August 22
Why Libertarians Are The Best Choice for Breaking the Two-Party System / Assorted Candidates Illinois
Meeting # 3,578 -​ Justin Tucker, who says:
"Democrats and Republicans put legal obstacles in place that new parties and independent candidates must overcome in order to be a choice to the ballot. Of the new parties, the Libertarian Party is in the best position to breaking the current two-party structure. In this presentation, Justin Tucker will explain why that is, and will also give a history of the Libertarian Party, describe its platform, inform the voting public about local LP candidates that will be on the ballot in November 2020."

This presentation will be dedicated to the memory of Garrett Foster, 28, who died in a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night, July 25. He was a Libertarian military veteran.

August 29
What We Can Do to Protect the Election in November
Clean Count Cook County
Meeting # 3,579 - Dr. Lora Chamberlain
1) Register to Vote and gets others to register to vote - check your registration and take screen shots 
2) apply for Vote By Mail ballots early, fill them out early and send them in early - and get others to do the same 
3) get youth to sign up to be election judges  
4) pledge to get in the streets if the GOP steal another election:  


August 8
The New Acropolis 
Meeting # 3,576 -  Gilad Sommer, Director, New Acropolis Chicago branch
“New Acropolis is an international non-profit organization founded in 1957 and currently present in more than 600 cities in over 50 countries worldwide. We are a philosophy school, a community and a grass-roots movement all in one. 

New Acropolis has been active in the Chicagoland area since 2005, and we are currently located in the Uptown neighborhood.

We are a group of volunteers, dedicated to helping all people in the Chicagoland area to live more meaningful and thoughtful lives through the study and practice of Philosophy as a Way of Life. We offer classes in eastern and western philosophy, workshops, cultural events, and conscious community service, among other things.”

Our Founding Principles

1- Fraternity
To promote an Ideal of international fraternity, based on respect for human dignity, beyond racial, sexual, cultural, religious, social or other differences.

2- Knowledge
To encourage the love of wisdom through the comparative study of philosophies, religions, sciences and arts, in order to promote the knowledge of the human being, the laws of Nature and the Universe.

3- Development
To develop the best of the human potential, by promoting the realization of the human being as an individual and his or her integration as an active and conscious part of society and nature, in order to improve the world.
August 1
Healthcare Issues Facing the Nation
Illinois Single-Payer Coalition
Meeting # 3,575 -  Adam Broad will be speaking: he's a lifelong activist, and Dr Sobia Ansari will be there to help with discussion and Q&A. Dr Ansari is an ER physician and professor at Rush
August 15
Chicago Police / State of Illinois v. Smollett:
What if Jussie Smollett is Telling the Truth? Examining the Physical Evidence
​Meeting # 5, 577 - Joseph W. Kopsik
​The presenter, Joe Kopsick, will entertain the possibility that Jussie Smollett did not pay the Osundairo brothers to attack him, and did not fabricate his police report. 

The presenter, an independent researcher and blogger, will explain why he believes the following: "The only evidence pointing to Smollett's guilt, are statements written by the police which are unsubstantiated, because they do not line up with the verbal testimony of either the Osundairo brothers or Smollett, nor with what the physical evidence suggests."

 "I want to turn America into one giant Switzerland – armed and neutral"