January 7
Open Microphone / 3 Keynote Speakers
College of Complexes Year in Review 2022
and Your Predictions for 2023
Meeting # 3,698 -  Keynote speakers with brief presentations to get the conversation going:
- John Bachtell on the results of the November election
- Ernie Norman with an analysis of and solution for ending gun violence
- Joe Jennings will will speak on "Agenda for 2023: Crack the power of the War machine, Release the JFK files Now!"
   (NATO, Putin, Ukraine)

College of Complexes meeting # 1 was on January 6, 1951

January 28
Libertarian Candidates for Chicago Police District Council 
and Update on Recent LP Ballot Successes
Libertarian Party of Chicago / Illinois
Meetings #3,701- Justin Tucker, Chris Laurent
January 14
On Culture, Critical Thinking & Understanding China 
In Fresh Perspectives
Meetings # 3,699 -
Jian Li, Ph.D in anthropology and a Mandarin teacher, will introduce anthropological perspectives on culture and some insights to critical thinking from some leading social scientists. In addition, she will provide different perspectives on some of the hot topics on China by American expats who have worked and lived in China for over ten years. To further our understanding of China, she will also give some demographic comparisons between the U.S and the PRC. Lastly, she will share her thoughts on global challenges as well as the opportunities for the collaborations for peace and prosperities for both American and Chinese peoples and beyond. 
January 21
Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC)
Teach-in about the Privatization of Medicare
Care Over Cost Campaign
Meetings # 3,700 - Bill Bianchi
​JASC says "We will be talking about Medicare Advantage and ACO-Reach and the risks of rampant privatization in our health care system! We will also be sharing the details of JASC's new campaign, Care Over Cost, and how we can support folks who have been denied claims through private insurance or Medicare Advantage."