January 13
Steve Schwartzberg, Candidate for US Congress, 5th District, IL
"Stands Where Bernie Sanders Does"
​Meetings # 3,459 
College of Complexes
1st meeting on January 6, 1951
January 20
The Moon Landing Hoax - The Mother of All Lies
​Meetings # 3,460 - No, boys and girls, we did NOT go to the moon. It's true: the "moon landing" was a gargantuan hoax. But how could this possibly be? Because the USA is an Empire of Deception, a Tyranny of Lies--an out-and-out criminal regime, not the glorious democracy it professes to be. In this presentation investigator Ted Aranda lays out the scientific evidence that proves beyond doubt that with the Apollo program the U.S. government perpetrated the most elaborate and outrageous fraud in the history of the world.
March 28, 2017
China's Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence Of American Moon Landings!

A new scandal has happened after high ranking officials from the Chinese space program called the American moon landing “a complete hoax”, the Beijing Daily Express reports. The claims came after the Chinese moon rover allegedly couldn't find any proof of American landings on the Moon.

The rover took thousands of photos and after analyzing them the Chinese discovered that there's no trace of these moon landings.

Now the Chinese space program has launched a petition, already signed by 200 of its high-ranking officials, demanding explanation from the US government and the release of classified NASA information which will finally put an end to all the speculations and give definitive proof of the American moon landings.

Or maybe it was just an elaborate hoax with the sole purpose to fool the world about its space program capabilities. Whatever the case they need to come forward and speak the truth.

The petition has been signed by world-renowned nuclear engineer, Yury Ignatyevich Mukhin, and numbers of other prominent Russian engineers and ex-KGB agents.They're all saying that the Russian government “has always been aware of the situation since the early 1970s”.

The claims are favored by conspiracy theorists who have tried to convince the public for decades that the USA hasn't ever landed on the Moon. The landing was just an elaborate plan to trick Russia into believing they are further ahead in the space race.

January 27
Wobblies of the World:  A Global History of the IWW
 Industrial Workers of the World 
​Meetings # 3,461 - Edited by  Peter Cole, PhD, Western Illinois University
"The Industrial Workers of the World is a union unlike any other. Founded in 1905 in Chicago, it rapidly gained members across the world thanks to its revolutionary, internationalist outlook. By using powerful organising methods including direct-action and direct-democracy, it put power in the hands of workers. This philosophy is labeled as `revolutionary industrial unionism' and the members called, affectionately, `Wobblies'. This book is the first to look at the history of the IWW from an international perspective. Bringing together a group of leading scholars, it includes lively accounts from a number diverse countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden and Ireland, which reveal a fascinating story of global anarchism, syndicalism and socialism. Drawing on many important figures of the movements such as Tom Barker, Har Dayal, Joe Hill, James Larkin and William D. "Big Bill" Haywood, and exploring particular industries including shipping, mining, and agriculture, this book describes how the IWW and its ideals travelled around the world."
January 6th 
The Corrupt, Evil Connections between Deep State Operatives and the New World Order:  Conspiracy Theory or Hidden History?
​Meetings # 3,458 - college regular Ellen Corley 
Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Ellen Corley, has for the last ten years been applying her investigative journalist/ forensic historian methodology to investigating the question of why the US legal system is not investigating the evidence of its own corrupt role in the way America has become a crypto Nazi Fascist state. 
        Ellen argues we must find a way to de-Nazify our Deep State apparatus by first admitting before a Nuremberg-like court of law that we are in fact currently being run by a Nazi Fascist Deep State apparatus that was put into place by a Fifth Column of Nazi Fascist Jurists who were placed in positions of power to corrupt the US state by Carl Schmitt and other Deep State Operatives.
        Ellen argues that Schmitt has done to the US what he did in Hitler's Germany as Hitler's "Jurist" which is that Carl Schmitt used operatives to secretly put into American law acts like the National Security Act, the National Security Restoration Act, the Patriot Act and others that were slipped into laws by corrupt Justice Department operatives to systematically enable all branches of executive, congressional, and judicial branches at the Federal and State system to get away with using completely corrupt means to achieve its completely corrupt ends.

Ellen Corley's three primary indictments of Carl Schmitt are as follows: 
        1)  Carl Schmitt's legal philosophy called "political theology" was embedded into the America legal philosophy through a fifth column of right wing extremist legal counsels to the political parties resulting in the deregulation of constitution protecting laws resulting in American forces being used like crypto Nazi Fascist "security state" rather than a democracy. 
        2) Schmitt's "strategy of tension" resulted in the US using illegal covert operations that were banned by the Geneva Convention and other Universal Human Rights Laws resulting in the development of the Cold War CIA and NATO Gladio Team B's policy of using covert CIA counter-intelligence operations called "leave behind armies" which evidence shows were very likely responsible for "false flag attacks" like 9/11 and other terrorist attacks which the US foreign policy then blamed on "opposition" "patsies" like ISIS or Bin Laden or left wing Communist "terrorist" networks.
        3) The evil philosophy of Schmitt directly resulted in the way the the NSA and CIA covert operations are now getting away with literally "revising history" in both domestic and foreign markets by the means of a variety of psychological operations like controlling the media through propaganda and tampering with elections in order to install right wing extremist puppets in political power and assassinating left wing political leaders and journalists who threaten the Nazi Fascist Deep State using State sponsored terrorism carried out by corrupt police forces and security contractors.  

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 Restore Eisenhower Era Tax Rates
 Stop Endless Military Spending
 Support Civil Rights
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