Ann, a volunteer with American Promise, will describe the corrosive influence on our democracy of big money - from individuals, corporations, unions and special interests – and explain why we need a 28th Amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Joan, an active member of League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and American Promise, will explain the nuances of partisan Gerrymandering, a process that enables legislators to choose their voters, instead of the other way around, and what advocates around the country are doing to ensure fairer maps in the redistricting process that begins in 2021. They each argue and conclude expressing our urgent need for reform.

November 2, 2019, Meeting #481 
On “Warren Diamond Dallas God Father”
Jim Gatewood, Dallas Historian, Author, and Member of the Dallas County Review Board, will discuss his latest book “Warren Diamond Dallas God Father”, which is part of the forgotten history of Dallas, the most colorful period when crime, law and order left it's mark on American history. He argues and points out in detail that it was during the Gay Nineties and Roaring Twenties when Warren Diamond's gambling cartel ruled Dallas, and its politics, and earned him an astounding fortune beyond compare. Jim takes us back to a turf war where the Galveston mob was about to take over Diamond's Dallas syndicate, when one of Diamond's men, Benny Binion, took out four of the Galveston mob at a New Years Eve party with a shot gun. The newspapers called it “The Dallas County Massacre”. He engages us and carries us back in time to long forgotten places and reveals the secrets hidden away in the dusty attics of time. Jim will also bring books he authored, for those who wish to purchase same. See also

October 26, 2019, Meeting #480 
Is China a “Friend” or “Foe”?
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will explore the question if China is a “friend” or “foe” from different perspectives. Borrowing a format from Intelligence Squared2, she will start by surveying the audience who might take one view or another, and take another survey at the end of the presentation to see if some of the audience have changed their minds after the presentation.

October 19, 2019, Meeting #479 
Attaining “Carbon Free and a Dividend”
Garrett Pennell, Citizen Climate Lobby Activist, will discuss how we need to put a fee on carbon emissions and distribute the net revenue from that fee to the American people, He will argue that this is the single most effective, politically viable, thing we can do to reduce carbon emissions within the brief amount of time that scientists tell us that we have to get this problem under control

October 12, 2019, Meeting #478 
What Democrats Must Do in 2020
Calvin Bluiett, Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss and argue that formats must focus on the following:

  1. Democratic candidates must define themselves and not permit President Trump and the Republican Party to define them;

 2. Further they should not pursue impeachment unless they have concrete evidence of obstruction of justice, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or that the president has and is interfering with Congressional Investigations;

  3. We must enact legislation that will fix our Representative Democracy so the system will work for all democratic groups such as Asian Americans, Latino Americans, African Americans, women, and all other fair thinking Americans, recognizing that putting democratic reforms front and center is not only good government, it is good politics;

  4. We must focus on relevant political issues which Americans believe are important to them; such as: Unite around a pro-worker-agenda; strengthening the Affordable Care Act; improving education at all levels hence, creating an environment for students to learn how to think, be creative, and analyze;

  5. We also need to enact legislation to support a relevant Green New Deal to address climates changes; focus on Foreign policy issues such as the Paris Accord, Iranian agreement; and improve relations with Cuba; work to alleviate voter suppression pertaining to gerrymandering and redistricting; also strengthen the Voting Rights Act stemming from the Supreme Court Shelby vs. Holder Decision pertaining to pre clearance, and the Citizen United decision ruling that money is protected by the first Amendment.

Calvin concludes asserting that if the Democratic Party and candidates adhere to the preceding actions, we will be successful in electing a Democratic President and Congress in 2020.

October 5, 2019, Meeting #477 
Automation is Here - The Time for Universal Basic Income 
and Andrew Yang is Now
October 5: Hexel Colorado, Yang Gang Regional Organizer for North Texas, will make the case that the time is now for Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend. He argues that the Freedom Dividend is a form of universal basic income that would provide $1,000 every month to every American citizen above the age of 18. This plan will do three things: lift millions out of poverty, create valuable new work, and prevent the massive disruption caused by automation and artificial intelligence. Hexel will walk us through the numbers that prove job automation is happening now; experts predict that 1 out of 3 Americans will have their job automated away by the year 2030. He'll explain the math for how the Freedom Dividend will work, how to pay for it, and how it'll pay for itself. Hexel will tell why we must vote for UBI in 2020, and why we cannot let our chance go to waste. Lastly, he will layout Andrew Yang's vision for a new kind of economy that prioritizes human well-being and development

September 28, 2019, Meeting #476 
America – What Went Wrong?
Dr. John Beesley, English Born Author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how the cry “Make America Great Again”, known as MAGA, found resonance in America's “rust belt”, where only 75,000 votes won the election for Donald Trump. Clearly, Trump hit a sore nerve among America's left-behind working class voters – the ones that the Democrats thought they had in the bag. The deck had been stacked against them from the word go! John will go back to the very beginning of the Republic, and chart the significant events that finally lead to the current denouncement. He argues that by examining the past a better guide to the future may be found. One must live in hopes – perhaps a latter day Churchill will arise.

September 21, 2019, Meeting #475 
On a Battle with the IRS
Ken Sauter, BFA in Design from Carnegie Mellon, MBA Letourneau University, raises pertinent questions: "Have you ever wondered if the income tax is legal? Or tried to understand the millions of lines of Byzantine tax code?" He advises that perhaps there is a reason for all of the confusion. Ken questions: “Is the 16th amendment properly understood as allowing direct taxes on every American?” He walks us through his six year battle with the IRS and the kinds of shenanigans he's had to deal with in fighting an agency of the government that seems to be invincible and all-powerful, yet can be defeated if you follow the law and understand what the lawful income tax is all about. Ken argues that most Americans have not historically paid income taxes, and there is a good reason for that fact: Mark Twain said "It's not what you don't know that can hurt you, it's what you know for certain that just ain't so." He concludes asking and answering the following questions: "Is what you know about the income tax true? Are you sure? Can you point to a law that clearly says every American citizen must pay income tax? (and) Can the IRS do that?"

September 14, 2019, Meeting #474 
Is Brain Health an American Medical Crisis?
Dr. Daniel Herlihy, Osteopathic Doctor (ret), author of “Chewy: A Doctor’s Tail, Above the Shoulders: Brain Injuries Explained (release date 9/19), and Brainblown-a Memoir of Traumatic Brain Injury (pending release date 10/19)”, will discuss how Brain Health is an essential thing in everyone's life. Students in college want to improve their ability to take tests, yet those over 60 wonder where their memory went. With the aging of America, brain efficiency and plasticity must be addressed as an emerging emergency. Dementia and Alzheimer are a real threat, and more importantly, he argues that we all want to be 90 years of age and still as sharp as we ever were. Daniel raises questions: “Has the traditional medical system addressed this health issue adequately? Why has the search for a pill for Alzheimer's failed? Do you know the options to maintain your brain though every age?” He argues that maintenance of grey matter for a teen is different from your 40s when the notable decline begins. Dr. Herlihy will touch on his medical history of a motor vehicle accident, subsequent chronic pain, and severe traumatic brain injury. Having used over 20 therapies, Daniel reports the pluses and minuses of the traditional medical approach. He argues that in reviewing the case, we will find out what exactly is the best thing to make all ages of brains healthier. Lastly, Daniel will discuss how therapeutic approaches contrast against what was called complementary alternative medicine, or functional medicine. He will point out how our brains are affected by prescribed pharmaceuticals, medical massage, acupuncture, osteopathic manual therapy, neurofeedback and EEG therapies, nutritional approaches, pulsed electronic magnetic therapies, heart health, herbal solutions, and Tai-chi. Also covered is Dallas Center for Brain Health approach to a SMART brain, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and direct trans-cranial electric therapies, Dr. Herlihy contends this is a brain health presentation you will never forget. See also

September 7, 2019, Meeting #473
How Low Can He Go?
Carol Donovan, Chair, Dallas County Democratic Party, will discuss how every presidency has its highs and lows. However, she argues that President Donald Trump will long be remembered for his lows. Carol engages us to count the ways.

August 24, 2019, Meeting #472 
Solving the Crisis in America Today
Gene Lantz, Communications Director for the Dallas AFL-CIO and host of the "Workers Beat" on KNON FM radio, will argue that the crisis in America today can only be solved by unity among working families, and further, unity can only be achieved around the needs of the neediest of working families. Gene further contends that while the 2020 elections are critical, they are only a part of the picture.

August 17, 2019, Meeting #471 
Reflections on concepts of “Race, Racial Ideas, and Racism”
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will discuss the understandings and misunderstandings of the concepts of “race, racial ideas, and racism”. Based on the theories of anthropology, genetics and her own personal experiences and reflections, she argues that our concept of race is outdated. She contends that we need to re-examine the concepts of race and racism so we can be the agents of social equality and justice.

August 10, 2019, Meeting #470 
Why Trump Must be Impeached
Kenneth Williams, a Democratic activist, will discuss the Constitutional reasons why Donald Trump must be impeached. He will also present an analysis of the politics of impeachment in the Democratic Party. Kenneth concludes arguing in favor of impeachment, both on Constitutional and political grounds.

August 3, 2019, Meeting #469
The Philosophies of Time, and their Respective Perceptions
Patrick McElroy, and experienced industrial arts advocate, as a follow up to his May 25th exploration on the existence of Time, will discuss and examine different cultural philosophies that present us with another way of looking at Time as a quantification of experience. He concludes engaging us to share our personal histories on this subject.

July 27, 2019, Meeting #468 
Our Current Foreign Policy will Isolate Us from the World
Calvin Bluiett, Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss how President Trump's Foreign Policy is not working, and will isolate America from our allies and the rest of the world. He will analyze President Trump's Administrations' Foreign Policy, which seems to be to destroy everything accomplished by President Obama, which focused on diplomacy rather than war. Calvin points out that President Trump has demonized the Paris Accord, the Iran Agreement, Immigration, the green policy for children brought to America which would extend to them legal status in our Nation, and President Trump also demonized our allies (who have supported us in all wars that we have been involved in including World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq). Further he points to President Trump extending accolades to Russia and North Korea. Calvin will analyze the preceding wars and agreements, which will prove conclusively that President Trump's Foreign Policy will isolate America from the rest of the world. He concludes that President Trump is completely out of step with history (the decisions made and carried out since the end of World War II), and President Trump's Foreign Policy has been bent on total confusion without any victories.

July 20, 2019, Meeting #467: 
Benny Binion Dallas Gambler and Mob Boss
Jim Gatewood, Dallas History Professor (Richland College), Best Selling Author, and Public Speaker, will discuss his latest book “Benny Binion the Dallas Vigilantes and Texas Holdem Poker”. He will show how Benny Binion was a soldier of fortune at the turn of the century in Texas. His fearless determination to control his fate, first boot-legging then gambling, left an indelible imprint on Dallas history and the world of gambling. He was capable of activating his charm or his ferocious rage as implements of choice, just as he could use either a pencil or the sawed-off shotgun in the trunk of his car as a lethal weapon to destroy an adversary. His legend takes place in Dallas at a time splattered with conspiracy, treachery, and blood. Jim will advise that behind those cold blue eyes was Benny's ingenious mind capable of adapting to any environment; and how fate would one day dictate that he would help the legendary Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker run the Dallas Mafia hierarchy and their drug dealers out of Dallas. Listen to the story of the eleven bodies found in a Denton County Barn. Jim engages us and carries us back in time to long forgotten places and reveals the secrets hidden away in the dusty attics of time. He will also bring books he authored, for those who wish to purchase same. See also

June 29, 2019, Meeting #466: 
Greed Ruins Everything
Dr. John Beesley, English-born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how the American ruling elite has attained a degree of affluence not seen since the gilded era of the late 19th Century. Greed at this scale destroys everything in its path - it is akin to a deadly virus that corrupts the human soul. The downward trajectory is affecting the majority of US households, who have lost faith in the fundamental institutions of the nation. Unable to influence the course of events, an unhealthy apathy has set in. This apathy well suits the elite and its media apologists, who continue to peddle a pablum of myth and nonsense, which would make a charlatan blush. John reviews this pablum, which he contends must be seriously challenged to even begin to put this country right again.

June 22, 2019, Meeting #465 
Are You Being Treated Adequately for Your Brain Problems?
Dr. Daniel Herlihy D.O., and author, will discuss how we need to understand the status of brain health as we age. He will show that despite having two years of graduate-level study in microbiology, a medical degree and practice in family medicine, his car flew off an elevated highway with devastating consequence. Daniel sustained four surgeries, chronic pain, but worse, a diagnosis of dementia (92% disabled both physically and mentally) and going into Alzheimer's disease. He recounts how after his car accident, he survived with severe brain damage, many surgeries, and a service dog. As his body and mind were hijacked for years, he subsequently lost his house, job, wife, and identity. His memory was so affected he could not remember his address without looking at his driver's license. Further, even if just finishing a meal, he would eat another one having forgotten the first. Daniel went on to lose his cerebral cortex (the part of the brain making us human); his behavior became unstable and animal like much of the time. But what Daniel has regained is his unique voice as a scientist and a doctor. Further he has seen many advancements in his condition after eight years with his service dog. Daniel concludes having much to say from his perspective about the status of brain health as we age. See also:

June 15, 2019, Meeting #464 
What Makes You Who You Are?
Dr. David S. Alkek, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist, Clinical Professor, Dept. of Dermatology, UT Southwestern, will discuss understanding our own and others personality traits and reasons for behavior. He argues extensively that approximately 50% of the basis of our individual behavior is based on genetics and personality, and 50% is based on external factors such as culture, social condition, and particular situations. David concludes that this should help us better understand our own individual behavior, and better deal with the behavior of others.

June 8, 2019, Meeting #463 
On an “American Muslim Agenda”
The scheduled speaker, Mike Ghouse, had a medical emergency. On the spot Mr. Radwar Dalu VOLUNTEERED to take up the task of presenting the Muslim perspective from his personal experience. For any follow up questions or comments he offered he can be reached at We are all amazed and grateful for Mr. Dalu's choice to take the task upon himself to step in for the ailing Mr. Ghouse.

June 1, 2019, Meeting #462
On the Coming Stock Market Crash
Dr. Ravi Batra, Professor of Macro and International Economics, Southern Methodist University (SMU),will discuss how a coming Stock Market Crash is impending due to the fact that productivity keeps rising but wages do not, so the wage-productivity gap is now very high. He argues that as a result, profits have grown much faster than GDP (Gross Domestic Product), leading to a stock market bubble, which must crash simply because it is a bubble. Ravi concludes by pointing out that this type of scenario occurred before the start of the Great Depression and recently the Great Recession.

May 25, 2019, Meeting #461
Does Time Really Exist?
Patrick McElroy, an experienced industrial arts advocate, will discuss how we exist in an environment that is described as three dimensional. He argues that concepts of height, length, and width easily quantify, by conventional standards; but time is referred to as the fourth dimension, which is necessary in order to quantify the first three. Pat will focus on established scientific precepts, and will challenge many of the preconceived notions of our culture.

May 18, 2019, Meeting #460
What Makes Us Human?
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will discuss what makes us human from different perspectives: anthropology, neuroscience and religion. She argues that human beings are endowed with genes for survival, aggression as well cooperation and compassion. We hold the power to go beyond our animal nature of self- preservation and develop compassion towards ourselves, our neighbors and people beyond our borders.

May 11, 2019, Meeting #459 
Hearing Challenges – Solved with Technology, or NOT?
Linda Thibodeau, Ph.D., Professor, University of Texas (Audiologist/Speech-language Pathologist, CCC-A/SLP), will discuss how persons with hearing challenges have many possible solutions to consider ranging from personal devices worn in or on the ear to surgically-implanted technology. She will show that the decision regarding technology depends heavily on the type and degree of hearing loss, but technology alone may not address all the communication challenges one experiences. Linda argues that the typical path taken by a person trying to solve hearing challenges is now in competition with new models of service delivery including shopping at big box stores, purchasing devices online, and finding apps on the smartphone. She further contends that these options challenge the model approved by the American Academy of Audiology that supports the Doctorate of Audiology credential as the optimal professional to serve those with hearing challenges. Linda shows that the University of Texas at Dallas Doctorate of Audiology (AuD) program, ranked as the #4 in the Nation, trains students in a four-year program to evaluate challenges associated with hearing loss and explore solutions with the adult or child and their family. This typically includes a “network” of technology along with non-technology solutions that are introduced/practiced in group settings on a monthly basis or an intensive week-long experience known as Summer Intensive Auditory Revitalization Conference (SIARC). She concludes that the AuD model for addressing hearing loss solutions is far better for anyone who has experienced a loss of hearing, than the more generic options readily available at tempting financial savings. See also:

May 4, 2019, Meeting #458 
Texas 2019 Session:  Where Taxpayers Stand So Far
Robert Montoya, Metroplex Bureau Correspondent for Empower Texans, will review the 2019 Texas Legislative Session so far and grade on the whole whether: the session is positive for taxpayers, or the session is negative for taxpayers, why, and what you can do about it before the session ends.

April 27, 2019, Meeting #457 
How to Avoid Ending a Democratic and Free Society
Doug Binkley, a Chicago based author, poet, playwright and activist, and Peter N. Pero, an author and teacher on his second fly-in for a presentation related to his hometown, Chicago, will discus how, in our media drenched society, it is not enough to politically pontificate any longer. They will argue extensively, that unless citizens act urgently and creatively, we will see an end to our cherished Democratic and free society. NOTE: Doug Binkley writes under the pen name D.H. Robinson, and has a musical website at  Peter Pero has a history website at

April 20, 2019, Meeting #456 
On Psychic Phenomena Research
Dr. Chris Boldt, Math Professor Emeritus will discuss how evidence exists which aids in confirming the existence of mental telepathy, genetic transference, intentional longevity, placebos, and premonitions. Chris argues that this evidence is conclusive.

April 13, 2019, Meeting #455 
Why Today's Republican is Bad for Loyal Patriotic Americans
Curtis Muldrow, Graduate Dallas Theological Seminary, TH.M, Ret. LTC U.S. Army, (Veteran 25 years active duty service, Veteran IRAQI Freedom), will discuss how the Republican party's blind, unchecked, locked stepped loyalty to president Trump's corruption, and that of his cronies, is a treat to National security, and has damaged our democracy for decades to come, if not permanently. Curtis will also show that the Republican tax policies looted the treasury, and drove up the deficit in favor of the super wealthy, in order to force Democrats to cut entitlement programs and not restore reasonable tax rates and close loopholes. He concludes arguing that Republicans recent power grab attempts at State levels, and illegal voter purging, clearly shows a party that is blatantly not American; and what we can do about it.

April 6, 2019, Meeting #454
Impact of Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, and Her Baby Daughter
Jim Gatewood, best selling author and Dallas history Laureate’s; who teaches a Dallas history Class at Richland College, will discuss his latest book “Bonnie Parker’s Baby Daughter and the Devil’s Back Porch” telling the story of Fay Lyons alias Teddy Williams a Dallas gambler who was Bonnie Parker’s sponsor. Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Bonnie married her high school sweetheart, Roy Thornton. She was disappointed when her doctor told her she was not genetically capable of having children. Roy began drinking, disappearing for weeks at a time. Until one day, he did not return. She was living with a friend when she went on her first date with Clyde. They became inseparable. Then at the age of twenty; two months after Clyde had been incarcerated Bonnie realized she was pregnant. When she went to the Huntsville prison to give Clyde the news they fought and Bonnie left in tears. Brokenhearted, Bonnie never responded to Clyde’s jailhouse letters. Jim points out that after two years behind bars, Clyde received an unexpected parole. Bonnie felt renewed hope when she reunited with Clyde at Teddy's apartment. Her Sugar Daddy had returned, and a future of riches were within her grasp. He argues that Clyde Barrow was without a doubt the most underestimated desperado of the Great Depression. The outlaw couple had planned to buy Louisiana timberland, that would allow them to retire in luxury. A Dallas County Sheriff’ however had other plans. Jim engages us and carries us back in time to long-forgotten places and reveals the secrets hidden away in the dusty attics of time. He will also bring books he authored, for those who wish to purchase same

March 30, 2019, Meeting #453 
“In the Beginning God” - Is Earth Only 6,000 Years Old?
George Lujack, independent Messianic minister and author of “Mysteries of the Scriptures Revealed”, will present and discuss a Scriptural based alternative explanation of the mainstream Christian Young Earth Creationist 6,000-year old age of the Earth and universe, arguing and revealing that the Earth and universe are indeed vastly older than that, according to the Bible. George is a retired decorated 20 year veteran of the New York City Police Department and former international police officer employed by the US State Department for the United Nations International Police Task Force in Croatia and Kosovo, founder of Scripture Truth Ministries, and a writer and managing editor for, a conservative political and religious content online news network. He resides in Apollo Beach Florida.

March 23, 2019, Meeting #452 
Can Free Will be Reconciled with Determinism?
Ken Sauter, BFA in Design from Carnegie-Mellon, MBA Letourneau University, will discuss how for millennia there has been a debate about free will vs. determinism. He contends that the determinists, not just the Calvinists, but atheists as well, make the argument that everything in our lives is predetermined by God or the universe in some metaphysical way, and that everything we do has been determined from eternity past and all we can do is live out our predetermined purpose, whether we like it or not. Ken further contends that those who believe in free will argue that we decide what we do and we can change anything that seems to be predetermined. He points out that the two concepts appear to be irreconcilable: If what we do is predestined to be, there's nothing we can do about it. If we decide what we do, it hasn't been predestined. Yet, Ken argues there is a way we can understand the concepts of free will and predestination, or determinism, such that we have genuine free will, yet live in a Universe where everything has been predetermined. He shows that as contrary to our understandings of these concepts as this is, Ken makes a case for compatibility, the idea that free will can coexist with predestination.

March 16, 2019, Meeting #451
Are the Gods Still With Us?
Dr. Dale Klosterman, geologist and licensed psychologist, will consider, the veracity of Erich Von Daniken's new book, "The Gods Never Left Us." Von Daniken has written many books on this subject including “Chariots of the Gods.”

March 9, 2019, Meeting #450 
Is it Time to End Daylight Saving Time?
Jerry Berggren, who has been working with the Texas State Legislature to eliminate Daylight Saving Time, will discuss how Daylight Saving Time was first used in the US in 1918 as an energy saving measure to support the war effort; how it returned permanently with The Uniform Time Act of 1966; and how the public was sold on Daylight Saving Time as an energy savings and as being beneficial to farmers and ranchers. Yet, he argues that today, none of these reasons are true. Since Daylight Saving Time was made a permanent feature, scientific research has discovered that DST causes more harm than good. Jerry will explore some of the research about the effects of Daylight Saving Time on energy use, business productivity, physical health, psychological health and society at large. He will conclude showing what we can do to help end this untimely practice in Texas.

March 2, 2019, Meeting #449 
Captain Will Fritz and the Dallas Mafia
Jim Gatewood, Dallas Author, Historian and Member of the Dallas County Review Board, will discuss the Forgotten History of Dallas, the Most Colorful Period When Crime, Law and Order Left It's Mark on American History. He will take us through the history of Dallas, as he presents and preserves the previously unpublished legacy of our city. Jim will discuss a Dallas “Super Cop” who solved the Kennedy assassination three hours after Lee Harvey Oswald's shots were fired. He also names the Dallas Mafia families and the Dallas Bank where the Mafia laundered their money. And Jim will bring books he authored, for those who wish to purchase same.

February 23, 2019, Meeting #448: 
Why Republicans Are Determined to Rule as a Minority
February 23: Kenneth Williams, President of RDC (Rowlett Democratic Club), will discuss how the modern Republican Party is following a set of policies that amount to minority rule over the majority. He will outline the forces that are driving the Republican Party to seek power through minority rule. Kenneth will describe some of the major policies that Republicans have used which have the tendency to move us toward minority rule. Lastly, he will examine the implications for the Democratic Party when facing an electoral opponent determined to win, even when they get fewer votes, and what we can do about it.

February 16, 2019, Meeting #447
Reform for a real MAGA (Make America Great Again)
February 16: John Beesley, English Born Author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how the United States, like the United Kingdom, does not pay its way in the world. He argues that the underlying socio-economic reasons for this are complex and deep seated. However, it is internal rather than external factors that are the root cause of the problem. John will examine each of these factors in some detail with proposals for reform that contain essential provisions for ongoing review and self correction. He concludes asserting that increased Laissez-Fare will not do the trick.

February 9, 2019, Meeting #446
On Why Local Elections Matter
February 9: Robert Montoya, Metroplex Bureau Correspondent for Empower Texans, will discuss how important local elections are. Around 58% of Americans voted in the 2016 Presidential election. Yet, only around 2% voted in the city council elections of one of the larger cities in the DFW Metroplex. Local elections have notoriously low voter participation, and this is a real problem because these are the governments that have the most impact on our daily lives. Robert will argue that when we don't pay more attention locally, great problems result. The time has long past for us, not just to watch Washington, but also our county commissioners, city councils, and independent school districts.

February 2, 2019, Meeting #445
On Building Heaven on Earth
Jake Varghese, Senior Architect at IBM, will discuss how the correct solution to the problem of healthcare is Medicare4All . He will argue that the reason is quite simple: It is already built. With some additional processes and minor adjustments to existing processes, it is far more efficient than the ACA, and could have been built in half the time it took to get online. Jake will outline the simple adjustments needed to our existing Medicare infrastructure that will easily bring us to Medicare4All. He will discuss: 1) Negotiating Prescription Costs, which can reduce costs to Medicare by up to $155B over 10 years; 2) Adding Mental Health, Dental, Vision and Home Healthcare to Medicare Coverage to significantly reduce the cost for that quality of care simply by economies of scale; 3) Tuning Medicare’s Mission to focus on High Quality Preventative Integrative Health Care to save massive amounts of money over the long term, and reversing lost productivity due to sickness and poor heath; 4) Outlining How Nutrition is also Healthcare, and ensuring the food supply is free of synthetic chemicals and other pollutants; 5) Allow Medicare to build/purchase Hospitals in order to control their costs to vertically integrate and bring costs down; 6) Add QoS Feedback Mechanisms, to be reviewed by every patient for every visit, and by the providers, medical staff, and Medicare personnel for constant feedback as a continuous improvement process; 7) On Making Medicare taxes progressive, to be marginalized like graduated income tax; and 8) Making Medicare completely independent of politics by creating a council of physicians and a council of nurses to advise on all medical problems (including expenditures). and other measures to insure its independence of politics. Jake will also discuss our immune system, and a New Solution to the Housing Affordability Crisis. He will conclude that all of this is easy to accomplish; all we need is the will and drive to do it.

January 26, 2019, Meeting #444 
Secular Humanism: “The Best Alternative to Religion”
Dr. Steven Butler, author, historian, publisher and unabashed atheist, has called for the eradication of religious privilege in society, the removal of religious influence in government, and the extinction, by peaceful persuasion, of religion itself, which he has termed "one of the greatest barriers to human progress ever devised". In answer to the inevitable question: "With what shall we replace religion?", he argues that Secular Humanism, a philosophy or way of life that is grounded in reality and supported by science is not only the best possible alternative, but perhaps also humankind's best hope for long-term survival on this planet.

January 19, 2019, Meeting #443
How to Deal with Attacks on Democracy
Curtis Muldrow, LTC (R) US Army veteran, will show how the Republican party political conservatives and white evangelicals are doing everything possible to undermine democracy. He argues that the power grab by Republican state legislatures in North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin to limit the incoming Democratic administration powers, are classic examples of ruthless attempts to maintain white male dominance and white supremacy. Curtis points out that extreme gerrymandering and racist voter ID laws by Republican state legislatures are further examples. He concludes that in order for democracy to survive, poor and working class Americans must realize that the Republican party is corrupt, (only concerned about super wealthy Americans, corporations, and no one else), and act together across racial and economic lines to reverse and correct it.

January 12, 2019, Meeting #442
Find Common Ground, or Hate Will Destroy Our Democracy
Calvin Bluiett, Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss how Barack Obama, America’s first African-American president, stood in Chicago’s Grant Park on November 4, 2008 with a challenge to our country: “Is there anyone out there who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy? Tonight is your answer!” Yet today, our Nation is still an imperfect union bound by the belief that we can do better. Today President Trump emboldens polarization and division, rather than bringing our nation together. His iteration following the Charlottesville Debacle actually exacerbated hate in America. Today, he continues to embolden hate. Calvin argues that the core of hate in America stems from racism, and we must move beyond hate if our nation is to realize it’s potential. Calvin further argues that hate is not new in America, it just seems to be more open. During the 1960’s, following the civil rights movement, the University Community advanced the term “Political Correctness” as a tool to discourage people from expressing their hate. President Obama’s election in 2008 led Nationalist groups to openly manifest their hate, and the demonization of President Obama’s Administration by the Republican party created an environment for Donald Trump to be elected president in 2016. Calvin contends that we as a Nation must work to find common ground. If we are not successful in this endeavor, we will lose our representative democracy. He concludes that if reasonable Americans work together, we will be able to enhance and save our representative democracy.

January 5, 2019, Meeting #441 
On Looking Seriously at Life Extension
Dr.Chris Boldt, Math Professor Emeritus, will discuss and look seriously at life extension, He contends that as we enter a new year and look forward to the future, there are many things we can do to extend the length of our lives, in addition to improving the quality of our lives. Chris will argue extensively on (1) Theories of aging; (2) Aging differentiation between species; (3) Aging trends throughout the years; (4) Research concerning aging; (5) Strategies for life extension; and (6) Predictions for the future. He concludes that we owe ourselves and everyone we know, to concentrate on being healthy, happy, and enjoy life to the fullest as long as we can...

December 15, 2018, Meeting #440 
Cult of Saints and Relics: Medieval Martyrs and Miracles
Dr. Paul Benson, Professor of Humanities, Mountain View College, will present a micro-history of the Middle Ages’ obsession with saints, relics, martyrs, shrines, miracles, and pilgrimages. He will argue that the relic cult obsession got out of hand and became the center of deception, fraud and manipulation. From Saint Anthony’s Fire to Saint Francis’ stigmata, many medieval people came to believe that close contact with a saint’s body, blood, hair, or even clothes had an extraordinary beneficial value. They held to the hope that veneration of even the smallest part of a saint’s body such as a finger nail might bring forth a miracle or reduction of time in purgatory for the individual giving veneration, or for a close relative of that individual such as a parent or child. Elaborate shrines were constructed for the repose of these saints, and pilgrimages to these sites became one of the central religious activities in Europe prior to the Reformation.

December 8, 2018, Meeting #439 
The JFK Assassination - Was it a Mafia Hit
Jim Gatewood, Dallas, Author, Historian Laurent, the Cofounder of the Citizens Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, and a Dallas History Professor Emeritus of Richland College, will discuss how angry Dallas citizens whose relevant testimony was censored out of the Warren Commission Report formed the Dallas Citizen’s Committee with the help of Attorney Charles Tessmer, who was inducted into the Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Hall of Fame. He also argues that the Dallas Review Board was carefully crafted to allow only facts in making a report, and this is not a theory, it is what happened! Jim will show who ordered the hit and why! He concludes with a warning, from facts derived, of the Mafia’s continuing political impact. Jim will also bring books for those who wish to purchase.

December 1, 2018, Meeting #438 
On the Question of Juvenile and Criminal Justice Reform
December 1, 2018: Elizabeth Kooy, who has been doing work in this field for over two decades, will discuss and focus on trying children as adults, and the challenges we have made to State laws to decrease the practice of trying children as adults. She argues on other criminal and juvenile justice reforms as well. Liz will conclude on how the impact of brain development relates to all of this.

November 10, 2018, Meeting #436 
Don’t Like Fake News? Then You Should Not be an American Indian
Gary Foster, M.S. Texas A&M Commerce, B..S. University of Central Oklahoma, Cherokee and Pawnee, proposes that the correct version of American History be accurately told, and that governments from Local to National reinforce a change to a more accurate depiction of American and Native American History. He points out for example that Columbus came to the land of the United States, but did not discover America. Gary also shows that the Indians did not have a great get-together with early colonists on the first Thanksgiving. He points out: These are just two of the myths which have marginalized American Indians and elevated the conquering European military forces during the early years of the takeover of the North American continent. These lies have been perpetuated ever since. They continue to make it look like American Indians are some needy simpletons who were lucky the invaders brought disease and land theft to North America. Gary argues and proposes that Columbus Day should be removed as a holiday, and should be replaced as Indigenous People’s Day, and this can begin with the City and County of Callas, the Dallas ISD, and al cities and school districts inside Dallas County acting in this direction. He also argues that the story of Thanksgiving is also a lie. A day to give thanks for the riches of the Americas is a great idea. But including some mythical interaction with an American Indian tribe is an insidious lie. Gary will share a more historically accurate first Thanksgiving than the one we probably learned in our early school years. He concludes asking that we support rewriting Texas History books, the Texas Assessment of Basic Skills Test, and the curriculum of Charter and Private schools, to be required to teach the truth inside Texas ,in any school.

November 3, 2018, Meeting #435 
On Lessons from Karl Marx – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
John Beesley, English Born Author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London’s Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how popular US culture paints a picture of Marx as the father of totalitarian Communism. In a way he was, but that is the ugly part. The bad part is that many of his predictions were wrong and did not come to pass in the manner he thought. The good part is that the most significant point he preached about Capitalism is being practiced in the USA today, which most Americans would be astounded to learn! John argues that Marx had much to say about socio-economics. Further, in a strange way, it seems that current political events point to his being correct about the instability of raw Capitalism and popular reaction to this trend. John concludes that Marx could never have imagined that a Capitalist system could ever engage in an act of gross self-sabotage the way the US has done (Trump has a point).

October 27, 2018, Meeting #434 
On Recognizing That the Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself
Julie Britton, a perpetual student, activist, and volunteer, trained and trains individuals in cognitive behavioral self-help mental health techniques through Recovery International (an organization for persons who suffer from nervous conditions, whether in therapy or not), retired from 36 years of teaching and social work, (educated at San Antonio’s Our Lady of the Lake University and the University of Dallas, BA, MA, further graduate hours in Social Work, Religion and Music), will discuss basic concepts dealing with fear, with particular focus on xenophobia (fear of strangers) She will exemplify and foster discussion of how the most ancient of emotions is played out in our current political environment. Julie will also include activities that will help us laugh at our fears.

October 20, 2018: Meeting #433 
From Impermanence to Freedom
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher will discuss how the understanding and appreciation of the concept of “impermanence” can lead us to a happier and more fulfilled life. She argues that true freedom is achieved from within, not without; and we all have the potential to achieve total freedom by leading a life with mindfulness and compassion.

October 13, 2018, Meeting #432 
J. Frank Norris and the Top O’ Hill Casino
Jim Gatewood, Dallas History Professor Emeritus at Richland College and best-selling author, will discuss what happened through a time when gambling and prostitution were on a collision course with J. Frank Norris’ and his fire brand old time Baptist religion. He points to a Texas historical marker that stands today in Arlington Texas at the gated entrance to the thirty seven acre campus of the Arlington Baptist College; which denotes this was once the campus of the most opulent casino in the Northern hemisphere during the roaring twenties. Jim shows that the Top ‘O’ Hill Casino was a temple of chance that sat at the top of a geological outcropping jutting a thousand feet above the valley floor below, the highest point in Tarrant County. A road winding through native oak trees protected by gated stone turreted towers, filtered out all but those who could afford the Texas no limit games of chance. He also points out that at that time in our history Las Vegas was only a dusty spot on the map of Nevada. Jim argues that Top O’ Hill Casino beckoned to the rich and famous, Hollywood stars and their producers, as well as Texas oil barons who felt fully alive only when a fortune was on the line. And there is so much more about the new rich who came to have fun and try to break the Casino’s bank, and what we can learn from why the Casino did not survive the march of time. He will also bring books for those who wish to purchase same.

October 6, 2018, Meeting #431
On “Why I ‘Identify’ With Beto O’Rourke”
Michele Valentino, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Concerned Citizen, will draw from her own personal life experiences, to make a case for why Beto O’Rourke has the values, background, and skills, that are needed to usher in a new era in American politics that transcends political tribalism, Super Pac’s, and works for the common good.

September 29, 2018, Meeting #430
"Comfort Women" - victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, an uncorrected outrage with sex trafficking to this day, shouts for rectification! 
Sinmin Pak, a strong advocate for women’s rights, will discuss “Comfort Women” who were victims of Japanese military sexual slavery. She estimates that as many as 200,000 young girls were trafficked from all over Asia to serve as sex slaves to the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII, and included were German females, Dutch females, and American POW nurses, who were also forced to become “Comfort Women”. Sinmin advises that in Korea, currently there are only 27 living survivors, average age in 90s.still fighting to regain dignity and justice. She argues that the Japanese government still refuses to acknowledge “Comfort Women” were forced. Instead they claim “Comfort Women” were “prostitutes” and “willing participants”. Sinmin contends that this issue is still relevant, as sex trafficking is still happening. She argues that it was wrong back then, wrong now, and wrong in the future under any circumstances. Sinmin concludes that a strong word has to go out for Japan to acknowledge and give a sincere and unequivocal apology to the “Comfort Women”, as to effect a genuine first step in the reduction and elimination of sex trafficking.  

September 22, 2018, Meeting #429
Why America Needs a New Foreign Policy Principal For the 21st Century
Calvin Bluiett, Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss how after world War II, America assumed we had hegemony over the Western World. Yet, this assumption has not been realized.. He argues that the United States remains the single strongest power on the globe, although because of diffusing of central authority in new democracies everywhere, the spread of chaos in the Middle East and Northern Africa, along with the rise of Russia, China and Iran regional hegemons all work to constrain the projection of American Power. Further, at the end of World War II, the overseas empires of Britain and France began to crumble. Moreover, the end of the cold war heralded the lapse of the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe and Parts of Eurasia. Calvin points out that President Obama’s foreign policy principal was diplomacy, and there were some successes, including the Paris Climate Accord, the Nuclear Accord with Iran, and Normalization of Relations with Cuba. Conversely, President Trump has pulled America out of these agreements, and he has not articulated a consistent foreign policy principle for the 21st Century. Calvin contends that we need to move to a non-imperial, international foreign policy, and one that is governed by international law, human rights, and global solidarity to replace war on terror. He further contends that we need to reduce the defense budget and end wars, occupations, and climate injustices that are generating the world refugee crisis. Calvin argues that a new American Foreign Policy must be broad in its vision, scope, and with a purpose relative to what is in our National interest. Further, we must acknowledge that wars cannot defeat terrorism Additionally, a progressive foreign policy means ending economic and political privileges of military profiteers. Calvin concludes, among other things, that we must lift diplomacy over war, reject isolation, and work with Russia to find a solution to the Syrian War to secure a permanent cease fire.

September 15, 2018, Meeting #428
Ethical Issues in Genetic Medicine
Fred Grinnell, Ph.D., Robert McLemore Professor of Medical Science, Department of Cell Biology, Ethics in Science and Medicine Program, UT Southwestern, will discuss how genetics changes the practice of medicine; the challenge of genetics to human research ethics, especially involving embryos; and the historical context of eugenics. He will argue and conclude that in the larger scheme of predictive genetic medicine, we are not our genes!

September 8, 2018 Meeting #427 
On Opposing Privatization of Foster Care in Texas
Sarah Depew, Candidate for Texas House of Representatives District 67, will discuss an overview of our State’s foster care system and how it has fundamentally changed over the last three legislative sessions. She will describe its privatization, and make a strong case for why this makes children in foster care far less safe, and what we can do about it.

September 1, 2018 Meeting #426 
Our Struggle Must Go Beyond Elections
Gene Lantz, longtime labor activist from UAW 848 (where he is on the Executive Board as President of Retirees), Recording Secretary, archivist, and editor. He serves the Dallas AFL-CIO (on the Executive Board as Digital Communicator and Sergeant-at-Arms). Gene is also Secretary of the North Texas UAW Area Retiree Council, and serves as State Secretary of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. He will argue that progressive forces must engage in economic struggle as well as political struggle if we hope to win. Gene will show that the world economic situation has become sadly predictable, but the progressive forces are strong. He concludes that when we garner focus, it is clear that we will be unstoppable.

August 25, 2018 Meeting #425 
On the Accuracy of Astrological Predictions
August 25, 2018: Stephen Bryan, MA (with honors), an ordained pastor, studied at Oxford, a decorated U.S. Marine, a highly versatile entrepreneur, also a popular lecturer and public speaker, will discuss how, for example, Aries are likely to be creative and have the ability to inspire others, and how certain human characteristics predestined by the sun, noon, and planets are influential from the day you were born. Stephen will explore why you immediately warm up to some people, but are not so friendly to others. Lastly, he will advise how you can obtain a free personalized Astrological Zodiac Profile.

August 18, 2018 Meeting #424 
On Election Fraud by Republicans
Curtis,Muldrow, Graduate Dallas Theological Seminary, TH.M, Ret LTC U.S. Army, Veteran 25 years active duty service, Veteran IRAQI Freedom, will discuss Election Fraud on the part of Republicans. He will argue that it is far more prevalent than a widespread voting fraud myth. Curtis will review some of the voter ID laws passed by Republicans in battleground states; and will analyze the recent trial of Kansas Republican Secretary of State, Kris Koback, who was the architect of throwing legitimate voters off rolls two days before elections as a way of suppressing black and other minority voters. He will conclude offering suggestions as to what can and should be done.

August 11, 2018 Meeting #423
Make America Great Again – Fat Chance
John Beesley, English Born Author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London’s Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how the conditions that propelled post WWII prosperity no longer exist. He will show that the factors involved in the great, subsequent, self-sabotage are truly wondrous to behold. John argues that, as always, it is the deliberate ignorance and neglect of socio-economic realities that have caused the problem; and the general untutored American public was duped into accepting self-serving myths perpetrated by ultra-wealthy elite groups. He will show that the current administration has focused on external forces that have “taken advantage of America". John concludes that unfortunately, it is the greed, incompetence, and immorality of internal actors that have done the damage; and that only when true democracy – economic democracy – takes hold will most of what he has offered be a dark memory.

August 4, 2018 Meeting #422
Math Revolution (No Pencil, Paper, Calculator)
Kenneth Everett, 30 Year Master Educator, Motivational Speaker, and founder of the Kenneth Everett Math Revolution (No Pencil No Paper No Calculator), will discuss how an individuals' past math knowledge will affect his or her present math success and have a lasting effect on his or her future. He will show how parents and grandparents can make a difference in the future of any child. Kenneth will also talk about what it takes to get an individual ready for any State mandatory math test and how anyone can start teaching Algebra concepts to any child as early as five years old (No Pencil, No Paper, No Calculator). He will talk about the Kenneth Everett Math Revolution (No Pencil No Paper No Calculator) classes that will help parents and grandparents introduce algebra to their young one's by starting from a point. Kenneth argues and concludes that we must get involved with our children's education today, as tomorrow is their future, and it starts today. See also

July 28, 2018 Meeting #421 
"Russia-gate”, Militarism and US/Russia Relations
July 28, 2018: Sylvia Demarest, retired trial attorney and researcher extraordinaire, who has focused on US/Russia geopolitical situations and is very well versed on the Russia-gate debacle as it relates to the media. will examine and discuss this issue from a different perspective, placing events in a larger context and longer timeframe, including whether or not the motivation behind the launching of Russia-gate contained the goal of discouraging any future political candidates from expressing the need to improve US Russia relations. Sylvia argues that she has been studying the history of US Russia relations, including the issues surrounding Russia-gate for some time, and this process is still unfolding---including big news today. She further argues that Russo-phobia is a real issue in media landscape of the US today for many reasons---especially the economic reach of US militarism, which Sylvia will also discuss. Her goal is to help us better understand some genuine issues in the real world we face.

July 21, 2018 Meeting #420
Self Improvement Through Personality Inventory
Dr. Chris Boldt, Math Professor Emeritus, will discuss how a fifty-one point individual personality profile is the quickest and most thorough method of determining whether or not, and to what degree, an individual self-image matches that of family, friends, and the rest of society. He will provide copies for each attendee to partake in their own inventory. Chris argues and contends that everyone who does this will discover areas in which they can improve, but not have considered. He concludes that in any case we will all be better off for attending.

June 30, 2018 Meeting #419 
What the Left Really Wants
Ken Sauter, BFA in Design from Carnegie-Mellon, MBA Letourneau University, will discuss how radical leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others say they want social justice. They rail against racism, fascism, and capitalism, but what would happen if they got what they say they wanted? He argues that we're going to look at the ideological roots of leftism, where it came from, and the fact that it's more of a spiritual movement than a political movement. Ken will delve into the guiding thoughts of Marx, Engels, and other philosophers, their religious history, and what they said they really wanted when they weren't preaching their philosophy. Then he will look at how leftism has operated when its proponents got the results they said they wanted. Ken concludes that the consequences raise serious questions about the left's desire for social justice.

June 23, 2018 Meeting #418 
How Bad is It? (a Perspective on Gun Violence)
Mac Smith holds a doctorate in environmental engineering from the University of Texas at Austin; but, has spent most of his career managing construction projects. He is now retired and spends his time trying to save us from ourselves and to leave America in better shape than he found it. Sometimes it seems to be a lost cause. Mac brings a different perspective to gun control. He will discuss, “What are the odds?”, how are guns used, sensible gun control measures, the importance of the Second Amendment, mass shootings, their likely causes and what to do about them. 

June 16, 2018 Meeting #417 
Why Economics is Doomed to Failure
Gene Lantz, longtime labor activist from UAW 848 (where he is on the Executive Board as President of Retirees), Recording Secretary, archivist, and editor. In the Dallas AFL-CIO (on the Executive Board as Digital Communicator and Sergeant-at-Arms). Gene is also Secretary of the North Texas UAW Area Retiree Council, and serves as State Secretary of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. He offers brief reviews of classical economics, international economics, and financialization. Gene argues that economics cannot stand alone as an explanation for what happens. Only when it is combined with other disciplines, especially politics, can economics explain what happens. Some of these ideas are at 

June 9, 2018 Meeting #416 
Muslims have a Rightful Place and a Valuable Role to Play in America
Hadi Jawad, Activist, Dallas Peace and Justice Center, will discuss how as one of mankind’s great religions, Islam, has provided spiritual guidance and nourishment to hundreds of millions of adherents for two millennia. Over the centuries Muslim societies have made indispensable contributions in the arts and literature, physical, natural and theoretical sciences, and medicine. He will argue that western societies have been apprehensive and even openly hostile towards Islam and Muslims in the Trump era. Hadi points out that fear of Islam and hatred of Muslims has reached new lows, He raises the Question”: “Is a ‘clash of civilizations’ inevitable, or can an honest discussion of shared values, hopes, and aspirations lead to respect and understanding?” Hadi is confident, and will demonstrate that not only is that possible, but urgently needed in our turbulent and challenging time. ​

June 2, 2018 Meeting #415 
What You Need to Know About What You're Not Being Told
Jon Gentry, a cameraman and independent filmmaker, will discuss the role the media has played over the last half dozen decades in controlling the information flow to the public; both in what media has shown, and perhaps more importantly what media has concealed by omission. Jon will argue that a disinterested observer applying simple principles of reason and logic to numerous incidences where media has made a choice would be hard pressed to explain the motive for each choice. He intends to show that applying the methods of investigation of a private investigator to the situation reveals a profile emerging that is both alarming and deeply disturbing; leading to the inevitable conclusion of media playing the abuser. Gentry will argue we as consumers of the media do not need to submit to the victim mentality. We do not have to contribute to the abusive relationship. Rather, we need to be savvy about all our choices and should not hold back from becoming our own sources of current information. He will discuss the tools and mindset we can develop to take back this most fundamental liberty and overturn the 1984-Brave New World direction media has been taking us. 

May 26, 2018 Meeting #414 
On the Future of the Latino Vote Being Now!
Robert Chavez, President, Proud2BTejano-DFW, will discuss how in the last National Elections, the Latino vote has been seen to make a difference in all major campaigns, not just local and State elections. He will show how major metropolitan areas have had huge increases that have lead Texas in population growth which far exceeds prognosticators' projections. Robert concludes and argues succinctly that in all, the future of the Latino Vote is now! 

May 19, 2018 Meeting #413 
On the Roots of Concepts of Debt and Money as Understood in the Anthropological Study of Human Social Exchange
David Drumm, J.D., will discuss how many theorists have supposed that debt and money arose out of a primordial barter economy, with money being introduced by traders as a replacement of the barter system. He will argue that the anthropological literature does not bear this theory out—as long before there was barter there existed human social exchanges in the context of a clan society; and money and credit economies emerged as external stressors on the integrity of clan societies, which forced quantification of obligations that had been previously taboo to quantify. David will conclude utilizing the ideas of anthropologist economist David Graber, to explain human exchange from the Stone​

May 5, 2018 Meeting #411 
Mayday 1886 and 2018 – How Are We Doing?
Gene Lantz, Secretary, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, will discuss how Mayday 1886 shook the world with strike actions, but the progressive movement is actually much stronger today, and could potentially give the world a much more thorough shaking. He argues that even though the power is on our side, there are cracks in our solidarity that are holding us back. Gene predicts: “They won't hold us back much longer.” 

April 28, 2018 Meeting #410 
On the Global Status of Human Rights
Dr. Rick Halperin, Director, Embrey Human Rights Program, SMU, has held many leadership positions in human rights and social justice organizations. During his more than 45-year affiliation with Amnesty International USA, he has served as chair of its board of directors 3 times. He has also served on the boards of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, the Center for Survivors of Torture, the International Rescue Committee and the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.Rick has participated in a U.N. human rights delegation that inspected Irish prison conditions in Dublin and Belfast, as well as in delegations monitoring human rights in El Salvador and Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza. He will argue that despite the numerous scenarios around the world which violate human rights, the overall trend is improving, and we must continue to accelerate eternal vigilance and retain it as our watchword. 

April 21, 2018 Meeting #409 
From Blind Spot to Personal Growth
Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will discuss how personal growth can be achieved by examining our own biases and prejudices. Drawing from her own personal experiences and observations of politics and culture, she argues that what is considered as real, for example, as in happiness, often depends on one's perspectives. She also argues that sometimes compassion is more important than truth when discussing controversial topics, such as in “God, Guns, & Gays”. 

April 14, 2018 Meeting #408 
On Making the Affordable Care Act (ACA) More Efficient
Calvin Bluiett, Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss why we need to make changes in the ACA to make it more effective as to costs and quality of the availability and accessibility of health insurance for all, reflecting health insurance as a right as opposed to a privilege. He argues that if we are to be successful in this endeavor, then we need to build on a system that Americans support and believe in. Calvin points out that Medicare and Social Security are such systems, and that politicians need to analyze our experience in the Health Care dilemma of Presidents Carter and Clinton. He shows that Carter's problem was within the Democratic Party where he and Senator Kennedy could not agree on a plan. Carter wanted a phased in plan, and Kennedy wanted a complete plan based on the Medicare paradigm. President Clinton did not recognize the impact that the Health Care Industry Stockholders had, which derailed his health insurance proposal. President Obama's Administration was able to enact the ACA without one vote from the Republican Party. Yet. the Republicans still demonized the ACA while it was being debated, and after it was enacted. Calvin argues that the Republican Party doesn't want a National Health Care Plan, nor have they developed a proposal that is better than the ACA. He points out that the ACA is a good beginning, now that we have experience administering the Act, and we need to focus on how to make it efficient. Calvin asserts that Medicare provides opportunities for both a public and private system with a proven record of working in our mixed health care system, and we need to build on the Medicare paradigm. He shows that the current discussion on how the ACA can be improved, is the concept of "Medicare for All", which offers the best option. Calvin contends that the Public option and Single Payer Systems are politically not acceptable to a majority of Americans. His recommendation is to expand Medicare to Citizens age 50 to 65, from birth to age 26,and add Medicare Part E for all others to include employer plans, and a role for Medicaid. Calvin will also provide more details.

April 7, 2018 Meeting #407
On the Character of US/UK Culture
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London’s Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how the “Six G’s” describe the main characteristics of US culture. He will point out that the UK is bedeviled by only three of these, which is, of course, three too many. John will argue that if America is to stand any chance of being made great again—to coin a phrase—a good look at the mirror is required. He further argues that “Laissez Faire”, the art of doing nothing but wishful thinking, is not helpful; as, if you don’t know where you are going, there is little chance of getting there. John points to solutions and concludes that the British have always relied on “muddling through”—expecting that something will turn up. However, even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while – so perhaps all is not lost. ​

March 31, 2018 Meeting #406 
On the Issue of Increasing Missiles, Guns, and Uniforms
Mavis Belisle, co-chair of the Nuclear Free World Committee, and member of Militarization of Police Committee of the Dallas Peace and Justice Center, will discuss how the proposed Trump budget includes increases in the nuclear weapons budget, and how the numbers of military personnel moving into law enforcement is growing. She will argue that both indicate militarization of our culture beyond previous levels. Mavis will speak and conclude in firm opposition to this dangerous, evolving undertaking and trend.

March 24, 2018 Meeting #405 
Understanding Distinction: Service Dogs vs Emotional Support Animals
Dr. Daniel Herlihy, practiced family practice medicine until a motor vehicle accident ended his work due to traumatic brain injury, Now, many years later, he is partially recovered, and his abilities to speak, write, be half way social, and walk, are largely due to a penultimate service dog “Chewy”. Daniel will argue that service dogs are largely misunderstood, and he has found his calling in advocating for the disabled, and service dogs. Moreover, Daniel has expertise in injuries and diseases “above the shoulders”, which includes dementias, PTSD, strokes, and many others. He will have “Chewy” present as well, to answer your questions and offer his insights as to how he heals “you bi-peds”. “ Goldy” (you guessed it – a gold fish) will also appear to advocate for the emotional support animal. Daniel will show that emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA, as the animal may or may not be specifically trained to perform tasks for a person who has a disability. He will argue for the importance of your ears and voice being needed to understand how service dogs can affect your life, the life of someone close to you, the medical research for improvement and maintenance of many health issues, the definition of service dogs, and how to obtain one.. Daniel contends that all three of them hope you join for an informative evening of fun, and please bring all your chordate (having a back bone) friends, as a hearty discussion among animals is predicted. Lastly he advises that a further explanation of these issues will be forthcoming in his memoir: “Chewy, a Doctor’s Tail: Amazing Lessons My Service Dog Told Me”.. .

March 17, 2018 Meeting #404 
Examination of Status of the FBI's Investigation into Russian Meddling
David Wasserman, BS Political Theory, Tufts University, Master's in Teaching, former technical writer and trainer in Dallas for twenty years, will discuss the FBI Investigation at length, and will conclude with his opinion that this investigation will prove to include collusion and obstruction of justice on the part of our current U.S. President.

March 10, 2018 Meeting #403
On Ending Indian Mascots Now
Gary Foster, M.S. Texas A&M Commerce, B.S. University of Central Oklahoma, Cherokee and Pawnee, will discuss “End Indian Mascots Now”. He will share information on the opportunities left in the Dallas area to work toward ending the mediocratization and commercialization of American Indian Culture and people. From the Washington Redskins to the Keller High School Indians, Gary will separate what is actually done from good intentions and detail some of the social, psychological, and cultural damage done by the continued idea of “having and Indian Mascot for our team”. He argues and concludes that It has resulted in a choice between a bird, a mammal or an Indian as a team mascot, relegating Indians to being non-human, which shouts for rectification.

March 3, 2018 Meeting #402
Ten Easy Ways We, the People, Can Make America Great Again
Author and high-tech business consultant, Pat O'Connell, will describe 10 of the most powerful actions regular citizens can take to slow down the current runaway train of government corruption, overreach and violence, bring justice for past and ongoing crimes, and restore our constitutional principles and national integrity. She will address what's wrong from a non-partisan perspective, focusing on the issues most of us can agree on. And, most important, Pat will outline some simple actions anyone can take to make a real difference.

February 24, 2018 Meeting #401 
Slats Rogers and the Love Field Lunatics
Jim Gatewood, Dallas History Professor and best selling Dallas Author, will discuss and review his latest book "Slats Rogers and the Love Field Lunatics". Jim will tell the story that is posted on a Texas Historical Marker which stands at the main entrance of the McAllen International Airport He will show among other things that when Slats was 18 he lied about his age and got a job with the rail road. His strong will and keen mind enabled him to slug his way to rail road engineer. The young soldier of fortune discovered he could make money faster hauling bootleg whiskey in the cab of his locomotive. Using his new found wealth he built the first airplane assembled at Cleburne, Texas and later founded a flying Circus at Love Field in Dallas. And there is so much more to be said about this continuing path from rags to riches. Jim will also bring books for those who wish to purchase same. 

February 10, 2018 Meeting #399 
Power, What it is, How it is Used Against Us, and How We Can Take It Back
Ken Sauter, BFA in Design from Carnegie-Mellon, MBA Letourneau University, will discuss how while the vast majority of people desire to simply live their lives and be left alone, yet it seems that government is constantly harassing us at every level, forcing us to deal with unreasonable demands of all kinds, and generally making our lives difficult...He questions: "If our representatives in government are actually representing us and doing what is necessary to bring about the object of our desires, why then, must we deal with so much unreasonableness?" Ken argues that perhaps there is another entity, or entities, that actually desire to impose these unreasonable demands on us, and have the power to do so. Ken contends that when we complain about unreasonable demands of government, we are acknowledging that someone somewhere is exercising a superior power over us that is against our will. He argues that power has to do with will, their will vs. our will. Ken will explore what power is, how it works, and why it is in his opinion that this behind the scenes entity has been able to subvert the will of the American people for so long.

February 3, 2018 Meeting #398 
On the Role of Community in Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery
Dawn Lee, an advocate for the role of community in alcoholism and addiction recovery, will discuss the importance of community in this process. She will argue and illustrate examples of how conditions can be genuinely improved.

January 20, 2018 Meeting #396 
On Successfully Combating Fluoridation in Dallas
Regina Imburgia, an activist who knows the dangers of Fluoridation, and is determined to expose these dangers until the Fluoridation program is stopped in Dallas, will discuss her concern that many people do not understand the negative effects of Fluoridation. Regina will point out that arsenic occurs naturally in drinking water also, but it and fluoride are deadly poisons, and scientists recommend that we consume as close to zero as possible. She also argues that Fluoride should be prescribed to individuals by medical professionals, not by communities. Regina also points out that while 74% of the U.S. is forced to drink fluoridated water, only 5% of the world and only 3% of Europe fluoridate their water. Moreover, she argues, China and Japan rejected it many years ago. Regina further points out that approximately 50% of the fluoride that one is exposed to on a daily basis will remain in the body, while the other 50 % will be excreted through the kidneys. She argues that an increase in urine fluoride of 1 mg/L was associate with a drop in IQ of 5 to 6 points. Regina points out that Hydrofluorosilicic Acid is the additive the City of Dallas uses in its drinking water, and it is a diluted version of fluorosilicic acid, not to be confused with naturally occurring calcium fluoride. She argues that fluorosilicic acid is a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry and is heavily contaminated with toxins and heavy metals (including the cancerous arsenic, lead & cadmium) and radioactive materials. Moreover Regina points out that this substance is the waste residue from the superphosphate fertilizer industry, and about 70 to 75 percent of this stuff comes from the Mosaic fertilizer manufacturing company. She shows by example that Dr. William Hirzy, EPA scientist reported: “If the stuff gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant. If it gets into a lake, it’s a pollutant, but if it goes right straight into your drinking water, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing.” Lastly, Regina will show that 4800 professionals agree with her that ingesting fluoride is ineffective in reducing tooth decay, and harmful to health. She concludes that science does not support fluoridation – only politics does, and we need to put great citizen pressure on the Dallas City Council to correct this dire situation. See also

January 13, 2018 Meeting #395 
Will the 2017 Federal Income Tax Revision Make Capitalism Work for All Americans?
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Cedar College, will discuss how the current tax revision as promoted by President Trump and the Republican Congress contend that it will decrease unemployment, increase tax cuts for the middle class, and Multinationals will bring jobs back to America and reduce the federal deficit. Calvin argues that this is not true. He will show the historical evolution of Federal tax cuts from President Kennedy’s tax cut of 1960 up to the 2017 tax revisions, Calvin argues that while the Kennedy tax cut of 1960 achieved outcomes of low unemployment, increased pay for workers, and a reduction in Federal deficits, the alleged objectives of President Trump and the Republican Congress will not be realized. He will show that the 1981 Regan Tax Cuts, with a focus on supply side economics, resulted in increased unemployment and increased deficits. Calvin argues that this led to a law to simplify tax filing, including reducing the number of tax brackets, and eliminating write off interest expenses in several areas, which led to the largest tax increase on the middle class, which would be equivalent to today’s workers earning between $50.000 and $100,000 annually. He asserts that President Trump’s tax cut will have the same results. Calvin will show that President Bush and Clinton’s Tax increases led to full employment and three years with a balanced budget and projected surpluses. He will also show that the President George W Bush Tax Cut did not achieve its objectives. Instead unemployment and deficit increases led to a major recession. Calvin concludes that the United States entering into two major wars, and the costs stemming therefrom, manifest clearly that the current action should have been a tax increase rather than a tax cut.

January 6, 2018 Meeting #394 
On FDR’s Long Term Economic Strategy
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London’s Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how WWII in Europe lasted almost six years, leaving most of Europe in ruins with shattered economies. However, huge deficit spending revived the US economy and left the US as the major financial power able to determine the post-war financial settlement. He will argue that today it is clear that in this event short term commercial advantage took precedence over long term consequences which were not imagined by FDR’s administration. John concludes that the Western World is still living with the consequences of this intellectual failure, and will offer solutions as to how this dire situation can be overcome

December 16, 2017 Meeting #393 
And Why Dallas? - Untangling the Mystery of Dallas' Rise to Prominence
Paul Benson. Professor of Humanities, Mountain View College, will discuss how it has always been a mystery as to why Dallas has risen to become one of America's most important cities. He will argue that Dallas is not on a main body of water like Chicago or L.A., nor was it a capital, and it did not have a major State university. Paul also points out that Dallas weather is not particularly temperate, it has no dominant industry, and it is not blessed with any abundance of natural resources. He raises the question: "What did Dallas have that made it better than say Denison, Denton, or Decatur?". Paul will conclude unraveling this puzzle to bring to light a peculiar alignment of special people, groups, coincidences and luck!.

December 9, 2017 Meeting #392 
On Serious Questions of CEO Compensation, Stock Options, and Benefits
Liz James, has been following politics and big business starting at her parents’ dinner table discussions. She was born and educated in Dallas. 34 years as registered nurse in multifaceted career in Texas, Southwest East and West Coast hospitals and corporate nursing positions. Active volunteer in church, community and political groups promoting democracy and better living conditions for all. Liz, who believes in the power of the informed voter, will discuss serious questions of CEO Compensation, Stock Options, and Benefits which result, among other things, in undermining employees, while management underperforms. She will argue and set the stage for what we can do to address and rectify this debilitating situation.

December 2, 2017 Meeting #391 
On a Genuine Role with the Homeless
Wanda J. Zamorano, Ed.D., will discuss personal experience in her role and journey of educating, empowering and inspiring a group that is often forgotten, with examples of those who she works with in two area shelters. She will outline the services and vision of each shelter. Wanda will argue that we can make a difference, changing lives, one meal at a time, and giving hope for the future. She further contends that you will open your mind and become inspired by virtually meeting some of the homeless in action!

November 18, 2017 Meeting #390 
On Getting the United States Out of NAFTA
Joseph M. Kalka, Citizen of the United States, will discuss why the United States should not continue as a member of NAFTA, and should leave NAFTA. He argues that during the last general election cycle, Donald Trump promised to put "America First": his campaign slogan was to "Make America Great Again", Donald said: "I see the carnage NAFTA has caused; I see the carnage"; and said: "I am going to rip up those trade deals." He also promised: "Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo". Joe will present evidence of "why" Donald Trump (in the best interest of the United States) must cancel the NAFTA agreement. He will argue and conclude that renegotiation and continued membership in NAFTA is not a good path.

November 11, 2017 Meeting #389 
The Heist: How Corporations Hijacked America
From food and healthcare to private prisons, warfare and other industries, U.S. Congressional Candidate Roland Rangel explains how corporate lobbyists quietly control our nation's government. He describes how political parties and officials pander to citizens for support, but behind the scenes crony corporatists influence America's leaders with lucrative donations. In exchange for the contributions, Roland reveals corporate juggernauts receive hundreds of billions in tax breaks, federal funding and opportunities to write legislation, all at the taxpayers' expense. With 22 lobbyists for each U.S. senator and representative, he argues that purchasing political power is at a destructive high as a third of senators and half of representatives become lobbyists themselves. With this revelation, Roland asks: How can politicians represent you when they are given millions to represent someone else? Despite political divisions, he further argues that voters shouldn't be distracted from uniting against the shared effects of corporate influence on our nation. Roland contends it's time for citizens to draw a line in the sand by demanding officials ban lobbyists from government interference or face being voted out of office. It's a bill he says he is ready to put forth himself.

November 4, 2017 Meeting #388 
Will There be a Global Economic Collapse?
George Lujack, author of “Mysteries of the Scriptures Revealed”, veteran decorated New York City Police Officer and former peacekeeper with the U.S. State Department on the International Police Force for the United Nations, will discuss how various societal observers view the American economy as unsustainable and destined to crash due to the U.S. runaway federal deficit, the interest on this debt, and federal and state government’s unfunded liabilities. He argues that if America were to continue on uninterrupted, then an American economic crash would likely happen, but George further argues that that is not what is prophesied in the Bible to occur. He will show, in his view, a global economic collapse that will occur, which will be accompanied by the great tribulation as prophesied in the Bible.

October 21, 2017 Meeting #386
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and having both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics, will discus and detail how the U.S.A. is in decline. He will argue that there is a long list of facts that support the argument for decline. Jim will cite facts and provide explanations for how this all happened. He will conclude reminding us the U.S.A. has many enemies (internal and external), and we the people can no longer remain divided while our enemies exploit the divisions. 

October 14, 2017 Meeting #385
How the Neglect of America's Middle Class Leads to Death of America's Representative Democracy
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss what causes economic neglect of our middle class, and how both political parties have played a role in this dilemma. He contends that the rise in death of working class Americans shows that the business and employment opportunities are concentrated as never before in some metropolises. Calvin further contends that economies of everyplace else in America have all but hollowed out, and in counties with a population between 100,000 to 500,000, people are losing economic opportunities. He argues that voters in these areas are voting Republican as they have bought the cool aid of themes and marketing based on flawed information provided by Republicans, that sounds good but is not workable. Contrarily, Calvin argues that Democratic policy initiatives have the appearance of focusing on the middle class, yet are poor in theme development, marketing plans, and finding a meaningful nexus to the real challenges facing all Americans He will also identify the consequences of this growing dire situation, and recommend some solutions to address and reverse an ongoing crisis 

October7, 2017 Meeting #382
On the Human Body as a Machine or Garden?
Jian Li, Ph.D in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will discuss two worldviews about human body and health, that is, body as a machine to be fixed in the modern Western medicine versus body as a garden to be tended in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. She argues that these two different views of body and health have direct impact on both public policies in health care system and in the way individuals take care of their health. 

September 30, 2017 Meeting #383
Speaker No-Shows. College Members Take the Challenge
John Beesley leads the group with comments on the Trump Presidency. Conversation moves to discussion of healthcare options.  NOTE: Informative, Engaging, Illuminative, and Compelling

September 16, 2017 Meeting #381
On Considering Center-Right Notions 
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London’s Imperial College and the University of Dallas. BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss current right-of-center renditions of pertinent economic topics.  John tends to disagree with most of these notions, however plausible they sound, although he agrees on views of Brexit.  John will outline views on “Climate Change”, “Public Finance Warnings”, and “Socialist Idealism vs. Human Nature” as best he interprets them, with a view of reaching an understanding of what actually faces us. 

September 9, 2017 Meeting #380
Can We Really Manifest Peace in 2017?
Author and consultant Pat O’Connell will outline a project to coalesce positive energies and intentions around “The Perfect World” concept throughout the 4 days beginning with the International Day of Peace (Sept 21) and ending with World Peace Weekend (Sept 23-24). She will debut a new short film about the project and will discuss some of the activities scheduled for those 4 days. Pat asks that we come prepared to brainstorm and contribute our own ideas. 

September 2, 2017 Meeting #379
Labor Day, Past, Present and Future
Gene Lantz, President Teas Alliance for Retired Americans, will discuss how he is in favor of big celebrations of Labor Day and is re-committed to making the workers movement strong. He notes that from 1947 to 1995, the American unions steadily became more alienated from the rest of the working class. In 1995, with the changes n leadership of the AFL-CIO, unions shifted directions so that, today, major union leaders demand that all unions turn outward toward the community at large. Union legislative programs are designed to benefit all workers, not just a narrow slice of union members. Gene notes for example, the major campaign of the AFL-CIO during August 2013 was to mobilize support for immigration reform! And prior to 1999, the AFL-CIO favored deportations. He argues that this turn toward the broader working class is not a simple non-inconsequential matter. Gene further argues that everyone should get behind this, because that is the only way it will work, and it has to work if there is to be a bright future for Americans.

August 26, 2017 Meeting #378
American Dream or Nightmare?
Han Cheng Liu, Marketing Director, World Financial Group since 2012, Project Manager RHA Architects Inc. since 2000, (M. Arch, UT Arlington 1993, B. Arch. Tamkang University 1989) will discuss how every year hundreds and thousands of immigrants fight for their opportunity to come to America, and there are yet more undocumented people risking their lives to cross the border in order to fulfill their American dream of “a better life for themselves and their families. He questions: “How many actually made their dream come true?”” Liu will show, from his point of view, how American society has changed, how many spending habits make wrong financial decisions due to lack of understanding and support, and this does not fall just to immigrants, but to established American citizens as well. He will argue that this situation is as a result of a lack of financial education, and what we can all benefit from is a financial literacy campaign, to help millions reach financial independence.

August 19, 2017 Meeting #377
Whatever Happened To Lt. Columbo?  
Kenneth Fawcett, Author, TV Videographer, Radio and Print Journalist, will discuss the causes and consequences of the exponential rise in deadly force by local, State and Federal police. He will show how the declining interest these agencies have exhibited in solving crimes has impacted against individuals. Ken argues that we have to become the “new media” as the last check and balance against a police state out of control. He concludes succinctly; against the erosion of freedoms, and for truth, justice, and the American way. Ken has been in electronics and communications since middle school. Ken worked for SW Bell, Enterprise Electronics, Texas Instruments, American Sound Corp, and DataStarUSA. Ken is currently employed on the IT/BioMed Staff at Dallas Regional Medical Center, and employed as a Department of Homeland Security contractor at Comprehensive Communication Services where he install all the radio, computer, Video, VOIP, and VSat gear in Command Center and Hostage Crisis vehicles. As hobbies Ken has been a radio and print journalist from time to time, narrated two documentaries, written a book, and contributed video footage to more than a dozen TV documentaries. In his spare time Ken enjoys mountain biking, tower climbing, SCUBA diving, and all thing dangerous.  

August 12, 2017 Meeting #376
On a Market Based Solution to Climate Change
Ann Drumm, volunteer and advocate of the bi[artisan "Citizens' Climate Lobby", will discuss how in a polarized political environment where voluntary emissions limits and government regulations are disfavored, approaches to managing climate change, another strategy, is gaining ground. She will show how Republican leaders in Congress and the private sector are embracing the concept of carbon pricing as a market-based approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the emergence of the clean energy economy. Ann will argue that a price on CO2 would send a signal to industry, investors and consumers that would drive the market to adopt clean and efficient energy technologies. She will further argue and explain a genuine proposal for a National Carbon Fee & Dividend and discuss efforts to get Congress to act on this issue.

July 29, 2017 Meeting #374
The Curious Nature of U.S. Politics 
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox. (educated at London’s Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how a true Socialist party has never been elected in the US, unlike most countries of Western Europe. He will show that there have been times when the Democrats, under FDR and LBJ, "have saved capitalism from itself", to quote Maynard Keynes. But, especially in the last 40 years, we have witnessed a retreat from the "trente glorieuses" to the point where, despite the recent Obama aura, we have two right wing parties. The parties have also chosen to hide behind non-democratic institutions in major policy decisions. John will argue that the failure to provide a forum for essential democratic debate has given rise to the Trump phenomenon, a desperate attempt to challenge the status quo by the Proletariat - doomed to failure of course.

July 22, 2017 Meeting #373
Has the US-Saudi Relationship Outlived its Utility?
Hadi, Jawad, Activist, Dallas Peace & Justice Center, will discuss and argue how the spread of Saudi Influence in the Middle East has led to the emergence of the most virulent form of radical Islamism, threating not only the region, but American interests as well. He will also contend that while close ties with the Saudi Monarchy have served U.S. National interest in the past seven decades, the time has come to end this "special" relationship. 

July 15, 2017 Meeting #372
Unlocking the Mysteries of Chinese Characters
Jian Li, Ph.D in anthropology and Mandarin teacher, will unlock the mysteries of Chinese language. She argues there is always more than one way to see the world. Learning another language, especially a language that is totally different from your own native one, will help you to become a smarter and better global citizen.

July 8, 2017 Meeting #371
On Representation and Leadership
 Ken Sauter, BFA in Design from Carnegie-Mellon, MBA Letourneau University, will discuss how political representation is what all modern governments are modeled on. But he raises the question: “Just how well do the systems designed to represent people actually represent them?” Ken argues that there is a lot of machinery in place to guarantee that elected representatives accurately reflect the wishes of their constituents, but there seems to be a disconnect between what constituents want and what governments do. He questions and answers: “What are the problems with political representation, and how do we know if our representatives are accurately representing us? What are the historical issues related to representation and how have those issues been dealt with in the past? How certain are we that our government represents us accurately, and are we now in a position where the representation we think we have is about to become outright non-representative and authoritarian?” Lastly: “What can and should we do about it?”

July 1, 2017  Meeting #370
On Redesigning Capitalism to Benefit Everyone, Rather than Just the Elite
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss the remarkable erosion that has taken place over the past two decades in the conduct of our business leaders, our investment bankers, and our money managers.  Calvin argues that there is too much greed, egotism, materialism, and waste, and that our economy is overly focused on the “haves”, and not on the “have not's”, leaving us in a position of failure to allocate our Natural Resources where they are most needed to solve the problems of poverty and provide quality education for all.  He points out that over the past century there has been a gradual move from “Owner’s Capitalism” to an extreme version of “Manager’s Capitalism”, providing vastly disproportionate rewards to those we have trusted to manage the enterprises in the interest of their owners. Calvin further argues that the first principle of finance is to increase “stockholder wealth” as opposed to “top management wealth”.  He points out that the problem is characterized by Executive Compensation, and the responsibility lies with the gatekeepers we trusted to protect investors, which includes the failure of legislators, regulators, rating agencies, attorney’s, public accountants, and corporation directors to carry out their responsibilities.  Calvin asserts that redesigning capitalism to benefit everyone rather than just the elite, will be a giant step to alleviate the gap between “haves” and “have not's”.  He will address the causes leading to this problem, and will recommend some solutions.

June 24, 2017 Meeting #369
How Quality Of Our Food and Environment Directly Impacts Our Health and 
Nancy Addison, CHHC, AADP, CPT, CSN, an inspirational health and nutrition speaker, award winning, best-selling author, television show guest, columnist and radio show host, will raise and answer the question:  "Has disease increased dramatically over the last 50 years?", and will discuss ways that food and food quality, in the US and the world, have directly impacted our health and well-being.  She will outline ways to maneuver the food jungle, and guide us through some basic steps that can help put our bodies on the road to health and well-being.  Nancy argues that we can't control getting older, but if we learn how to take care of our environment and our bodies (using methods concerning proper nutrition, optimum hydration, detoxification, and exercise) we can live a higher quality of life with greater health and vitality. She concludes succinctly that the quality of our food and environment are paramount to our health and well-being.  

June 17, 2017 Meeting #368
The World in 2034: Ethical Conundrums, Challenges, and Issues 
Rob Olson, Senior Research Analyst with International Risk Management Institute, Inc. and Adjunct Professor, Cox School of Business, SMU, will discuss the ethical challenges and issues we will face as technology attains a growing importance in our society, particularly in the area of genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and nanotechnology.  He contends that even though this exponential growth in technology may open up a Pandora’s box of problems, his view is that the pros far outweigh the cons.  Rob  will argue “for” the safe and judicious use of technology in virtually all its forms to improve our society and to tackle its most vexing challenges

June 10, 2017 Meeting #367
On Lessening Your Stress and Increasing Your Cognitive Ability with the Music You Love
Alan Brunton, Founder and CEO of Cymatrax, will discus how sound affects the human body, He will also argue for a genuine improvement in your cognitive thinking ability and an easier way to a healthier life through sound.

June 3, 2017 Meeting #366
The Neo-Liberal Free Market Miasma
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, MBA, PhD), will discuss how the early 1980s saw the rebirth of classical, socio-economic dogma in both the UK and USA, and how the results of these policies were extremely beneficial for the controlling 1%, and disastrous for the 99%.  He argues that at long last, the easily duped peasant classes have revolted, but have accepted the offer proffered by the representatives of the 1%. John will examine this offer in detail with regard to its moral, social, economic and financial content, which he contends is totally specious and counter-productive for the future of both countries.

May 27, 2017 Meeting #365
What is Happening in Our Election System, and How it May Impact Our Future?
E. Robert Smith, Author, will discuss how the "Right" has been educating its ranks on the source of the New Left and Progressive political movement as it developed into the 60"s and onward as a cultural and political revolution.  More specifically, he will show what happened with the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, Herbert Marcuse, Adorno, and others.  Bob will argue that this educational effort is spreading like wildfire as the result of Andrew Breitbart, and others, has become common knowledge among rank and file Republicans and conservatives, and that Democrats and progressives are in far more trouble than they realize. He will show: The last presidential campaign was fought and won with populist-oriented propaganda, the next will be fought more on the basis of philosophy and rational argument, including exposing the philosophical and tactical roots of progressivism. The bad news for the left is that conservatives, both Republican and Libertarian, are far more equipped to do battle on this basis, and they are, at breakneck speed, raising up and cultivating leadership to educate the rank and file of the population. All this is made possible by the Internet.  Bob concludes that it is not only fascinating, but much better to understand and know all that opposes you in order to properly address and combat it.

May 20, 2017 Meeting #365
On the Counter Democracy Impact of the Trump Administrations' Deconstruction Plan
Katherine Savers McGovern, retired Assistant United States Attorney, Dallas, 2012 Democratic Nominee to U.S. Congress, District 32, with practice at McGovern Law Office since April 2011, also a Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, will discuss how "the Counter Democracy Pledge of Donald J. Trump to Deconstruct 'Administrative Government'" is wrongly intended to undermine the implementation of the Laws of the United States in Violation of the Constitutional Separation of Powers and the Rights of Americans.  She will outline how the Constitution has three equal branches of government:  Executive; Legislative; Judicial.  The President heads the Executive Branch and is responsible for the operations of the Executive Departments which carry out the laws passed by the Legislative Branch.  Only the Executive Branch, through its various departments, commissions, agencies, etc., is authorized to issue rules and regulations to implement the laws passed by the Legislative Branch. and signed into law by the Executive Branch through the President.  Katherine will argue that Trump's use of Executive Orders, Executive Memorandums and/or Executive Proclamations to subvert the operation of laws enacted pursuant to the Constitution is dangerous and subverts American Democracy. To illustrate these points, she will select representative E.O.'s impacting on specific Executive Departments, Agencies, or existing Rules/Regulations, and challenge the legality of the E.O.'s.  In conclusion, Katherine will present the challenge that it is incumbent on all Americans to speak up, challenge and resist such actions, and to insist upon the application of the rule of law consistent with our Constitution.

May 13, 2017 Meeting #363 
Drug War: 
How We Got into This Mess and the Vested Interests That Keep Us Here
Suzanne Wills is a retired CPA whose advocacy is drug policy reform. She is a board member and frequent speaker for the Drug Policy Forum of Texas and a recipient of the 2014 Virginia MacDonald Leadership Award from the League of Women Voters of Dallas for her efforts to bring the facts about the drug war to the attention of the public. She will discuss how in 1900, any man, woman or child could walk into any drug store in the United States and buy cannabis, morphine and cocaine and that since then we have spent over a trillion dollars on the drug war with no positive results. We have created the largest prison system in the history of the world. (About 500,000 non-violent drug law violators are imprisoned). Most patients who could benefit from cannabis have no access to it. Farmers cannot grow a crop that was essential to the 13 colonies: hemp. Police regularly stop cars and search houses looking for drugs. Numerous industries have found ways to benefit from drug prohibition and lobby heavily to maintain it. Cannabis, morphine, cocaine and many other drugs are widely available and widely used illegally. Suzanne will examine how this happened, who has profited, who has paid the price, and what the prospects are for the change she supports.

May 6, 2017 Meeting #362
On Accomplishing Essential Body-Mind Connections to Insure Good Health
John Edmonson, MS, LPC-S, longtime educator and current Project Manager for Vascular Management Associates (a for-profit company, with a very important objective to prevent surgery and heart disease through good nutrition and stress reduction), will discuss the body-mind connection as to how our mind, choices and stress are all factors in our health.  He will argue that our thoughts and emotions do affect our physical health, while the body at the same time affects the mind.  John’s advocacy is to get this knowledge out to the world as a preventative, before people become sick.  See also:

April 22, 2017 Meeting #361
Sid Richardson and Texas Oil
Jim Gatewood, Dallas History Professor and best selling Dallas Author, writer of several books about Dallas history, will discuss and review his latest book "Sid Richardson and Texas Oil".  Jim will show and outline ramifications on resolving the question of rags to riches. He will also bring books, for those who wish to purchase same.

April 15, 2017 Meeting #360
Love Your Country, Leave Your Party: How Partisan Politics Lost Its Grip
Roland Rangel, candidate for U.S. Congress District 24, discusses the reasons behind the historic rise in independent voters. Ever been asked, "Are you a democrat or a republican?" Roland Rangel believes the question is to determine if you're an ally or an enemy. He argues that party allies are often manipulated while their enemies are all too quickly demonized. Roland will argue that this marginalization of critical thinking, objectivity and even common sense has thankfully declined and taken partisan allegiance along with it. He contends that the next step for positive change is to elect those ready to put the good of our country, not their party first

April 8, 2017: Meeting #359 
How are Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Vince Foster Connected and Why Should We Care?
Author and researcher Pat O'Connell will reveal disturbing connections between the murder of members of a small survivalist family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, by federal agents in 1992 ... and the murders, just six months later, of 82 Branch Davidians in Waco. She will layout the facts as revealed in both the trial and congressional investigation of Randy Weaver (whose son and wife were killed by agents), and in the Waco trials. She will reveal how her own research into these events led, unexpectedly, to the questionable suicide of Deputy White House Counsel, Vince Foster, just three months after the Waco siege ended. And finally, she will explain why these tragedies and their implications still matter today, some 25 years later.

April 1, 2017 Mtg #358
On the Question of Other-Centeredness
Dr. Chris Boldt, Mathematics Professor Emeritus, and in-depth researcher, will discuss present strategies as to how "other-centeredness" can impact dealing with insecure personalities, defensiveness, strangers, and interpersonal congeniality. Chris will also point out clues to show good ways this can affect one's own psychological and physiological health.

March 25, 2017 Meeting #357 
Protecting the Borrower:  Do Payday Bans Work? 
Sean Hubbard, PhD, Candidate in Public Policy and Instructor of Quantitative Methods at The University of Texas at Dallas, will discuss how since the Great Recession there has been a great deal of debate about the effects of "predatory" lending on the financial health of their customers. He will show that the solutions at the local and state levels have been rate caps or bans of certain types of lending. Sean will argue that these policies, while well intentioned, may actually harm borrowers because they consider only the supply side of credit markets.

March 18, 2017 Meeting #356: 
Economic Democracy, the Answer to Wealth Inequality 
Maralyn Hamaker, retired teacher and concerned citizen, notes that wealth inequality is a growing problem worldwide; it has been well-documented by Thomas Piketty, Oxfam, Robert Reich, and others. She argues that along with the growth of wealth inequality we see the grown of terrorism and the erosion of political freedom around the world. It would seem then, that if we are to save political freedom and bring about peace, we must first address wealth inequality. Maralyn shows that so far, most solutions appear to involve wealth redistribution; progressive taxation and/or reduced taxation, tinkering with monetary and fiscal policy, more/less government, charity, etc. But none of these traditional measures offered by traditional economists have solved the problem; therefore: "We the People are going to have to find the solution."

March 11, 2017 Meeting #355
Unwanted Pregnancy:  Is Legislation the Answer?
Michele Valentino, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Life Coach, has spent her life in service to others. She will draw from her own life experiences and extensive research to argue that increased access to contraception and policies that promote better economic conditions for women is the best way to deal with the issue of unwanted pregnancies. Michele will also revisit the lessons of the past (prohibition) on why attempts to legislate morality were not only unsuccessful and dangerous, but ended up giving birth to organized crime

March 4, 2017 Meeting #354 
The Real Enemy
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and having both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how the USA is surrounded by States (official and unofficial) that are hostile to us. He will show that we're internally divided by culture and politics. Jim argues that we cannot afford to be divided any more, identifies enemies and threats, how this all developed, and what we can do about it.

February 25, 2017 Meeting #353 
The Future Status of Our Voting Tejanos
Robert Chavez, Sr., a proud Tejano (DFW), will discuss the history of our ancestral Tejanos, going back a few centuries, and outline their contributions to our nation. He will argue that it is for this reason we need a media that will connect/reconnect with Tejanos who vote in our elections, to show how Tejanos have a long and loyal history to this nation, and fully deserve much better recognition.

February 18, 2017 Meeting #352 
Prognostications on the World in 2017
John Lipinski, an expert on paranormal and trend events, will discuss how the Economist Magazine is usually a front for the Bilderbergers, and how their past "Th eWorld" series have foretold dark images that have come topass. He will show, however, in this year of 2017 they are hinting a message of Transformation via Tarot Cards. John will argue that there will be some pain with this new transformation, but in his view things and events are changing for the better.

February 11, 2017 Meeting #351 
Striving for a "Soulful Life" - Theories & Examples 
Jian Li, anthropologist and Mandarin teacher, will explore different perspectives on the concept of the soul by drawing the writings from psychologists such as Thomas Moore, James Hillman, and Carl Jung. She argues that a soulful life is a journey of discovering the great potential that links the individuals to their destinies and to the community and beyond by illustrating the lives of three extraordinary people, Jack Ma, Maya Angelo and Thomas Moore.

February 4, 2017 Meeting #350: 
Save Our Texas Vote 
Dr. Laura Pressley, a former candidate for the Austin City Council, who has cracked the code of electronic corruption in Texas and has filed an historic election contest with evidence of how county election corruption occurs, also as a native born Texan from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with a PhD in Physical Chemistry from UT Austin, and as an engineer and gross margin business manager in the semiconductor industry for 17 years, will discuss how we can ensure honest, fair, and verifiable elections happen in Texas, how electronic voting machines are not adhering to State laws, and what we need to do about it in this 2017 Texas Legislative Session.

January 28, 2017 Meeting #349 
What Must be Done to Ensure that All Americans are Treated the Same 
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss what must be done to ensure that all Americans are treated the same. He notes that the 2016 Presidential Election of President Elect Trump, along with his political iterations, manifest that he does not believe that all Americans should have access to expressed Constitutional and Statutory rights guaranteed to all Americans. Calvin argues that President Trump's manipulation of Racism and Xenophobia, his attacks on the media, the press, the Judiciary, demonization of his opponents, and gleeful-encouragement of violence by his supporters, may not fit the dictionary definition of Fascism, but they pose clear and present danger to America. He will correlate this to the history of slavery in America, and its effect on African Americans, women, Latinos, and other minorities, with ratification of the US Constitution relative to the 3/5 Compromise, Reconstruction after the Civil War, the Plessy Decision, Segregation from 1896 to 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Fair Housing Act of 1968, and Affirmative Action pertaining to education services and employment. Calvin will recommend some actions he believes will ensure that all Americans are treated the same legally and in practice.

January 21, 2017 Meeting #348 
A United Movement to Confront Government Action 
Gene Lantz, President of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund, Chairman of UAW Local 848 retirees, and talk-show host of KNON radio 89.3FM (His "Workers Beat" program comes on at 9 AM every Saturday), will discuss how a united  movement to confront government action is needed.  He will show that as all three institutions of Federal government and a majority of State governments go Republican, those of us who would defend ordinary workers and retirees need "Unity of Program and Leadership".  Gene argues that at present, the progressive movement is largely confused and divided but must come together to win.

January 14, 2017 Meeting #347 
What to Expect in a Trump Presidency 
Ray Crelia, a College regular, will discuss what a Trump presidency might look like:  Would there really be a wall on our Southern border?   What would Trump do to stimulate our sluggish economy?  How would he deal with the conflict in the Middle-East?  What can be done with a collapsing Obama care?  Will he set aside all environmental concerns and put our planet in harms’ way?  Ray will discuss these subjects and provide some possible solutions that Trump may implement in the years ahead.

January 7, 2017 Meeting #346 
Is There a Faith Based Solution to U.S. Malaise? 
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC,MBA, PhD) will discuss how a close inspection of many of the world's major institutions (religion, neo-liberal economic governance, finance and health care) reveals that most are, in fact, surprisingly faith based.  Is it possible that the world's greatest promoter (Donald Trump) could spearhead a faith-based solution to provide exports and work for the proletariat?  John argues that this premise of a solution is not as far fetched as you might think.

December 17, 2016 Meeting #345
In Gold We Trust: America’s Great Panacea
Paul Benson, Professor of Humanities, Mountain View College, will discuss how a belief that gold-backed money would give America prosperity has been one of the most enduring panaceas in American political and economic life. He will show how America’s guardians of the gold gospel preached that the foundation of good government was the gold standard believing it to be the answer to all that ailed America.  Paul will show that these believers in gold as a golden holy grail were sure that instituting a gold standard was essential to the economic and business viability of the country. Yet he notes there were others who despised the gold standard as a destroyer of American prosperity. Paul argues that the clash of these two points of view constituted the premier economic issue of the American Gold Century from 1871-1971.  He shows:  IN GOLD WE TRUST: AMERICA’S GREAT PANACEA will explore the impact of gold when it was the basis of the American monetary system. Prominent gold advocates such as William Howard Taft and William McKinley played their role while the leading lights of the anti-gold group, including William Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow, and William Randolph Hearst, anathematized gold. Even L. Frank Baum’s WIZARD OF OZ will be presented as an example of the strong western anti-gold bias which informed and even dominated Democratic Party political platforms for 100 years.  Paul argues that America’s Golden Rules “those who have the gold, rule”, or “whoever has the gold makes the rules” will take new meaning in the context of the country’s great gold obsession.  He will raise and answer the question: “Did gold bring life and vitality to America or did it devastate America?”  Paul will conclude answering: “Is gold backed money a terrible idea?”

December 10, 2016 Meeting #344 
Capitalism vs. Socialism
Virginia Prodan, Author, Attorney with Alliance Defense Fund and founder of the Virginia Prodan Law Firm, with a background defending churches and individuals against Romania's religious and human rights persecution during the communist regime of dictator Nicolas Ceaucescu, also a speaker for Texas Eagle Forum, will discuss her fight to protect human and religious rights, being exited from Romania as an immigrant, and successfully rebuilding her life as an attorney in the United States. From her experience she will argue that socialism is a false ideology contrary to the American capitalism system (which promotes free-market and individual freedom), while the socialist system replaces the free market with government control and eradicates private property, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, religious rights, and national self determination. Virginia will argue that socialism is against wealth, that it confiscates and distributes its citizens wealth destroying productivity and individual self-worth, and that in the name of promoting "fair share", "Justice", and "equality", it turns most people equally into poor people, while the elite leaders enjoy a lavish lifestyle. She will point out other things and conclude that today, America is on a path to lose its freedom, that we need to avoid having socialism destroy capitalism, as in her view, socialism is spreading in America like a horrible sickness, and it's time for those who experienced socialism to speak up. Virginia speaks more about this subject in her new book, - Saving My Assassin - Tyndale House Publishers - which she will have available for purchase.

December 3, 2016 Meeting #343: 
Finding Zero and Overcoming the Divide ​
Dr Jian Li, anthropologist and Mandarin teacher, ill explore the beauty of "zero", and how it may help us go beyond the binary logic of "right and wrong" to become more balanced and compassionate people. Zero repr4esents both void and potentialities. She argues that reflecting on the significance of zero may also help us to gain insight into overcoming the political divide that makes many people bewildered and angry after this General Election.

November 19, 2016 Meeting #342 
The US 2016 Presidential Election Solves Nothing 
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, PhD) will discuss how the cry for change in 2008 was not answered just as the roar for change in 2016 will not be answered. He argues that the solutions proffered by both parties are not solutions. America has some basic, fundamental problems. Trump's trickle-down economics, import tariffs to rescue manufacturing, and blaming foreign entities are totally counterproductive. Hillary's increased infrastructure spending and repairing some holes in the social safety net are more palliatives. John will outline what he would propose instead.

November 12, 2016 Meeting #341
America Divided - A Philosophical Forensic Study 
John Gentry, an American independent video producer and filmmaker who received his Associates Degree in Video Technology in 1988 and has done video production around the country, working for such notables as Mel Gibson, and is currently working as a cameraman on a multi-camera production crew, will share his insight into the nature of division in America. He will discuss how in revolutionary times, Hector St. John de Crevecoeur spoke of America (then still The Colonies) as being a cultural Melting Pot. John will examine why America quit being Crevecoeur's Melting Pot and give his analysis usig the tools of reason, logic and forensic scientific method to diagnose root causes of America's divide. He will take us on a tour through history highlighting significant movements in thought and philosophy that constitute contributing factors. John will advocate his opinion on what elements constitute a dynamic building of unity on a path to an America United. He will challenge us to express our own insights toward the solving of the current American divide.

November 5, 2016 Meeting #340 
Sleeping Giant II 
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will deliver a second and concluding presentation on how popular uprisings came into being both here and in the UK. Part I detailed the role the GOP played in this. Part II details the role of the Democratic Party. Both have advanced policies of globalized free trade and deregulation that have done great damage. He will show that the role played by Democrats involved not just buying into free trade, but also into the notion that reinvention of self, rather than collective political action would promote the general welfare. In short, Jim argues that Democrats abandoned their base and are now paying the price for having done so.

October 29, 2016 Meeting # 339
On Family and Civilization
 Ken Sauter BFA in Design from Carnegie-Mellon, MBA Letourneau University, raises the question: "What is the source of society's problems?" He advises that we can point to criminals, various groups with unhealthy agendas, war4, and any number of other problems that threaten our civilization. Ken makes the point that every societal problem begins with a family problem. He will go over the history of families, how civilization developed, how government developed, and how families built civilization. Ken will show how lack of family support creates criminals and other angry people who end up destroying society. He will make the point that children are the most precious resource of any civilization, and they must be protected and nurtured for civilization to thrive. Ken argues that it is when children are abused and used for someone else's purpose that dysfunctional families develop, bringing about anger, criminal behavior, and ultimately the destruction of society. He contends that there is a pattern that must be followed for society to be healthy and develop a highly functioning civilization, and will do his best to present that pattern.

October 22, 2016 Meeting #338: 
Increasing Aid to United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency 
Tessa McGlynn, Communications Director for the Dallas County Democratic Party, will discuss how over the summer she spent six weeks volunteering in Rashidieh Camp in Sour, Lebanon. Tessa will share her experiences about the conditions in the camp, and she will argue in support of incresed U.S. aid to the United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency, which provides assistance and protection for some five million Palestinian refugees.

October 15, 2016 Meeting #337: 
Seniors Must Fight Back 
Gene Lantz, President of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund, Chairman of UAW Local 848 retirees, and talk-show host on KNON radio 89.3FM ("Workers Beat" 9:00a.m. Saturday) will discuss how the City of Dallas expects to have a November proposition to cut pensions for City employees. He will show how on the other side of the world the government of Greece has had a series of proposals to cut pensioners. Gene will argue that everywhere in between, there are efforts to ease government budget problems by sacrificing the right to retire. He will show that in America, almost all pension funds are running out of money, and that the government's agency, Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) is supposed to back up pension plans, but it is running out of money, too! Gene will show that virtually every politician has a plan to cut retirees, but hardly any of them with notable exceptions like Hillary Clinton, have any plan to provide more money for the right to retire. He will argue and conclude that every senior and everyone who hopes to live to become a senior, should be aware that the pillars of retirement -- pensions, health care and Social Security -- are being undermined by unscrupulous corporations and politicians. Seniors must fight back!

October 8, 2016 Meeting #336: 
How the "Donkeyfants" are Playing Us as Fools 
George Palmer, JD, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, currently a management consultant, will discuss "how the 'donkeyfants' are playing us as fools". He will argue that we spend most of our time fighting between liberals and conservatives, Dems and the GOP etc., instead of requiring the candidates to address the issues, such as our 19 trillion dollar debt, our education system, the growing power of the 1 percenters, the declining middle socio-economic group, minorities, immigration, the environment, tenure of government employees, free speech and freedom of religion. George concludes that as "we spend all our time and energy fighting each other we have to redefine what our mutual problems really are, and work together to solve them, or as John Kennedy once said: "a new dawn, a new light, a new direction, a new frontier!"

September 24, 2016 Meeting #334 
On the State of U.S. Politics 
September 24, 2016: John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas. BSc, DIC, PhD) will discuss how the current election season has thrown up a series of grotesque spectacles - a reality show that no TV producers could have created. He argues that the presidential selection process has produced two candidates with strongly  negative ratings - while the Congress vies with used-car salesmen in public confidence.  John explains that the fault lies, of course, in having a political system based on a 17th century institution, which, like an insect encased in amber, is frozen in time. He will explore and analyze the consequences of this frozen system - its divergence from Democracy on a path to Fascism.

September 17, 2016 Meeting #333
On A Green Revolution:  The Time is Now! 
Gary Stuard, MSW, Chief Organizer for System Change Not Climate Change / DFW Chapter, and Texas Green Party nominee for U.S. Congress (Dist. 32), will discuss how the most urgent issue facing our nation and the world is the impending environmental catastrophe that is rapidly overtaking us, runaway global warming and extreme climate disruption, both caused by our current economic system: capitalism, a system that puts profits for a few over the well-being, even survive-ability of humanity, and the Earth's ecology. He will argue that in spite of the unanimous opinion of climate scientists that the use of fossil fuels by the industrialized nations, especially by the United States, Europe and China, is the cause of runaway global warming, that the Republican Party has chosen corporate profit and power over empirical data and has consistently blocked any measures to address this ever worsening crisis. Gary will also show that the Democratic Party has failed to seriously address this crisis as well; given the current Democratic administration's open support of the fossil fuel industry, wars for oil, and the corporate-fascist "trade deal" the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He will also argue that the economic/political exploitation, wars for corporate profit, an ever worsening refugee crisis, and capitalism's full assault on any legitimate form of grassroots democracy. Gary concludes that Americans and humanity as a whole must reject and overturn genocidal/ecocidal "barbaristic" capitalism; and create an ecologically/economically/politically just economic and political system, or in other words: "ecosocialism".

September 10, 2016 Meeting #332
9/11:  What SHOULD Have Happened IF the Official Story is True? 
Pat O'Connell-author and consultant to high-tech industries-takes a closer look at the official narrative of the 9/11 attacks as told through the government's three primary sources (1) The 9/11 Commission Report, (2) a FEMA investigation of the New York City crime scenes and evidence, and (3) the two NIST analyses of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers that collapsed to dust at near-freefall speed. Working from the premise that the government's narrative is true, Pat will then expose some of the critical actions that logically SHOULD have accompanied or followed the official scenarios. . . but which, shockingly, did NOT. She will also discuss the dire and ongoing consequences of these anomalous failures to react appropriately to the official facts and conclusions.

September 3, 2016 Meeting #331
Labor Day Past, Present and Future
Gene Lantz, President Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, will discuss how he is in favor of big celebrations of Labor Day and is re-committed to making the workers movement strong. He notes that from 1947 to 1995 the American unions steadily became more alienated from the rest of the working class. In 1993, with the change in leadership of the AFL-CIO, unions shifted direction so that today, major union leaders demand that all unions turn outward toward the community at large. Union legislative programs are designed to benefit all workers, not just the narrow slice of union members. Gene notes, for example, the major campaign of the AFL-CIO during August 2013 was to mobilize support for immigration reform! And prior to 1999, the AFL-CIO favored deportations. He argues that this turn toward the broader working class is not a simple non-inconsequential matter. Gene lays it out that everyone should get behind this, because that's the only way it will work, and it has to work if there is to be a bright future for Americans.

August 27, 2016 Meeting #330
Sleeping Giant
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how populism is in large part a backlash reaction to radicalizing the GOP, although the Democratic party is not exempt from blame either. He will argue that the key issue has been unrestricted globalized free trade taken together with the attitude that government at the federal level should stay out of the private sector, because it can't do anything right anyways. Jim will point out that ironically this outlook is pretty close to Goldwaterism and it now appears that his defeat in 1964 wasn't really a defeat of his ideas. Seeds were planted that took root. Similarly Occupy Wall Street planted some seeds that have taken root. And now the sleeping giant of populism has awakened; and he has some questions about the system.

August 20, 2016 Meeting #329: 
On Reinstating the Fairness and Equal Time Doctrine
Katherine Savers McGovern, retired Assistant United States Attorney, Dallas, 2012 Democratic Nominee to US Congress, District 32, with current practice at McGovern Law Office since April 2011, and a very recent Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention will show: Given: Citizens United's impact on campaign financing has been surpassed by the absence of the FCC's Fairness Doctrine and Equal Time Doctrine in political contents in 2016 as demonstrated by Trump's receipt of more than $2 trillion of unpaid for media coverage in the primaries alone. Argument: It is not the amount of money donated to politics which imperils American Democracy, but the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and of the Equal Time Doctrine by the Federal Communications Commission.

August 13, 2016 Meeting #328: 
How to Make a More Perfect World
Lt Dexter Elkins, USMC Ret., and a current College Professor, will discuss how if the primary problem of having a viable world is dysfunctional people, then what would be a solution? As a teacher he thinks one solution is education. However, education has not worked so well. How about legislation? Have laws, juries, police, etc. proven effective? Dexter will argue "only partially" .laws don't change the human heart. For example, following the Civil War, slavery was abolished by law. . . but the South continued racism with Jim Crow laws, discrimination, and even lynchings. But bigotry is not a democracy or justice. and what has led us in America to think the color white is associated with goodness? Is such belief ever put to the test of critical thought? America and Nazi Germany have favored the Nordic race (whites) over all other races. In America it led to slavery. In Germany it led to geocide. So, would a better world be color blind? With genetic engineering we could purify the human race. . . But should we? He argues and concludes that perfection is not progress.

August 6, 2016 Meeting #327: 
Filling The Gaps
Carol Donovan, Dallas County Democratic Pary Chair, will discuss how we fill the "gender gap," which is real and well-documented. Based on statistics, women and men often vote differently, and for different reasons. She will argue that there are many other such "gaps" amongst our electorate, and will share her observations on electoral differences based on age, race, gender and other factors. Carol concludes that an enlightened electorate is far more likely to get out and vote, and vote purposefullly, which is a significant part of a democratic society.

July 30, 2016 Meeting #326 
The Necessity of taking Federal Money to Expand Medicaid 
July 30th: Gene Lantz, President of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund, Board Member, UAW 848, Dallas AFL-CIO, Texas AFL-CIO, North Texas Jobs with Justice/New Era host of "Workers Beat" radio show on KNON, 89.3 FM and, content provider: ttp://, and author of "The 11 Hour Strike, the 15 Month Ordeal". "Life Lessons", "Labor History Timeline", and a number of original songs will discuss how Texas should take the offer of federal money to expand Medicaid. He will argue that the Republican-led states refused to do it even though millions of low-income workers would have been able to get subsidized help on healthcare instead of jamming up the emergency rooms. Gene advocates lowering the Medicare age, as Hillary Clinton has said she supports; and he will also affirm the importance of the anniversary of Medicare/Medicaid.

July 23, 2016 Meeting #325: 
Are We Opening the Door to Another Banking Crisis?
Dale Klosterman, Ed. D., Licensed Psychologist, (Retired Commander, US Coast Guard Reserve, Retired Psychologist, US Bureau of Prisons) will discuss how Representative Jeb Hensarling (5th District, Texas) is seeking to wipe out or redo large parts of the Dodd-Frank Act (2000) that was designed to put some regulations on Big Banks following the big bailout. He will raise and answer the question "Why would he do this?" Dale will also argue that Robert Reich may have some good answers in hs new book "Saving Capitalism," (2015)

July 16, 2016 Meeting #324: 
On Man, Morals and Society
John Beesley, English-born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, DIC, PhD) will discuss how many Americans hold views that are broadly antagonistic to society or even its concept. He will show how these view have had profound consequences for the lives of most of the US public. John will argue that the Trump/Sanders phenomenon expresses the realization that the US has been on the wrong track for decades, but without understanding its causes. He will conclude on a socio-economic analysis to present the key underlying factor for this malaise - but will overlay why psychological factors make this most difficult to change.

July 9, 2016 Meeting #323: 
On Why Activism Matters 
Kristi Lara, Dallas & Collin County Community Organizer, Activist and Campaign Field Organizer; will discuss the importance of strategic political activism within Progressive Parties. Kristi will also argue how community organizers can work to help fill the gap that often exists between activism and traditional party politics.

June 25, 2016 Meeting #322 
The Most Important Election - the Dismantling of America 
Ray Crelia, a regular active participant, will discuss principles of our Nation's founding, which have enabled us to be the greatest country on earth. He will show how the abandonment of these principles will inflict irreversible damage. Ray will also speak to the issue of so-called "War on Religion" or "War on Christianity". And since most Americans believe our country is going in the wrong direction, Ray will give his views on who (or what) is causing this downturn.

June 18, 2016 Meeting #321:
1914 = 2010
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how the world has circled back to levels of inequality last seen just before World War One. This state of affairs was made possible by both globalization and technology, the latter having launched a second industrial revolution. Jim will analyze and compare the parallels between then and now, using the economic theories of Kuznet, Pikety and Milanovic, each an eminent economist whose work is bound up with inequality. He will argue a case that democracy everywhere is endangered by the growth of an unaccountable plutocracy.

June 11, 2016 Meeting #320: 
Do Texas Elections Need A Paper Trail
June 11th, 2016: Kurt Hyde, BS, Physics, University of Hartford, MS, Systems Management, University of Southern California, Certified Data Processor (CDP), retired Lt Col USAF, former adjunct faculty member, Rivier College, Nashua, New Hampshire, led his students in 1985 and 1986 as they studied the latest technologies in voting equipment, and along with colleagues at Digital Equipment Corporation, develloped specifications for a manually recountable ballot, now popularly known as a Voter0Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). He presented these on August 14th, 1986 at the First National Symposium on Security and Reliability of Computers in the Electoral Process. The paper trail concept was a controversial position for a number of years, but subsequent to the 2000 Presidential Election and the public's learning of the incredible security weaknesses in the punch card ballots, many technology professionals looked critically at voting technologies with most of them agreeing on the necessity of a paper trail. Kurt, a retired computer professional and the original advocate for the paper trail, will discuss and argue the importance and absolute need for a paper trail within all voting equipment, as well as trace-ability all the way to the final totals. See also https:/

June 4, 2016 Meeting #319
Have Political Parties Used Race to Enhance Their Campaigns?
Calvin Bluett Adjunct Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss a dilemma manifested by current presidential primaries, where Americans permitted political opportunities to polarized candidates whose political policies will hurt our Nation, particularly to working class people of all demographic groups. He will show that both political parties have used race in different ways to enhance their political benefits: 1.“We have working class white Americans who will not vote for a Democratic candidate because of their racial perceptions, yet much of the Republican rhetoric that sounds good to them, will actually severely hurt them;” and 2. “We have minorities who will not vote for Republican candidates, stemming from their elitism, which has political policies hurting them.” Calvin will also show how President Roosevelt developed a political coalition, including white working class Americans, African Americans, and other demographic groups, which ended in the 1952 Presidential Election. He will point out that although the 2008 Presidential election was during a major recession, we have not had much success in creating a similar coalition. The question is “Why?” Calvin argues that we need to form focus groups, including white American men and moderate Democrats, to find common ground to ensure that party political policies will create an environment for all Americans to be winners, and recognizing that our political and economic systems are so interrelated, we cannot have a system of winners or losers based on race. He concludes: “We need a political and economic system that works for all Americans.”

May 21, 2016 Meeting #318: 
Assessing the Political Landscape Ahead
George Nolan, President, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, former Braniff A&P Mechanic and Supervisor, and an activist with Occupy Dallas, Occupy Congress, and others, will discuss the political landscape ahead, especially as to the arguments of Bernie Sanders, and will encourage everyone to vote, as not doing so will only help insure the election of the person you most didn't want to see elected.

May 14th 2016 Meeting #317
On the Question of Insecure Personality Markers
Dr. Chris Boldt, Mathematics Professor Emeritus, will discuss insecure personality markers, and strategies for dealing with insecurity and undesirable behaviors. He will show five important daily decisions, and four basic contentions that reveal thirty-four insecure personality markers. Chris will demonstrate and argue that we are the primary catalysts in terms of the quality of our own interpersonal relations.

April 30th 2016 Meeting #315
Why Do Good People Deny Ugly Truths? 
Why is it that we take for granted that a campaigning politician is lying whenever his or her lips are moving. . . yet once the politician is in office we assume he or she is telling the truth?  Why can we so easily see corruption in the other political party, but not in our own?  Why can we readily acknowledge that among us are psychopaths who blithely steal, torture, or even murder . . and yet we vehemently reject the notion that such psychopaths could have risen to positions of power in our country?  Author, activist, and high-tech business consultant, Pat O'Connell, summarizes key psychological warfare research to reveal how and why even intelligent thoughtful, observant people blind themselves to Ugly Truths . . . and how these mechanisms are being exploited to ruin America. See if you can find your own blind spots.

April 23, 2016 Meeting #314: 
On Effectively Combatting Fluoridation in Dallas 
Regina Imburgia, an activist who knows the dangers of Fluoridation and is determined to expose these dangers until the Fluoridation program is stopped in Dallas, will discuss her concern that many people do not understand the negative effects of Fluoridation. She is also concerned and will discuss how many people do not know the Dallas City Council has t, Michigan. She will argue that our voice needs to be louder. Regina will conclude encouraging some to join at City Hall on April 27 to make City officials turn their heads, face the problem and then "Do Their Job."!

April 16th 2016 Meeting #313 
Solutions to Many of the Challenges Facing America
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Cedar Valley College, will discuss and argue for recommended solutions to the many challenges facing America which particularly relate to Structural Unemployment. He will direct attention to: 1) Retraining programs; for those affected by structural unemployment and outsourcing; 2) Reforming the Federal Reserve System and banking system; 3) Increasing the minimum wage, 4) Equal pay for equal work; 5) Reforming the student loan program; 6) An industrial bank; to promote manufacturing industry in America; 7) Infrastructure funding; 8) Strengthening the Affordable Care Act (ACA); 9) Enabling technology to help Americans: 10) Affordable Housing for marginal income Americans; 11) Overturning the Citizens United decision; and 12) Expanding voting rights rather than placing barriers to voting. Calvin will also argue to ensure that all voters understand our election process and to influence candidates to not focus on fears, misunderstanding, or bias, but rather to focus on how we can make America live up to our potential; His attention will be on investing and empowering Americans.

April 9, 2016 Meeting #312 
Should Texas Governor Abbott be Impeached? 
April 9th, 2016: Dr. Steven Butler, a Professor of History, will argue that by ordering the removal of a holiday display from the state capitol, which had been placed there by the Freedom From Religion Foundation with the permission of the State Preservation Board, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott violated his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, as well as the Constitution of the State of Texas, and thereby committed an impeachable offense. The display, wishing passersby a Happy Winter Solstice, depicted founding fathers Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, as well as the Statue of Liberty, reverently admiring a new-born Bill of Rights. Butler holds that Abbott's order was not only the act of a tyrant and a bully but also ironic in light of the fact that the Bill of Rights, which the display was meant to celebrate, is where our right to freedom of speech, the right for which the governor apparently has no respect, is enshrined.

April 2, 2016 Meeting #311: 
Cymatics-Sound and Wave Energy FX on Human Body & Psyche 
Alan Brunton, inventor, successful businessman, and television producer, will discuss how sound waves, waves of energy, move matter and how it effects the human body, including the blood, DNA and the blocking of centered flow of the central nervous system. He will show how he has applied his academic background in music and sound to the formation of a proprietary software system which removed the harmful wave energy from our everyday music. Alan's software ( is set to be released in the near future and is expected to have an global impact on how we listen to music. He will conclude arguing on the effects of sound to the body and psyche, and how this emerging software will potentially revolutionize music listening.

March 26, 2016 Meeting #310: 
On Public Officials and Freedom of Religion 
March 26th: Professor Raymond G. Kessler (Ret.) Dept. of Criminal Justice, Sul Ross State University, Alpine TX, will discuss the refusal of clerks, on the basis of the officials’ freedom of religion, to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of a U.S. Supreme Court decisions. He will argue that freedom of religion is not a lawful justification or defense to civil or criminal liability for public officials, and that such actions are contrary to the rule of law and the Constitution. Giving individual public officials such license is contrary to our history and traditions of a free society.

March 19th 2016 Meeting #309
On Supporting Your Local Police & Keeping Them Independent
Randy Naef, a citizen advocate, will discuss what the federal government is doing to nationalize our local police. He will show what will happen if our local police become federalized, Randy will argue what we need to do to keep our police local, and out of the hands of the federal government.

March 12th 2016 Meeting #308
On Leading a Life of Passion or Balance?
Dr. Jian Li, author, anthropologist and Mandarin teacher, will discuss how we can “choose to participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world” (Joseph Campbell, Reflections on the Art of Living). Her focus is not on how to solve the social problems facing us, but rather on how we can choose to live a healthier and more joyful life. By rejecting any extreme views and practices, she advocates leading a life of balance in: 1. Physical health: striving for balance and harmony - wisdom from Daoism/Taoism and the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), 2. Psychological well being: cultivating social relationships - wisdom from Confucianism; 3, Spiritual life: nurturing the divine spark in us - wisdom from Buddhism. Jian concludes that exploring alternative views of living a healthy life is very beneficial to most people. She also authored a reading manual with some pictures in color that can be reprinted on demand.

March 5th 2016 Meeting #307
On the Inalienable Right to Choose
​Linda Sprowl (Northwestern University graduate with degrees including psychology, sociology and, law) wrote the language in Texas Family Code re children’s rights which was federalized during the Clinton Admin and created Rutherford House in Louisiana and Coventry Place in Dallas, both nonprofits. Linda will talk about the history of poverty in U.S., share statistics of unwed mothers, discuss choices and, in particular the God-given ‘right to choose’. She will discuss why Christians are on the wrong side of politics when voting to take away God-given rights, why ‘pro-lifers’ are being hypocritical in not supporting women who choose to give live birth, why AGs refuse to go after ‘deadbeat Dads’, the moral consequences of abortion and, the societal & economic effects of prohibiting abortion in the U.S.

February 27, 2016 Meeting #306: 
Has U.S. Committed Socio-Economic Suicide? 
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, BSc, MBA, DIC, PhD) will discuss how the theories and actions of those involved in finance and economy really do have profound implications to society. Yes, Margaret Thatcher, there is such an entity as the greater good - the whole (society) is much more than the sum of the parts. Seven years after the Great Recession, the song by Fort-Worth born James McMurtry "We can't make it here anymore" typifies the angst felt by American's neglected poorest. He will outline what has happened to this strata of society, how the financial system has transmogrified into an uncontrollable, world-wide miasma, and how no current U.S. politician has begun to address the root cause of the problem - "Ted Cruz: It's the trade deficit stupid."

February 20th:2016 Meeting #305
On Opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) 
George Nolan, President, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, former Braniff A&P Mechanic and Supervisor, and an activist with Occupy Dallas, Occupy Congress, and others, will discuss opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). He will show that this free trade agreement is NAFTA on steroids. George will argue that what we need is fair trade, not free trade. He will explain how this agreement is 40% of the world economy, and how American jobs will be off-shored to countries like Vietnam where the hourly wage is $.56 cents an hour. He will offer suggestions as to what can be done to reverse this calamity.

February 13, 2016 Meeting #304: 
Toward a Stronger U.S. Constitution
Ed Paul Wuensch, Retired Psychotherapist, will discuss how the system of checks and balances and separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution effectively guarantees paralysis. He will show that whether a candidate of the right or the left is elected president this year, the chances of getting his or her agenda passed are slim. Instead, the likely result will be the gridlock we have come to know and suffer with. It is a system designed to inhibit change. Ed Paul will argue that may be fine, but consider the fact that the inhibition of change has allowed grave injustices such as slavery and denial of civil rights to ruin people's lives for generations, and that other democracies, notably the United Kingdom, have a parliamentary system in which the elected majority can govern more effectively. He is not advocating a UK-style parliamentary system. Rather, Ed Paul will lay groundwork to show how the amendment process is a path to a stronger and more effective U.S. Constitution.

February 6th 2016 Meeting #303: 
End of the World
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a BS and MS in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss the "what, why and how" of how Free Market Capitalism in our time has damaged not only the middle class, but the USA's security as well. He will show how the "what" includes 14 major changes in the social and economic landscape over the last fifty years, and that the "why and how" explains motivation for the changes and connects the dots to illustrate why so many are angry, frustrated and disillusioned with leadership in both parties. Jim will be essentially analytical, but will outline and explain the most prominent feature of today's political landscape: anger.

January 30th 2016 Meeting #302: 
Does the Second Amendment Protect more than Members of a Formal State Militia?
Prof. Raymond G. Kessler (Ret) Dept. of Criminal Justice, Sul Ross State University, Alpine TX; will discuss how the US Supreme Court decision in DC v Heller (2008) decided that the Second Amendment gives rights to individuals who are not members of formal State Militias. He will show how this was a correct decision, and how this relates to being able to curb firearms and violence.

January 23rd 2016 Meeting #301 
Islam is NOT the Problem
Steven R. Butler, PhD, historian and author, will discuss how since 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more recently since the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, Americans and other Westerners have become increasingly outspoken in their criticism of Islam, the religion embraced by the admitted perpetrators of these outrages. Some Americans, particularly those on the right, have gone so far as to suggest that no member of this faith can be trusted and that consequently, Muslims ought not to be allowed to take up residence nor be given sanctuary in the United States. In this presentation, Professor Butler argues that laying the blame for what’s wrong in the world today on the doorstep of one particular religious group is not only xenophobic but also a classic case of “not seeing the forest for the trees.”

January 16th 2016 Meeting #300: 
Opposing Fluoridation in Dallas
Jan 16 2016: Regina Imburgia, an activist all her life, grew up on the west side of Buffalo, New York, actively supporting homeschooling, alternative medicine, standing up for our constitutional republic, and a strong work ethic. Also, as a grassroots leader for many campaigns, including in 2013 starting the group Activists for Truth and Liberty which created a forum for the discussion of a variety of controversial political and social issues, she will discuss: “Opposing Fluoridation in Dallas”, a campaign Regina took on in December 2013 as a way to get her group involved in City Government while fighting an ineffective unsafe fluoridation program. She will argue that we can make a difference, and will show how we can halt the unsafe and ineffective fluoridation program in Dallas.

January 9th 2016 Meeting #299
Dealing with Terrorism, the Islamic Way
Dr. Mike Ghouse, community consultant, social scientist, thinker, writer, news maker, and a speaker on Pluralism, Interfaith, Islam, politics, human rights, India, Israel-Palestine and foreign policy. He is deeply committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day; he will discuss how the Bush and Obama methods of handling terrorism have not worked, where the first method created more terrorism and the second one has not mitigated it. Also, as a moderate Muslim, Mike will discuss the Islamic way of handling terrorism, to wit: “Mr. Baghdadi, you have three days to stop killing innocent people and destroying Allah’s creation, life and environment. If you do not heed the warning, we will hunt you down an ambush wherever you hide. If not, we will gas you, a few square miles at a time, not to hurt you, but to capture and put you on trial and ask you to give up the false claims you are making about your religion. Soldiers from around the world will be on the front line against you.” He argues that blaming the religion is the dumbest thing to do, because we cannot beat, kick, hack, shoot, hang, kill or bury a religion, it’s an intangible thing! Mike concludes that we can blame the individuals and restore trust and harmony back for the society to function peacefully and cohesively. See also

January 3rd 2016 Meeting #298: 
New Years' Resolution, A Much Better Tomorrow
Mike Ghouse, speaker, writer, pluralist, activist, the first Muslim and perhaps the first non-Jewish person to commemorate the Holocaust, will discuss how hate is one of the many sources of disrupting peaceful functioning of a society, and it is our duty, both individually and severally, to track down the source of such hate and work on mitigating it, while guarding the safety of every citizen, bringing clsure to the loose ends of many conflicts, and building cohesive societies where no human lives in apprehension of another. Mike will expres his view that by resolving the Jewish-Palestinian conflict; i.e., security to Jews and Justice to Palestinians, most of the world issues will collapse and a period of peace on Earth will begin. He will also show how the overriding desire to highlight our own blinds us from others' suffering, and will awaken in us a sense of responsibility for creating a better world.

December 5th 2015 Meeting #297
Revisiting Common Sense Gun Regulation 
George Nolan, President, Dallas, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, former Braniff A&P Mechanic and Supervisor, and an activist with Occupy Dallas, Occupy Congress, and others will discuss Common Sense Gun Regulation. George asks: “When is Enough, Enough?", and raises questions on our readiness to vote for sensible measures -- like expanding background checks for all gun purchases, reducing the size of high-capacity gun magazines, defining and banning assault weapons, and placing new restrictions on gun trafficking. George will argue that we'll be able to convince the Congress that it's more than time to do something about gun violence -- for the good of our nation, our families, and our children

November 21st 2015 Meeting #296
Can jurors legally refuse to enforce bad laws and bad prosecutions?
Bob Smilie is a family man and activist who realized that he could no longer remain silent about the corruption of our country's founding principles. Tonight, Bob will talk about "jury nullification," the process by which jurors may legally ignore laws they believe to be unjust. He will show how juries have always had the right, and perhaps even the duty, to neutralize bad laws made by corrupt politicians, and how this right has been increasingly suppressed in recent decades by a legal system that intimidates those who exercise such rights. Bob will discuss why, when, and how to use your power as a juror to bring badly needed checks and balances back into the courtroom, and to improve your chances of getting a fair trial for yourself or someone you care about, if the need arises. Bob is affiliated with the Fully Informed Jury Association.

October 17th 2015 Meeting #293
Oahu Hawaii on a Shoestring Budget​
Dr. Chris Boldt, Mathematics Professor Emeritus, and traveler extraordinaire, will discuss how Oahu Hawaii is unrivaled as a tourist sight in terms of friendly people, weather, healthy activities, historical sights, military museums, movie production sights, landscape views and unending motorless glider rides due to the thermals and continuing trade winds hitting the mountains on the windward side. He will argue and prove the point with over 100 beautiful pictorial Powerpoint screen presentations after having been to the island 36 times to include five times in attendance at The University of Hawaii at Manoa summer school.

October 10th 2015 Meeting #292 
Pandora's Box: Dialectic Dance Revealed - Social Engineering to Culture Change 
Dr. Marlene McMillan, author of books on Dialectic Process; how it is used to transform the way people think, will discuss: "What if what we think is 'free thought' is really manipulated and controlled through the definitions of words? What if instead of drawing our own conclusions the very agreements we've made with prescribed definitions predetermines the logical, rational conclusions we will arrive at?" She will also show how memes are "unseen but real" themes of thought that spread through culture like a virus, and how the same ideas appear "spontaneously" in the music, movies, news, talk shows, sit-coms of the day, masquerading as consensus opinion, thereby garnering uncritical acceptance. Dr. McMillan alleges that "Only 'the thinking few' stop to question a meme's source, or critically evaluate whether to embrace it or not," and further asks us to self-examine: "Are we now part of the thinking few?"

September 26th 2015 Meeting #290
Wasting Away in West Texas, Dallas Peace
Mavis Belisle, Co-chair, Dallas Peace and Justice Center's Nuclear Free World Committee, will argue that we are "Wasting Away in West Texas." She will show how a few years ago, the Texas legislature opened the door to expanded nuclear waste in West Texas, how.the late Harold Simmons, a multimillionaire from Dallas, pushed through legislation allowing his company, Waste Control Specialists (called WCS) to accept waste from most of the United States, and with the failure of Yucca Mountain in Nevada, how this company now wants high level waste as well. One other county also wants the waste. Mavis will show how and why she is adamantly opposes\d, as other environmentally concerned Texans should be, to this waste disposal here.

September 19th 2015 Meeting #289: 
An Update on What You Need to Know About Labyrinths
John Lipinski will discuss what you need to know about Labyrinths, winding pathways (set up indoors or out) to be walked as a foundation for meditation. There is a single path (with no dead ends or intersecting paths) leading to the center. Content could be for inspirational, motivational or spiritual purposes. John will discuss labyrinth as a means of one’s personal journey toward inner wisdom. He will give us the details on how he uses it for meditation and question inquiry. Learn the details to see if knowledge of the technique will be useful to you.

September 12th 2015 Meeting #288 
A Critical Look at Donald Trump's Favorite Book
Professor Steven Butler will discuss how In a recent press conference Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that the Bible is his favorite book but when asked to quote scripture, he declined to answer. When asked whether he preferred the Old or New Testament, Trump replied::"Probably equal." Steve suspects and argues that like many other Americans who profess to hold the Bible in high esteem, Donald Trump probably doesn't actually know very much about it. Drawing on the writings of founding father Thomas Paine, nineteenth century orator Robert G. Ingersoll, and the late TV personality and entertainer Steve Allen, Professor Butler will demonstrate that the Bible is not necessarily the "Good Book" that a lot of people seem to think it is.

September 5th 2015 Meeting #287
Labor Day, Past, Present and Future
Gene Lantz, President Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, will discuss how he is in favor of big celebrations of Labor Day and is re-committed to making the workers movement strong. He notes that from 1947 to 1995, the American unions steadily became more alienated from the rest of the working class. In 1993, with the change in leadership of the AFL-CIO, unions shifted directions so that, today, major union leaders demand that all unions turn outward toward the community at large. Union legislative programs are designed to benefit all workers, not just the narrow slice of union members. Gene notes, for example, the major campaign of the AFL-CIO during August 2013 is to mobilize support for immigration reform! And prior to 1999, the AFL-CIO favored deportations. He argues that this turn toward the broader working class is not a simple non inconsequential matter. Gene lays it out that everyone should get behind this, because that's the only way it will work, and it has to work if there is to be a bright future for Americans.

August 29, 2015 Meeting #286
How Demonization is Used in American Politics, and What to do About It
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Clear Valley College, will discuss how historically, America’s political system has used demonization as a tool to achieve its political goals, which are based on wage and peripheral issues such as fear, race, gender, and the gay community, used to polarize Americas’ voters. Calvin will show that this is not new, that it started with demonizing Irish, Polish, Italian and Chinese early in the history of the United States, and in fact a quota system was designed to reduce the number of persons from the preceding nations from immigrating to America. He will show how crime was alleged to stem from the Irish and Polish, and the Mafia from the Italians. Further, during the reconstruction period, African American newly freed slaves were a majority in South Carolina and Mississippi, which led to African Americans in these states being elected to many positions during this period. The demonization of African Americans began increasing with the Plessey v. Ferguson Decision (1896) and the removal of federal troops from the South. The recent language used by Dylan Roof: “You are raping our women and taking over our country”, was used to demonize African Americans then and now, which is not true, but rather white men raped African American women during and after slavery, without any punishment. The Dred Scott decision (1857) reflected Slaves having no rights to respect since Slaves were property. U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, a racist from South Carolina, fathered a daughter with an African American maid, while he manifested extreme racism as a Governor and U.S. Senator. Calvin will show how women have been demonized stemming from abortion issues, family planning debates, and denial of their Civil Rights; and how gay community members have been denied their civil rights guaranteed by the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. He will argue that this has created an environment where Republicans have won elections stemming from fear and bias by a segment of the white community, and that we can see this currently in the lack of respect given to president Obama. Calvin contends that Americans must transcend this demonization, if our representative democracy is to be realized in America. He concludes that we must see beyond wedge issues and demonization, asks the question: "What is Best for America?", and urges us to not be misled by divisive wedge issues.

August 22nd 2015 Meeting #285 
The Austerity Deception John Beesley 
​John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London’s Imperial College and the University of Dallas, MBA, DIC, PhD), will discuss how Neo-cons in various countries have used austerity to effectively sabotage their economies to achieve ideological ends. Large cuts are needed to the state so that enterprise, which is hampered under the weight of costly regulations, can be allowed to flourish. State services are starved of funds so that their operations deteriorate, permitting private enterprise to take over and, naturally, provide better, cheaper outcomes. The results are, invariably, worse - more costly services staffed by the underpaid. Monopoly profits are the real objective of the Neo-cons for themselves and other "deserving rich". Competition mysteriously disappears as private oligopolies and cartels grow in wealth and influence. The poorest, and especially the undeserving poor, are castigated as sponging off the state - draining the efforts of hardworking families. Meanwhile, the Neo-con deregulated financial system crashes and had to be rescued by totally socialistic measures. No matter, the Neo-cons profit from contrived wars, while their countries are no longer able to pay their way in the world. John will show why the Greek nation has said “no” to austerity, and that it is time the western world in general woke up to the austerity deception, and put the Neo-cons out of business.

August 1st 2015 Meeting #282 
Evolution: Theory Gaps and Inadequacies
Dr..Chris Boldt, Mathematics Professor Emeritus, an advocate of Intelligent Design, will discuss the present gaps and inadequacies concerning evolution (which is based on random phenomena - i.e. events without definite aim, direction, rule or method) that support his contention. Chris will argue and contend that our present day universe would be impossible without intelligent design.

July 25th 2015 Meeting #281 
What Proof of Discrimination Means to Location of Public Housing 
Katherine Savers McGovern, retired Assistant United States Attorney, Dallas, 2012 Democratic Nominee to U.S. Congress, District 32, with current practice at McGovern Law Office since April 2011, will discuss the June 25, 2015 Supreme Court Decision,Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs et al. v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc., et al., in favor of a nonprofit group, which had argued, based in part upon a statistical analysis, that a Texas agency's tax incentives for providing low income housing were discriminatory because they caused minorities to be segregated into high-poverty areas - areas with worse schools, higher mortality rates, and fewer opportunities overall. Katherine will discuss the case of Texas Dept. of Housing Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities, and explain the importance for proof of discriminatory intent based on protected class, i.e., race, color, national origin, religion, through use of statistical analysis ("Disparate Impact") rather than individual discrimination ("Disparate Treatment").

July 18th: 2015 Meeting # 280
On the Question of Freedom?   Lt. Dexter Elkins, USMC Ret. 
Lt. Dexter Elkins, USMC Ret., a current College Professor, although switching from Normandy to Vietnam, will continue to discuss freedom: What is it? Why is it important? How much does it cost? Who pays for it? And after we secured Europe, have we used it wisely? Lt. W. Dexter Elkins will challenge our reasoning, and asks: "Of the things we carried to Vietnam, was freedom included? Did the Marine Corps teach me how to contribute to 'freedom' for the citizens of that culture, since that was one of our objectives, or just to kill on command? Yes, that was a long time ago, but the after-effects are still being felt, both in that country and the USA. It was obvious we damaged their culture, but I don't think we had the right to do that. But since we have power, we do, like most countries, what we want with impunity. That is immoral, and counterproductive. My last talk was on D Day, and what we fought for. We had to defeat the insure freedom for all the cultures of the world. We may be in a similar battle today with fanatic Muslim. But I do not believe today anymore than I did 50 years ago, that the Vietnamese threatened our freedom, or anybody else's. So what was the point? Also, if it's true that you can't kill ideas with bullets, then why are we shooting fanatics? Aren't we just postponing the inevitable? As a teacher, solutions should always relie on thought and debate first; violence is a last resort. Typically, most cultures have that reversed." From this challenge, Dexter will give us something positive to think about. and act on for a more viable future, and advises: 1) that each attendee do push ups before the presentation, 2) anyone asking a dumb question do 10 push ups, and 3) those asking intelligent questions will intimidate the speaker and have to do 20 push ups.

June 27th 2015 Meeting #278 
Conservative Personality Disorder Syndrome 
Jim Davis, author and College regular, will discuss how Conservative Personality Disorder Syndrome, or “CPDS,” applies to individuals exhibiting the specific array of distinct, pathological, and destructive behaviors typically exhibited by right-wing conservatives.* A particular individual afflicted with CPDS may display all or only some of these behaviors, but in general, the more numerous the symptoms and the more extreme their manifestations, the more destructive the disorder is to the CPDS sufferer, and, unfortunately, to anyone within his or her sphere of influence. There is no known cure for CPDS, which is presently at epidemic levels in the United States and shows no signs of abating. The sheer scale of the tragedy that is CPDS – the cost in countless lives, relationships, communities, entire nations, and vast swaths of the planet – is truly staggering. The wide-ranging devastation is especially troubling in light of the fact that the disease vector, although presently of unknown cause(s), appears to run in families.

June 20th 2015 Meeting #277 
What is the Best Foreign Policy 
What is the Best Foreign Policy Principle for the United States in the 21st Century?
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Clear Valley College, will discuss what should be the 21st Century economic and foreign policy for America. He will detail and focus on the current debate between President Obama, the Republicans, and some Democrats, and will argue that we can only survive and flourish if we make the right policy decisions.

June 6th 2015 Meeting #275 
Answering the Question: "What is Freedom?"
​Lt. Dexter Elkins, USMC Ret., and a current College Professor, will discuss a key date in the history of mankind/freedom: June 6, 1944. He asks: "What exactly is freedom? Can somebody else "win" your freedom for you, or does liberation require your personal engagement? {an analogy could be the idea of salvation...can it be given in the absence of your own due diligence? If so, some call it cheap grace.) What are the characteristics of freedom? And once achieved, is it permanent or temporary? How many people have died (and are dying) to achieve the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?" Dexter will talk about this seminal event, called D Day...and ruminate over the consequences of it both intended and unintended. A side issue is whether all wars are justified. He asks: "What does it take to make a 'right' war, and what 'means' can you use to keep it right? (for some this includes things like use of gas, nuclear, biologic, torture, etc.) And, is evil required to defeat evil? Does anyone know what the 'D' stands for?" Dexter advises: "Please prep for this talk by doing pushups. You will be tested by a Marine D.I. flown in specially from Paris Island. No cheating. How many? At least 20 in 30 seconds (in boot camp we had to do 60 in 90 seconds...but we were younger then, and not very smart. And we were afraid of the D.I. He actually wanted to kill could see it In his eyes}." Lt. Elkins says: "Semper fi", which is short for "Semper Fidelis" which encourages us to be "always loyal" and "always faithful", which he contends we have to be if we are to survive over the long haul.

May 30th 2015 Meeting #274 
The Miracle of Your Life
​Paul Tobolowsky, M.D., retired internal medicine physician, and author of Stardust Dancing: A Seeker's Guide to the Miraculous, will discuss how there is nothing ordinary about so-called “ordinary life”, and despite all the challenges and problems that are a part of every life, we each are more incredible than we realize. From his perspective as a physician, Paul offers insight into the improbabilities and near-impossibilities that are hidden in plain sight, within and around each one of us. Come hear one of the most remarkable stories of all, the true story of your own life. He will show convincingly that If you happen to be searching for miracles or inspiration, you are the miracle that you seek.

May 16th Meeting #273
The Revolutionary Ideas of John Maynard Keynes 
​College of Complexes Dallas hosts John Beesley,.English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, MBA, DIC, PhD), will discuss how John Maynard Keynes (later Lord Keynes) is generally considered to be the most influential economist of the 20th century. He will describe, in reasonably simple terms, the essence of Keynes revolutionary ideas. John will show how, for ideological reasons, the United States has never fully accepted Keynesian economics

May 9th Meeting #272
Politics: Theory and Practice in Appalachia
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how the theory behind LBJ's Great Society has its roots in the New Deal. The basic idea is that poverty can be eradicated with Government lending a helping hand. Fifty years later that theory has been tested in Appalachia, itself yet a pocket of poverty. His purpose is to deliver a report card on the triumphs and failures of the Great Society. Jim will defend the position that Federal programs have worked, but there has been unintended side effects that are harmful and must be fixed.

​May 2nd 2015 Meeting #271 
Deja Vu All Over Again
Nancy Hodgkinson, who grew up during World War II in Brooklyn, New York, and learned how to behave when something seems wrong, will discuss how recently, last August, while on a train trip from New York City to Montreal, Canada, she and others were told to leave their phones, purses, and lap top computers on their seats and exit into an adjoining car, as ISIS security was very tight, and this was to be expected. But it was not expected, and strongly reminded her of doubts and confusion people had at the beginning of World War II. She will compare that time to this time, and question whether or not we are prepared for the next inevitable crisis? Nancy will answer as to what we can and should do now to ameliorate a situation that we face and seem to not comprehend. She will raise our senses and reach for us to prepare better for any eventuality that may befall us in the future.

April 25th 2015 Meeting #270
At What Cost?
Mavis Belisle, Co-chair, Dallas Peace and Justice Center's Nuclear Free World Committee (with Lon Burman, former State Representative, Fort Worth), will discuss how this year is the 70th anniversary of the use of atomic weapons, and is being marked with special events around the world. It is also the regular review conference of the Non Proliferation Treaty, at which both nuclear and non nuclear states will meet at the UN in May to consider progress (if any) on disarmament and how to move forward; and how in addition, a lawsuit against nuclear countries is winding its way through both U.S. courts and the International Court of Justice. They, like most of the nations and people of the world, support nuclear disarmament. Mavis will show how the U.S. is on the wrong side of history, and how our nuclear weapons have warped our relations with both friends and enemies. She will also show how nuclear weapons have warped our economy and our civil liberties, and what we need to do.

April 11th ​2015 Meeting #268
How the 3R's are Killing our Public Schools
Tony Beaverson, M.Ed., former classroom teacher and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Education Association, will put forth his belief that an atypical set of 3R’s, are with malice of forethought, hell bent on destroying America’s public school system. The 3R’s being Republicans, Religion and Racism. He will illustrate how these three entities actively work in both coordinated and non-coordinated fashion to undermine the public’s confidence in what is perhaps the last bastion of egalitarianism in the country. Tony will review historic and current examples of how greed, dogma, ignorance and intolerance of “other” cultures are used to achieve the 3R’s political and legislative agendas, ensconced in a propaganda campaign worthy of Joseph Goebbels

April 4th 2015 Meeting #267
On Questioning an Epidemic of Violence
Rev. Peter Johnson, Founder - Peter Johnson Institute on Non-Violence, will discuss his views against Corporate Punishment, namely the death penalty, how those views were challenged with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 47 years ago to the day April 4, 1968, and how those views hold stronger than ever now and into the futur

March 28th 2015 Meeting #266
Strategies of the Political Left
Ray Crelia, one of our regular active participants, will discuss how in his opinion the primary goal of the Left is to "fundamentally change America". He raises the questions: Why are they trying to accomplish this? Are we actually seeing the workings of the political Left in our country now? Did we vote to change our country fundamentally? Ray will answer these questions, and discuss additional methods that in his view the political Left will use n the remaking of America..

March 7th 2015 Meeting #263
Corruption of the Multi-level Marketing Industry, e.g. Amway, 
and within the Republican Party
E. Robert Smith, a former top earner, recruiter/promoter in the multilevel marketing industry, has written a whistle-blower novel about corruption and fraud in the industry, and corruption within the Republican Party in taking campaign contributions in exchange for favorable regulatory treatment. E. Robert will also illuminate on how this controversy has spilled over into the stock market, as a famed Wall Street hedge fund manager and activist has placed a $1billion short (a record) on the third largest multi-level marketing company in the world; vowing to run the stock to zero for its corrupt practices. All this has resulted in investigations being initiated by the FTC, SEC, the FBI, and the Dept. of Justice. Numerous writers and critics have suggested to the FTC that their staff read E. Robert Smith’s book,"DOWNLINE", which can be found on Amazon at

February 28th 2015 Meeting #262
Personal Philanthropy
Willard Mac Smith Jr., P.E., PhD, will discuss personal philanthropy: "How the average person can be a philanthropist." He will examine why we give, how to get the most bang for the buck, and what we can give, besides money, that will have a major impact on peoples lives. Plus, Mac will show what's in it for you. 

February 21st 2015 Meeting #261
Why the US Needs a Progressive Party
John Beesley, English born author, retired after a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, MBA, DIC, PhD), will discuss how even though the US is now in recovery mode many still feel worse off and have a dystopian view of the future. He points out that the 2008 electoral call for change was not answered by much in the way of corrective political action; and that, in fact, an 18th century view of the world has prevailed beyond all evidence to the contrary. John contends that the major political parties offer no coherent policy agenda, trusting no doubt that a laissez-faire approach is all that is needed. He further contends that a new political party setting out the problems, with accompanying solutions, might gain some traction, and that certainly a party based on empirical evidence, rather than a series of warped ideologies, should appeal to the more thoughtful section of the community. One can only hope.

February 14th 2015 Meeting #260
On Being Aware and Beware of an Article V Constitutional Convention
Kurt Hyde, a retired Lt Col from the U.S. Air Force Reserves and a retired computer professional. In 1986, Kurt was the first computer professional to speak out against paperless voting equipment and advocated for a paper trail. Kurt is an expert in election integrity and has spoken before many civic groups. In October of 2011, he was an invited speaker at an elections technology symposium at MIT. In retirement Kurt has been studying journalism and is now a writer for The New American. He has recently been speaking out against calling an Article V Constitutional Convention. Kurt believes an Article V Convention would open the door to a complete re-write of the U.S. Constitution and he's here tonight to explain why.

January 31st 2015 Meeting #258
Lone Wolf Gonzaullas and the Assassination of Pancho Villa
Jim Gatewood, Dallas History Professor and best selling Dallas author, writer of several books about Dallas history, will discus and review his latest book "Lone Wolf Gonzaullas and the Assassination of Poncho Villa", and how twenty-five years after the murder of his two older brothers, Manuel Gonzaullas mission was completed when he buried Poncho Villas' head at the feet of his brothers' grave. Jim will also show how Manual Gonzaullas stood for public hangings and corporal punishment in schools, and the ramifications of how this attitude carries over to this day.

January 24th 2015 Meeting #257
The Real Benefits of Reading Before Kindergarten
Scott McFadden, Family Literacy Architect, will discuss the Fifth and Beakes Project Family Literacy Way Crafts new literacy experiences that augment reading before Kindergarten. He will show how the synthesis of writing, vocabulary, spelling, linguistics and comprehension set the platform in favor of early childhood reading success. Scott will describe how family literacy as a civic duty combined with parental responsibilities contributes to the success of “good children”. He will also outline a “show-and-tell” method as a simple guide for parents to contribute to their children’s Kindergarten. Scott concludes that we should follow a path that leads the way to genuine success.

January 17th 2015 Meeting #256
Join a Math Revolution, 
No Pencil, No Paper, No Calculator 
Kenneth Everett, master educator and motivational speaker, will discuss how to expose, educate, and empower youth, parents, teachers, pastors, and community leaders using his never before seen algebra concepts. He will show how to teach certain algebra concepts without pencil, paper or calculator to someone as young as 5 years old. Let Kenneth write it on your brain before you write it on paper. Learn to assist those who are struggling with certain algebra concepts to struggle no more. 

January 10th 2015 Meeting #255 
Can We Change the World 
With the Power of Our Minds?
The US is in Big Trouble. Troops in 150 countries are fighting wars for profit. Our rights and freedoms are eroding at an alarming rate. Government at every level routinely invents and enforces unconstitutional laws/rules. The economy stinks. And our minds and bodies are being manipulated for the benefit of an elite few. But what can we do about it? The darkness seems too big to fight. And it's difficult to escape or opt out of the corruption. Bringing fresh optimism to the New Year, author Pat O'Connell will talk about the philosophy and physics of powerful methods that enable all of us to shape the world into a better place. She will outline manifestation tools such as prayer and the law of attraction, and will discuss ways of objectively tracking our impact on global consciousness. Help launch an experiment to make a difference. Come prepared to tell us what "the perfect world" looks like to you.

January 3rd 2014 Meeting #254
New Years’ Resolution, 
A Much Better Tomorrow
Mike Ghouse, speaker, writer, pluralist, activist, the first Muslim and perhaps the first non-Jewish person to commemorate the Holocaust, will discuss how hate is one of the many sources of disrupting peaceful functioning of a society, and it is our duty, both individually and severally, to track down the source of such hate and work on mitigating it, while guarding the safety of every citizen, bringing closure to the loose ends of many conflicts, and building cohesive societies where no human lives in apprehension of another. Mike will express his view that by resolving the Jewish-Palestinian conflict, ie. Security to Jews and Justice to Palestinians, most of the world issues will collapse and a period of peace on earth will begin. He will also show how the overriding desire to highlight our own blinds us from other’s suffering, and will awaken in us a sense of responsibility for creating a better world.

December 13th 2014 Meeting #253
Why the Republican Party is Bad Both for America and the World
Steven R. Butler, Ph.D, historian and author. will discuss: "Beginning with the late nineteenth century and coming forward to the present day, Dr. Butler will cite several specific examples to illustrate how the Republican Party's abandonment of the liberal ideology of Abraham Lincoln in favor of Conservatism has unnecessarily caused real and lasting harm not only to the United States but also to other nations around the globe."

December 6th 2014 Meeting #252
What is a Fair Living Wage?
Jim Davis, a College regular, author, and a former Congressional candidate, agrees with the need for an amendment to the Constitution to tie the minimum wage to inflation, and will present statistical information showing how important it is for the minimum wage to keep place with inflation, as it effects such a large number of households. In Jim's view this information may cause agitation and upheaval.

November 22nd 2014 Meeting #251
Are We Going to Allow Continued 
Economic Embargo of Our Inner-Cities?
Robert Pitre, entrepreneur and social activist, will discuss and show how the economic embargo of the Inner-Cities in America is the major cause of crime, drugs, unemployment, hopelessness and blighted conditions.He will also show how the Dallas Economic Embargo was used adversely in the past and present, and how the wealthy in the City of Dallas receive a majority of tax dollars for their benefit. Robert's company is one of the largest landowners in the City of Dallas with 122 acres plus, and he started his business with $300.00 in 1976. He is prepared to backup anything said in his presentation.

November 15th 2014 Meeting #250
Are We Really in a State of Decline? 
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how there is something more fundamental than Liberalism vs. Conservatism that explains our current situation, which is decline. He will examine first the mechanism of decline, and second will illustrate how this mechanism applies to the recent midterm elections. Jim will conclude that the basic part of our best way forward is to fully understand why we are where we are now. 

October 25th  2014 Meeting #248
Can America Withstand More So-Called 'Free Trade' Agreements? 
Suzanne Carpenter, accountant and concerned citizen turned activist who is alarmed by the deceptive so called "free trade agreements", will discuss, using an in-depth professionally prepared PowerPoint, details about the dangers of the Tran-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, which are currently being negotiated behind both Congress' & the American peoples’ backs. Additionally, she will have substantiating materials available to further educate us on the dangerous consequences of this globalist agenda, and Suzanne will discuss ways to most effectively STOP its implementation. 

October 18th 2014 Meeting #247
Will Christians be Included in the New World Order 
Dale Klosterman, Ed.D,, Licensed Psychologist, (Retired Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, Retired Psychologist, U.S. Bureau of Prisons), will discuss how the Christian Church today is not only threatened by external enemies but also by internal conflicts. He advises that some people say that this is nothing new, but this may be more of a threat today than in the past. People throughout America and Europe are tired of going to church. They have had enough of dogmas and creeds promoted by traditional religion, and find it hard to believe in happenings like the virgin birth, original sin, and a host of other concepts they say make no sense. They no longer believe in a literal translation of the Bible. When asked, people will say that they are spiritual but have lost interest, and there is no longer a need for organized religion. As a result, church attendance has fallen off dramatically. If religion is to survive, Dale argues that it needs to be modernized. He presents some interesting options.

October 11th 2014 Meeting #246
Populism, the Good, Bad and Ugly
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how Populism is back, thanks to disgust with elected leadership. He will examine the detailed causes of the populist uprising (including the Tea Party) and will distinguish between the good, bad and ugly. Jim will also speculate as to how populist anger could drive the 2016 presidential elections.

October 6th 2014 Meeting #245
The Importance of Being Stupid if, that is, You Truly Want to be Happy 
Dexter Elkins, College Professor, contends: "Knowledge and intellectual data is too stressful, and few there are that will take the time to really think about things. So why stress yourself out? Look how happy the dogs are... and the pigs...and speaking of pigs (personally I love them and not only because they are the smartest of the barn yard animals, but also I just love bacon), when it comes to enjoyment of life without a lot of smelly intellectualization, think of people you know who don't worry themselves with deep cerebrations : aren't they the epitome of joy? The history of mankind is filled with superstition and other forms of idiocy , and we continue with voodoo (voo-do do) and many other forms of magical thinking that will be discussed ad nauseum in order to provide you with tips on how to have fun with stupid, dumb, and maybe dumber ...thoughts. All the great men and women of all cultures, the true geniuses and prophets, the scientists and saviors, the literary giants and poetic dwarfs, have brought us great wisdom...that we ignore. And why do we ignore them? Because people hate the freedom to think. we'd rather be zombies, and fleshy robots and not wind up like these pioneers of thoughts who got poisoned (Socrates) or crucified (sweet Chuy), or elected president (FDR, JFK, et al). 'We the people' are part of a political tradition that could be the greatest in why do we live on automatic pilot most of the time?...because we want to get along with everybody and be happy! I look forward to our meeting of like minded fools on Oct. 4 so we can poke fun at those who actually waste their time actually thinking and being miserable to boot.

September 27th 2014 Meeting #244
How do Strategies of the Political Progressives/Left Compare to Our Nations' Founders?
Ray Crelia, one of our regular active participants, will speak again on his perceptions of current events and how the Political Progressive/Left is affecting our Culture, our Economy and our Politics. This time he will include contrasting principles developed at our nation’s founding. Come prepared for a vigorous exchange. Bring a US Constitution if you have one.

September 20th 2014 Meeting #243
Build a Bigger House
Linda Sprowl, Author and Paralegal, Northwestern State University graduate: RN Nursing, Education, Psychology & Sociology. Associate degree in Law. Certified Paralegal for Dallas Law Firms (civil litigation). Texas licensed Realtor. USNR-R Intel Officer (Pentagon), will lead a discussion based upon the Federalist Papers (85 essays from 1788 by James Madison, John Jakes, Alexander Hamilton), which evidence our Founding Fathers' intent to have a much larger House of Representatives. She will show how the established ratio of Voters per Representative was stagnated in 1910 and why it is important to reinstate the original ratio. Linda will present ideas about what we can do to make it whole and, demonstrate the many benefits to US of reinstating the original growth ratio our Founding Fathers intended.

September 13th 2014 Meeting #242 
Will Social Security Be Around in 50 years?
Norma Warner, a retired federal investigator who worked for the Social Security Administration for 14 years, will speak in favor of Social Security and its prospects for long term funding. Some people don’t support Social Security because they feel it is a socialist program. Many people detest the program until they need it. What has it done for you? Even those who support the program fear it will run out of money. Do we need Social Security and Medicare? Norma argues that we do; and that it will be around in one form or another, as long as the U.S. is around.

September 6th 2014 Meeting #241
Why Organized Religion is Undeserving of the Respect it Holds in Society
Dr. Steven Butler, historian and author, will discuss how religion, especially organized religion, not only commands a great deal of respect but also holds an exalted or privileged position in most human societies, even twenty-first century America. He will show that owing to the spurious nature of the claims religion makes (none of which can be proved), the divisiveness that it fosters, the irrational and illogical mode of thinking that it promotes, and the outright dangers of its dogmas, it is neither deserving of our respect nor does it merit the privileged place in our society that it currently enjoys. In short, Steven argues that it is time to see religion for what it really is, namely an anachronism and a barrier to human progress that potentially endangers the future of our planet and the human race.

August 30th 2014 Meeting #240
Labor Day, Past, Present and Future
Gene Lantz, President Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, will discuss how he is in favor of big celebrations of Labor Day and is re-committed to making the workers movement strong. He notes that from 1947 to 1995, the American unions steadily became more alienated from the rest of the working class. In 1993, with the change in leadership of the AFL-CIO, unions shifted directions so that, today, major union leaders demand that all unions turn outward toward the community at large. Union legislative programs are designed to benefit all workers, not just the narrow slice of union members. Gene notes, for example, the major campaign of the AFL-CIO during August 2013 is to mobilize support for immigration reform! And prior to 1999, the AFL-CIO favored deportations. He argues that this turn toward the broader working class is not a simple non inconsequential matter. Gene lays it out that everyone should get behind this, because that's the only way it will work, and it has to work if there is to be a bright future for Americans

August 23rd 2014 Meeting #239
Have We Done to Our Country What Our Enemies Couldn't Do?
George Nolan, President, Dallas, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, former Braniff A&P Mechanic and Supervisor, and an activist with Occupy Dallas, Occupy Congress, and others, will discuss the influence of money in politics (thanks to the citizens united decision), the rise of the TEA party and who backs them, the misguided evangelical movement and Ralf Reed, militias, sovereign citizens, the resurgence of the KKK, and other hate groups.  George will point out how lying is a big weapon used by the far right and it's talking heads Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Alex Smith.  He will also cover the climate deniers, the Hartland institute, the Heritage foundation, and who funds them.  George will show convincingly that we have done to our country what our enemies couldn't do..

August 16th 2014 Meeting #238
What We Must Do About the Growing 
Inequality Between Working People and the Elite 
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Clear Valley College, will discuss how the means net worth of households in the upper 7% of wealth distribution rose to an estimated 28%, while the means net worth of households in the lower 93% dropped by 4%. Calvin will show how this trend is now threatening the foundations of our society. He will show how consumer spending makes up 70% of American activities, and thus with income inequality, the lower 93% has to borrow, which results in reduced spending, which has led to excessive unemployment and a vast reduction in the middle class. He will outline ten steps we need to take to reverse this trend.

August 9th 2014 Meeting #237
On the Dehumanizing of Central American 
Undocumented Minors by Anti-Immigration Adults 
Katherine Savers McGovern retired Assistant United States Attorney, Dallas, and recent Democratic Nominee to U.S. Congress, District 32, with current practice at McGovern Law Office since April 2011, will discuss the reaction of certain Americans to the plight of the unaccompanied Central American minors who have surged across United States' borders in Texas. In her view, the intense, hate filled anti-immigrant demonstrations aimed at the childrens’ buses, have been morally unacceptable because of the safety threat to, and harmful impact on, these minors. Under America's existing immigration laws, it would be illegal to fail to provide humanitarian aid, including reasonable accommodations to these minors. Katherine will argue that local and state governments have failed to protect these children. She urges that Dallas County must not allow protesters to interfere with the safe transit and housing of the Central American unaccompanied minors at the designated processing locations within Dallas County. Katherine further contends that Dallas County law enforcement and governmental officials should pro-actively designate "protest" locations, away from sight or sound of the unaccompanied Central American minors brought to Dallas County for housing during immigration processing; and that designated locations where protesters may gather to express their views on the immigration surge should be situated where neither the children nor the neighbors near the housing will be impacted. She will contend that this distance precedent was sent during the presidency of George W. Bush for safety purposes and reasonably applies in the circumstances of the children. 

August 2nd 2014  Meeting #236 
Addressing The Global Status of Human Rights
Rick Halperin, Director, Embrey Human Rights Program (at SMU) will present an overview of the current status of human rights in the world today, highlighting various crimes in several parts of the world. He takes and conveys the position that people need to both know about and actively work to end these crimes so that we can truly have a world without victims.

July 26th 2014 Meeting #235 
Stop ALEC!
Gene Lantz, President of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, host of the "Workers Beat" radio program on KNON 89.3 FM, serving on three labor executive boards: UAW 848, Dallas Central Labor Council, and Texas AFL-CIO, also editor for UAW 848 and Press Secretary for Dallas Central Labor Council, will discuss how he and the labor movement in general oppose ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, for their efforts to turn all forms of economic activity into profit centers for their corporate clients. Gene will also discuss how ALEC has scheduled its national convention at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas July 30-August 1, and what we can do to curb or stop its adverse effects.

July 19th 2014 Meeting #234
Lessons from the Fall of the Roman Empire
Lloyd Chappell, historian and economist will discuss how no one has ever run an empire as big and as for long as the Roman Empire. The European Union is a pale imitation of the power of Rome in structure and power. He will show how many of the explanations of the end of empire do not hold up to historical scrutiny; moral decadence, decline & fall, massive corruption and the transformation of Roman society do not adequately explain why the Roman Empire in western Europe found itself 'under new barbarian management'. Lloyd contends that any comparison between the United States and the Roman Empire can only be in general terms as the two are completely different. He will discuss the surprising reasons that lead to the end of the Roman Empire in the West. Lloyd will examine many of the popular explanations for Rome's Fall. He will conclude that although no historical situation ever repeats itself exactly, much can be learned from the Fall of the Roman Empire.

July 12th 2014 Meeting #233 
Addressing The Wealth Gap 
 Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding a BS in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how "the wealth gap" is real, and a source of class antagonisms in the USA, which only pretends to be a classless society. Jim will examine some nine factors which support the claim that there is a wealth gap between wage earners and capital that is not justified. He will also refer to the French Economist Pekkety, who has made the academic case for wealth disparity in his recent book, which has provoked a firestorm of criticism on the Right.

June 21st 2014 Meeting #232 
Rewards of Supply Side Economics 
 John Beesley, English born author, retired from a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, MBA, DIC, Phd), will discuss how the general American public has been duped into think that Supply Side economics would bring home the bacon. It certainly did for some, but not for most. The theory always was fallacious, but now, after over 30 years, the empirical evidence is unequivocal. Naturally, some quarters still sing the same old 19th century song. The solution, which he will also discuss, is the same one we have known for more than 75 years, but, being counter-intuitive, is still hard to accept. It is very, very hard to gainsay simple think.

June 14th 2014 Meeting #231
How Astrology is the Commection between Us and the Greater Universe
Alison will show how Astrology is the connection between us and the greater universe, and will discuss how it can be helpful as a tool to understanding our deeper self and the current cycle of development we are facing.

March 31st 2014 Meeting #229
Get ready for all the new cuts and changes to Social Security!
The Ryan Budget - Bad Ideas for Seniors
Judy Bryant, Field Organizer for the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, will present information about the Ryan budget which once again proposes privatizing Medicare and turning it into a voucher system, while lowering tax rates on the wealthy and corporations. The newest incarnation of the Ryan budget asks seniors to pay more for preventive health services and prescription drugs while again ending the Medicare guarantee. Regarding Social Security, Ryan has said that the Social Security Trust Fund is not a real savings account – questioning the value of U.S. bonds, which is erroneous. Get the facts and ways to address allegations that Social Security is broke and will soon come to an end! 

May 10th 2014 Meeting #228 
America's Future: Life Will Suck, Then You Will Die!
Jim Davis, a C of C regular, author, and middle class advocate, will present indisputable evidence that the United States of America is going to be added to histories list of great failed nations. Jim describes himself as "a prisoner of hope", but believes we have passed the tipping point and not enough time is left to avert this tragedy. He will explain and show evidence why he thinks this way, and offer one simple solution to save it. The solution is simple, but will be almost impossible to implement unless. (Answer is in video)

May 3rd 2014 Meeting #227
How Bipartisan Leadership is Needed if We Are Ever to Find a Workable Solution
Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Clear Valley College, BA from Prairie View University, Social Science Teacher, Field Representative for the Office of Economical Opportunity. Public Health Analyst, Team Leader, and Consultant, will discuss how bipartisan leadership is needed if we are ever to find a workable solution, how moderates cannot remain silent, but must manifest to the radical conservatives and liberals that their iterations are not the only voices in this debate, that we must look beyond greed and what is best for the individual, group, or party, and instead focus on what is best for America. Calvin further argues that citizens from both political parties must be involved and apply bipartisan political pressure in order for Congress to act responsibly, and will show how in his view the Democratic Party's approach offers the best hope for a solution to the United States Debt Crisis

April 26th 2014 Meeting #226
Did Albert Einstein Affect a Lasting Legacy?
Dr. Chris Boldt, Mathematics Professor Emeritus, will discuss the legacy of Albert Einstein, how "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough", how "The simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind", and will argue that Einstein's contributions to America saved more lives in World War II than any other single individual. Dr. Boldt will make a power point presentation with many photographs, and will touch on some mind boggling consequences of Relative Theory.

April 19th 2014 Meeting #225 
Is Changing Dallas ISD into a Home Rule District a Bad Idea?
 Hobie Hukill, Organizer, Dallas County Democratic Party, and MoveOn Dallas, will discuss how a shadowy education "reform" group, ironically called "Support Our Public Schools (SOPS)", has suddenly launched a petition drive to remove the "I" from Dallas ISD, by using an obscure state law passed in 1995. No school district in Texas has ever been turned into a "home rule" district under the terms of the law. Many, including Hobie, believe that should remain the case. Hobie Hukill will present an informative examination of this unprecedented power grab and a strong case for resisting it.

April 12th 2014 Meeting #224 
What Really Happened at Waco and Why Will It Happen Again?
Stuart Nelson, (PhD Agnotology) and long time activist, researcher featured guest of several talk radio hosts, and member of the volunteer team that rebuilt the Branch Davidian church, will expose a very different view of the horrific siege we all saw unfold 21 years ago in Waco. Our so-called media reported government lies over and over again. Finally, Stuart will show how this kind of attack has happened and will happen again if we the people don't stop those who deliberately shock the nation's psyche in order to feed their obsession for power and wealth. We must never forget all the victims of April 19th,1993 in Waco Tx.... including you.

April 5th 2014 Meeting #223 
Can a True Skeptic Believe in Conspiracies?
Pat O'Connell, author and communications consultant for high tech industries, builds a logical case for even a skeptic's acceptance of some of today's most notable conspiracy claims. Pat will present both rational and intuitive views of conspiracist issues including the JFK assassination, chemtrails, mind control, the siege at Waco, the 9/11 attacks, Obama's birth certificate, and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. And she will describe three critical facts that helped open her eyes to a number of claims that once seemed absurd.

March 29th 2014 Meeting #222 
What Would Paul Harvey Be Saying Tonight?
Ray Crelia, Concerned Citizen and C of C Regular, in the tradition of the late newscaster, Paul Harvey ( "Here's a potpourri of today's news" ), will discuss various current events including ObamaCare, the Ukraine Crisis, Immigration, and a segment he calls "Strategies of the Political Left". Ray will express his opinion on these matters, and contends this evening will be interesting, informative, balanced, and we should be prepared to hear and participate.

March 22nd 2014 Meeting #221 
American Exceptional-ism and Foreign Policy 
Jim Davis, a College of Complexes Regular, will discuss American Exceptional-ism and Foreign Policy. He will give definitions concerning exceptional-ism and relate some foreign policy decisions that resulted in the post war era up to the current crises in Ukraine. Jim will point out some achievements along with some virtually unknown proposals from adversaries, including possible blunders and missed opportunities, all with a view of showing what we face, and what we can do to minimize confrontation and provide for a viable future.

March 15th 2014 Meeting #220 
Restoring Civility to Our Communities
 Carol Donovan, Attorney for over 30 years, Mediator with a background in probate law, and Democratic Candidate for Texas House District 107, with a background of resolving disputes and facilitating communication, will discuss the problems and ramifications of "Restoring Civility" to our communities, including ways we, as individuals, can help. She will also discuss methods used by various groups in the U.S. to restore civility to their local communities, and will conclude on what we need to do to insure "Civility" is practiced and maintained in our dealing with each other and with our communities at large. 

March 8th Meeting #219 
Cycles of Bondage and Freedom in Human Consciousness 
 Jon Gentry, Filmmaker and College of Complexes regular, will discuss how human perception has a binary character to it. This is not Mars and Venus right-left brain. This is not Julian Jaynes' bicameral mind. It is something altogether different and as of yet unexplained. This perceptual diversity is best expressed in symbol form, as some easily understand symbols. To others this is a riddle. It is this riddle, this key, or the secret knowledge of it, which explains a major part of how otherwise sensible people are manipulated. Jon will cover this and asks: "Can you afford not to attend?"

​March 1st 2014 Meting #218
Two Boys from the Chicago College of Complexes
Peter Pero and Tim Bolger, the boys from the Chicago College of Complexes, will visit the Dallas "outfit" to argue that Chicago is much more than America's "Second City." Frank Sinatra called it "my kind of town;" Peter and Tim will contend and outline why Chicago leads the nation in architecture, commercial invention, and intellectual debate as the first College of Complexes in America (1951).

February 22nd 2014 Meeting #217
Police Brutality in Dallas - Politics and Culture in the DA's and Dallas Police Department that Breeds Oppression.
Collette Flanagan, Founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB), will discuss police brutality and how rampant and frequent it is happening in the Dallas area, including statistics on many deaths of Mother's children at the hands of police officers, and open records on how certain zip codes are deemed "hunting grounds" for rogue policemen within the Dallas Police Department who are prone to excessive force and killing. She will also discuss how policemen who murder our unarmed children are given impunity, the processes of protection from the police department to the DA's office, and how this works to circumvent justice for families. She will explain how MAPB is for policy and procedure reform within both the DA's office and the police department that will save our children's lives and protect our families from rogue policemen. And she will conclude on why laws need to be changed in order to stop Dallas and other cities from becoming "police states."

February 15th 2014 Meeting # 216 
Revisiting The Letter that Changed America, and Determining What to Do
 Jim Davis, a Dallas College of Complexes Regular, will discuss some of the socialist trends showing up in America during the 60's, and how a terrified business community implemented what some scholars call "the most brilliant strategy in history" to take over the political process. He will talk about a distinguished corporate lawyers' 14 page letter sent to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1971 outlining ideas of doing it as he described "in a manor the public wouldn't notice," setting in motion the dynamics that dominated the political process over the past 30 plus years. Jim will present economic data showing how various segments of society have been impacted, how each political party has ignored the root causes thus failing to implement changes to address them, the threat this imposes to the security of our nation, and what we can do about it.

February 8th 2014 Meeting #215 
Giving to "Cesar what belongs to God" If I was created free, Why give up my right to choose?
Rev. Rafael Seijo (Bishop, Therapist and Spiritual Healer) will discuss how Civil Religion invades the space of Religious beliefs, taking control and creating the false impression that what is done is correct "in the Name of God." Bishop Rafael will show how Civil Religion in the hands of Extreme Right religious leaders actually violates the Divine Principle of Free Will, the political belief of "Liberty and Justice for All" and the Right to Privacy.

January 25th 2014 Meeting #213 
There's No Conspiracy
John Beesley, English born author, retired from a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, MBA, DIC, Phd), will discuss how currently, there are many conspiracy notions floating about - yet the most critical non-conspiracy is one that has most affected the lives and futures of the general American public. Which he referred to on the back cover of his book "Sabotaging America", stating: "The financial crisis that erupted in September 2008 is a symptom of far larger problems facing America. The ideology that has guided policy decisions for the past 60 years rests on concepts that bear no relation to the actual economic conditions in which the US now finds itself. .....
 Such arrangements suit the elite that fund the political class in Washington. ..... In effect, the ruling elite has sabotaged the future of America for its own enrichment. " John will show how this American self-inflicted tragedy started with FDR, has continued with every president since, and how the failed international macroeconomic policies pursued by these Administrations cannot be regarded as a conspiracy since each faltering step was widely publicized. He will cover political decisions, their general repercussions, and where we need to go from here. 

January 18th 2014 Meeting #212
Escape from Al Qaeda and Where to Go From Here 
Part II
Jim & JoAnne Moriarty, American patriots who lived in Libya years prior and during the air strikes in 2011, will discuss being captured by and escaping from Al Qaeda, the truth about the NATO strikes and fall of Gadhafi in Libya, the turmoil in Egypt & Syria and who is behind it, the facts surrounding the 9/11 attack in Benghazi, and where we need to go from here.
 Note: (Rather than hide in the shadows as directed by U.S. Agencies, Jim and JoAnne Moriarty have chosen to tell other Americans the truth about our governments' involvement and the corruption that exists in our dealings with other countries. At personal risk and complete financial destruction they are speaking out.) ignored the root causes thus failing to implement changes to address them, the threat this imposes to the security of our nation, and what we can do about it.

January 11th 2014 Meeting #211
U.S. Senate Candidate Kesha Rogers
Outline for the Future
Kesha Rogers, who made recent political history by twice winning the Democratic Party nomination for Congress in Texas 22nd district (Fort Bend and Brazoria counties, south of Houston), is now seeking the Democratic Party nomination for the US Senate, to challenge incumbent Republican John Cornyn. Kesha's victories in 2010 and 2012 were accomplished by directly opposing the Wall Street corruption of the Party leadership, and the Wall Street-dictated agenda of President Obama himself. As a member of economist Lyndon LaRouche's national Policy Committee, Kesha will outline her strategy to complete the unfinished missions of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy—to crush Wall Street, to halt the deadly march toward thermonuclear war, and to reach across the Pacific to establish a new, positive course for human progress. Restoring JFK's future-oriented vision, emphasizing global collaboration in all fields of scientific discovery, will also revive the Democratic Party, which otherwise, in her view, has lost its way.

January 4th 2013 Meeting #210
Predictions for the Coming Century
This is one of the craziest predictions of the century.
Tom Berry kind of steals everyone's thunder, he has been preparing his list for the entire year, by reading his favorite laundry list!
But the others do recover, but the lesson doesn't go right or left of political spectrum, but goes into left field or was that right field. Is there an up field? Watch and find out.

December 14th 2013 Meeting #209 
What Happened to the Khazars
Michael Helsem, poet, scholar, and avid researcher, will discuss how a Jewish kingdom in Central Asia flourished for more than two hundred years, and then vanished suddenly from history. He will cover Arthur Koestler, who thought he had solved this mystery, and what became of his solution. Mike's presentation will culminate in the Yugoslavian novel, "The Dictionary of the Khazars", which was published in both male and female versions, and he will awaken our senses as to what can be explored and revealed.

December 7th 2013 Meeting #208
Lessons on the Fall of the Republic
Lloyd Chappell, historian and economist, will discuss the fall of the Roman Republic. What does the death of the Roman Republic teach us about human beings and can we apply these insights to our troubled times? He will show how in the space of a hundred years, Rome was transformed from a republic with democratic institutions into an empire under the control of one man - Augustus. How did this happen? Although not a democracy like modern western democracies, the Roman Republic was the pride of even the poorest Roman in a world where most of their neighbors were ruled by absolute autocracies. Citizens had rights that the Mediterranean world could only dream about. The Fall of the Republic is the best documented time in all of Roman history but is poorly understood by most Americans.
 America is not the New Rome although many of their problems sound familiar: a vast gap in wealth between the rich and poor, rampant political corruption, a ruling oligarchy out of touch and unconcerned with the needs of its people, and ruling elite passionately driven by maintaining their power and prestige. Although history never exactly repeats itself, Lloyd will show there is much to learn from the Roman dysfunctional government and its fall into absolute autocracy.

November 23rd 2013 Meeting #207 
Tea Party: The Good, the Bad and Ugly, and Beyond 
Jim Love; retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding a BS in Physics from the University of Texas, will comprehensively characterize the Tea Party in the three categories suggested by the title. The "Good" will examine the origins of the Tea Party world view, which is founded in early 19th century Jacksonianism. The "Bad and Ugly" will show that present day excess has either compromised or contradicted that world view. Finally "Beyond" will touch on the role of money, which permeates and contaminates every aspect of American politics.

November 16th 2013 Meeting #206 
Open Forum - 50 Years Later: The Kennedy Assassination Revisited in Dallas
On November 22nd, it will be 50 years to the day JFK was shot and killed here in Dallas. Where were you 50 years ago on this date? What can you tell us of this day never to be forgotten? What was your reaction on that fateful day? Did it change your perspective on anything? For the man who asked us "not what our country can do for you, but what you can do for your country", what can and should we do going forward? We will allow each speaker (which should include everyone in the audience who has a recollection of that day) five minutes to make a presentation. After everyone get a chance to speak, we will have question and answers period, followed by a remarks/rebuttals period, and closing remarks.

November 9th 2013 Meeting #205 
Unemployment, and Solutions to Foreign Policy Issues
 Calvin Bluiett, Adjunct Government Professor at Clear Valley College, BA from Prairie View University, MA from University of North Texas, Insurance Supervisor in Underwriting, Social Science 
 Teacher, Field Representative for the Office of Economical Opportunity, Public Health Analyst, Team Leader, and Consultant, will discuss the causes and solutions of unemployment, and the foreign policy issues and potential solutions facing America. Calvin argues that we need solutions for the National unemployment dilemma, and for future foreign policy challenges. He will make and support his recommendations with justification.

November 2nd 2013 Meeting #204. 
The Thatcher Legacy.
 John Beesley, English born author, retired from a long career with Xerox, (educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas, Mba, DIC, Phd), will reflect on William Shakespeare who held that "the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones," and conclude: "So it is with Margaret Thatcher."
 He will show how she reversed the progressive trend that had occurred in the UK since 1945, and set the scene for today's malaise. John contends that her convictions were profoundly socially divisive and economically disastrous, and will show how this relates to the economic and political problems we face here in the U.S. today. 

October 26th 2013 Meeting #203
The Kennedy Legacy and the Solution to Global Economic Crisis Today 
Craig Holtzclaw, former congressional candidate (vs. Dick Army) and associate Dash Lea--both long term activists with economist Lyndon LaRouche-- will relate some seldom-told history, both fascinating and tragic, from the John F. Kennedy era, and its relevance for today. Derived partly from his ancestors' resistance to the English subjugation of their native Ireland, JFK brought to his presidency a passionate commitment to the success of the national liberation struggles then sweeping Africa. He sought to realize President Franklin Roosevelt's post-war intention, to re-tool the US armaments industry for capital goods export--tractors, power plants and the like -- to the fledgling African nations, strengthening their economic independence, and creating a durable and purposeful prosperity at home. This bright prospect for limitless progress ended with JFK's 1963 assassination. While the expanding Vietnam conflict bolstered the war economy, the attendant pessimism ushered in a dead-end culture of "consumerism", anti-science environmentalism and radical free market, which justified the abandonment of any national commitment to economic justice for the nations to the south. Yet, the current demise of the Wall Street dollar system can move our nation to take up, once again, President Kennedy's mission, to prevail over the perilous economic crisis at hand. How might we accomplish this? Which nations would ally with us in this task? Please join Craig Holtzclaw and Dash Lee for an exciting evening of current history and future projections.. 
This is why we are late!
Dallas building owner decides to retrograde Dallas historic building by removing all phone and internet wiring, without notice to tenants, if you complain or sue, you still lose!
The horrid truth I found out. Did you know it is legal for a building owner to vandalize his own building?

October 19th 2013 Meeting 202
Is the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Here to Stay?
Isaac Olguin, Registered Clinical Staff Pharmacist with Centene Corporation, will discuss the state of our current "free market': how controlling interests of insurance companies, drug companies, and the rise of the hospital industrial complex, can and will manipulate the market absent of regulation. He will make the case of "why" the Affordable Healthcare Act is destined to be here to stay. Showing the rise of the new "Profiteers of Healthcare", the war with old money: (the old industry, and why we see such a war over what is already a mandate), and who to call to ensure that Obamacare is nurtured and not defunded . Isaac will show why it is important to have everyday maintenance on care and our health--a practical approach with focus on "Preventative Medicine" vs. current "Kill Yourself on Our Drugs with no Intention of Getting Everyone Healthy". He will also point out that the money saved with Obamacare is projected (as with any investment) with a higher cost upfront, which is reasonable, and that the money saved will be from 5 to 10 Trillion Dollars in the next 5 to 10 years, provided that Obamacare is protected, strengthened, and left alone from the extremists and Special Interests. 

October 12th 2013 Meeting #201 
Was the JFK Assassination a Mafia Hit?
Jim Gatewood, Dallas historian laureate, founder of the Dallas County Assassination Review Board (October 10, 2003), and a Dallas History professor at Richland College, has for the last eleven years held symposiums where people were encouraged to de brief their stories, observations and experiences about the day and the events that followed JFK's assassination. Jim will deliver an account of his observations and conclusions on what has been reported to this review board, which includes five hit squads being set up; one in Miami, one in New Orleans, one in Chicago, one in Los Angles, and one in Dallas (with a photograph identifying a second gunman).

October 5th 2013 Meeting #200
Beyond Lore and Legislation: A Real Life Perspective on Unintended Pregnancy
Michele Valentino, Self-Empowerment Specialist and Mentor, draws from many years of experience working directly with teenagers and adults to support her position of Pro "All" Life personally and Pro Freedom to Chose politically. She will describe how real life experiences before and after Roe V Wade, personal interviews and historical research influenced her final decision. Michele explores the issues that divide us and raises thought provoking questions to provide the basis for a meaningful discussion. 

September 28th 2013 Meeting #199 
Texas and ACA (Affordable Care Act) Open Enrollment
 Rachel Perry, Dallas Organizing Lead, Enroll America, will show how millions of Texans stand to benefit from more affordable health care in the w273ake of health reform, creating an historic opportunity to improve the health and well-being of a significant portion of our society. She will also discuss the importance of maximizing the number of uninsured Texans that enroll in the Affordable Care Act

September 21st 2013 Meeting #198
Nuts and Flakes: The Creation of the American Breakfast Food Industry
Paul Benson, Professor of Humanities Mountain View College, will discuss the creation and history of the American breakfast food industry. In this process, he will defend the proposition that this industry was created by prophets, propagandists, and preachers.

September 14th 2013 Meeting #197
The Long War
Jim Love, retired, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding a B.S. in Applied Physics and an M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas, will discuss how class warfare is the norm for all societies that have a hybrid system of Capitalism and some form of Democracy. He will explore the consequent tensions, making references to historical parallels (ancient Greece) and human nature (fear and greed). Jim will cite recent milestones in American's long class war, and will take a position on how the political process out to work in a system on which class warfare is business as usual.

September 7th 2013 Meeting #196
Five Famous Freethinkers 
Dr. Steven Butler, historian and author of a recently completed book, Fifteen Famous Freethinkers, will point out how the accomplishments and contributions of five famous freethinking Americans (Revolutionary War-era writer Thomas Paine, women's rights activist Elizabeth, Cady Stanton, horticulturist Luther Burbank, black civil rights activist W.E.B. Dubois, and scientist Carl Sagan) and useful citizen, or a patriot.

August 24th 2013 Meeting #194
UFOs and Alien Abductions: Fact vs. Fiction
As the sister of Jim O'Connell (, a long-time abductees, official abduction investigator for the John E. Mack Institute, and former colleague of Whitley Strieber--author and professional communicator Pat O'Connell will present evidence in support of some of the most credible claims of alien visitation and abduction. As an open-minded skeptic and field investigator-in-training for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), she will also offer conventional explanations for many of the most commonly misinterpreted sightings and experiences. In the end, it will be up to you to decide whether you are committed to either believing or disbelieving despite all evidence--or whether you are, in fact, a healthy skeptic who demands extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims, but who remains open to those possibilities that meet the criteria. The truth is out there...

​August 17th 2013 Meeting #193
The Last Great Reform: / The Federal Reserve Bank
Lloyd Chappell, Historian and Economist, will raise questions and discuss who is the real puppet master of Congress and the White House? Who do 99% of congressmen, congresswomen and the White House fear to criticize? The organization that had to be conceived in secret by some of the wealthiest men in the world, The Federal Reserve Bank. They are not part of the Federal government, pay no taxes, are not regulated by any congressional committee and answer to no one except their own corporate board. Although the FED tries to portray itself as our kindly benevolent uncle, they are a cartel of the biggest banks in New York. They run monetary policy and banking for our country while making a profit off everyone.
 Their list of failures, disasters and big bank bail outs is long, since the inception of the FED in 1913. Lloyd will argue that the greatest reform for the 21st century will be to nationalize the FED. He will also argue that this issue can unite the Far Left, the Far Right, Democrats and Republicans. Lloyd will conclude that for us to be a real democracy, we must take back control of banking and money creation from the FED

August 10th 2013 Meeting #192
Logic and the Brain: A Rethink
John Walker, Ph.D., neuroscience researcher for 30 years, teacher at various branches of the University of Texas, specialist at explaining this subject in clear language, and author just completing a book with the same title as this presentation, will discuss how the past two decades have seen huge advances in Neuroscience, accompanied by equally huge speculation on how we think, and, as you might expect, a lot of controversy. Dr. Walker will cover a series of ideas on the subject, all controversial, and all on which he has developed clear and rather strongly-held opinions. His presentation on controversial development in Neuroscience will include organization of the brain, the nature and function of memory, consciousness and self, decision making, and perception.

July 27th 2013 Meeting #190
The Good of All, Rich and Poor Alike
 Jim Davis, Author and activist, will discuss the various ramifications of and show clear evidence of how "The Good of All" can really be accomplished.

June 8th 2013 Meeting #185
The Key to Democratic Success in Texas
Rich Hancock, 2012 Democratic nominee for Texas House District 102, general manager of, host of Rational Talk with Rich Hancock, and a weekly contributor to WFAA's Inside Texas Politics, will discuss voter registration cultivation as being the key to Democratic success in Texas. He will show that for over a decade, many pundits and consultants have encouraged Democratic candidates to run as "GOP Lite" in an effort to siphon off moderate Republicans in state and local elections. Rich will argue that we are the 99%, and if more of us show up, we will win.

June 15th 2013 Meeting #186
How There Was a Revolution in 1968 and It Was Global
Jim Love, semi-retired, teaching math part time at a local Community College, having worked as an engineer and educator with publications in both fields, and holding a B.S. in Applied Physics and an M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas, will discuss how there was a revolution in 1968 and it was global, that it took power nowhere, but changed political common sense everywhere. He will show that the main change was a distrust of government that mainly benefited the political right in the USA. Jim will argue that we are presently dealing with the unfortunate consequences of that change, which is a revived 19th century globalization of capitalism, and will argue that the consequences of the revolution are unintended and harmful. He will offer alternatives.

June 1st 2013 Meeting #184
Austerity Is Killing America
Learn how we can save the United States, put our youth to work, learning a trade and remake this nation by investing in ourselves.

May 11th 2013 Meeting #182
​Is Our Foreign War on Terror Really a Source of Terrorism?
Lean how confusing the world is, from this professor of history.

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