August 20
Hillary Clinton’s Emails:  Why She Did Nothing Wrong - Creating an Issues that Doesn't Exist
Meeting #3,388 - by Charles Paidock, a union representative of federal employees, who was personally involved in developing government-wide rules regarding email and social media usage, and who has defended other employees in similar disciplinary actions.  

Charles was also a whistleblower to Congress about how investigations of alleged misconduct by federal employees were not being done properly.

Charles states that "She is an employee just like any other, and there are no special rules or any higher standard of conduct.  I might at most would agree to oral counseling by her immediate supervisor. Criminal prosecution is extreme beyond belief. I campaigned actively for Bernie, so my political views do not in any way influence my assessment of this situation, and I’m certainly no friend of government managers or an agency chief politically appointed.

If the boss wants to get you, he or she will look for something you did, and then turn it into the crime of the century. We see it all the time. When you spend all day reading write-ups about employees you can tell a phony one in a minute. They're fishing expeditions.

Her case isn’t complex, and I would assign it to one of our new stewards if she came to us for representation.

Disclaimer:  This is my personal assessment of the case, from what I know about it, and no official position has been issued or taken by an employee association. I have not affiliation with the Clinton for President campaign.

All in attendance, in keeping with College of Complexes adherence to free speech, welcome any and all remarks/rebuttals about the Presidential campaign in progress (5 minutes each)

August 6
Are All Religions the Same?
Meeting # 3,386 - College regular and church-goer Paul Rescino vs. Michael Kazanjian, 
who teaches world religion at Triton Community College
        Michael Kazanjian says: "I will argue that all religions are essentially the same.  All involve an irreducible whole, the "holy," the "real."  Zoroastrians, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taos, Shinto, Confucianism, hold to a higher power beyond and responsible for human existence.  This holy structure is or will be manifest in some singular or plural redeemer(s) who has (have), or will, come to save humanity. "
        Paul Rescine says:  "All religions are not the same.  In essence and beliefs there are major differences between all of the religions. If they are basically the same, why do we have many religions and not one. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all worship the same God but all three are different in their beliefs and doctrines. I dare anyone to tell a Muslim Fundamentalist that Islam / Allah is the same as Christianity / Judaism / Yahweh. If you were insistent enough, you would end up killed for being an infidel blaspheming Allah."

August 13
Can Drugs help?  Does Big Pharma Tell the Truth? 
 Meeting # 3,387 – college regular and librarian Daniel Weinberg returns with another well-researched program.  Dan Says: "I will show how medicine is pushed on TV and in magazines, and other media, and how unsafe this has become.  I will use personal experience and research to back up my thesis.
            Can we really ask our doctor for a drug we saw advertised on TV or a magazine?  Does this make good medical sense? Does everyone in the USA and the world have a condition?  Are we now basically unhealthy animals versus we used to be basically healthy and go to doctors when sick?   Can doctors be preventing high blood pressure or heart disease or cancer? Should we all be taking more drugs to stay healthy?  Or is exercise and diet more important?"
            Weinberg will also describe how a single-payer medical system for the USA will keep pharma costs in line.
Program includes a powerpoint presentation

August 27
Dr. Strangelove or:  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and
Love the Bomb"
The Hiroshima Bombing Was Right and Necessary
Meeting # 3,389 - Meeting # 3,388 - Per the Anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and President Obama's visit to the Pease Memorial in Japan, CoC regular Bob Matter reveals little known Japanese military secrets and offers justification for the quick and decisive nuclear conclusion to the War in the Pacific.