August 5
Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 
Its Challenges and Opportunities
Meeting # 3,728 - Jian Li, PhD in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will discuss the good, the bad, the unthinkable of the rise of AI; and how we should deal with the challenges and opportunities with the rapid development of AI technologies.
August 12
New Illinois! - Leave Illinois Without Moving –
Demand a New State
Meeting # 3,729 - G. H. Merritt, Chairman
New Illinois is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with the mission of educating Illinoisans about their right, under the U.S. Constitution, to pursue the formation of a new state. New Illinois envisions a NEW State free from a tyrannical 
form of government, where residents will be 
able to experience 
a government representing their 
Constitutional Rights.


August 19th
An Evening of Solutions to Worldwide Environmental Problems
Meeting # 3,730 - Andy Anderson, of the Northwest Information Service in Palatine, IL
Speaker states that he will present a summary of environmental and economic solutions to the most pressing problems facing humanity today. Andy will present many examples of worldwide progress taken from the Rocky Mountain Institute, and Yale Climate Connections, among other sources. There will be free literature covering many of the best nationwide, worldwide examples. We will be talking about global solutions to climate change, e.g., New York and Chicago brown air quality, plastic pollution of the oceans, solar panels replacing fossil fuels use, and the electric car and truck revolution worldwide.

Information: Rocky Mountain Institute Clean Energy 101
​August 26th
The Twenty-Fifth (25th) Anniversary of Google,
still changing the world, here is what happened
Meeting # 3,731 - college audio-visual technician Tim Bolger
Tim Bolger will speak on the 25th anniversary of the founding of Google inc. and will cover a little bit of its corporate history and how it changed the search engine game, developed massive data centers, turned over the world of advertising, started an email company and cover some of the future it is developing for artificial intelligence, Tim will also pepper the lecture with some personal stories about how the company has affected him.

From being an upstart company on 1998, to being the standard of internet search, the world has definitely changed. Google was right in the middle of all of this.