College of Complexes                  1st meeting on January 6, 1951

January 19
The Nature of the State:  It's Origin and Purpose
Meetings # 3,512 - college regular Sid Cohen
January 5 - Note: Program Change
What is the Green New Deal? 
Meetings # 3,510 - Charles Paidock, Secretary, Chicago Greens, presents an overview powerpoint presentation on this     US Congressional initiative 
January 12
Opposing Trump with Creativity and Imagination
Meeting # 3,511 - Doug Binkley of Refuse Fascism, who says: "Posters, homemade signs, chants - all are part of the creativity of the resistance. Also comedians that cut their so-called leaders to their core through ridicule and witty insight. But the movement has not created much in the way of anti-fascist songs. A colleague and myself have tried to remedy that with clever parodies."

January 26
Politics in Art:  From Left to Right
Meetings # 3,513 - Daniel Stuab Weinberg, website Google: weinbergsart or
will present art from newspaper cartoonists like Art Young, Bill Mauldin, Avi Katz, Nazi's, Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Anarchists, and others.