College of Complexes                  1st meeting on January 6, 1951

January 18
The Mystery of Fascism
Meetings # 3,564 - author David Ramsay Steele discusses his new book
January 4 
Illinois Prison Project 
Meetings # 3,562 - Jennifer Soble, Executive Director
The Illinois Prison Project works for a saner criminal justice system by using creative approaches to reducing the size and expense of Illinois' prison population. We represent clients directly, and connect clients to lawyers throughout the State.

"We push back against excessive sentences in Illinois through direct representation, issue education, and by connecting lawyers directly to clients."

Our Work
Direct Representation
We provide direct representation to people in the Illinois Department of Corrections by filing clemency petitions on their behalf.  
Screening and Clearinghouse
We screen thousands of cases to identify people that are strong candidates for clemency. We match those people with lawyers, social workers, and other volunteers throughout the state, who file clemency petitions on their behalf. We provide models, templates, and support to our volunteers throughout the clemency process.
We provide education about our core issues, the clemency process, and the benefits of a smarter approach to criminal justice.
January 11
50 Reasons Why Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang 
Appeals to Both Sides of the Aisle
Meetings # 3,563 - Joseph Kopsick returns with a powerpoint presentation
“The Freedom Dividend, a universal basic income of $1000/mo, Medicare for All, Human-Centered Capitalism, candidate says it’s a fight to put Humanity First”

January 25
Revenge of the Nerds: 
The Technocratic Takeover of the Public Sphere
Meetings # 3,556 - Robert Holland returns with another penetrating essay

The speaker supplies this quotation as an "epigraph" of his presentation:

"Though real equality be the very soul of a democracy, it is so difficult to establish, that an extreme exactness in this respect would not be always convenient. Sufficient is it to establish a census, which shall reduce or fix the differences to a certain point: it is afterwards the business of particular laws to level, as it were, the inequalities, by the duties laid upon the rich, and by the ease afforded to the poor. It is moderate riches alone that can give or suffer this sort of compensation; for as to men of overgrown estates, everything which does not contribute to advance their power and honor is considered by them as an injury."

—Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu (1689–1755) The Spirit of the Laws (1748
Program Description
David Ramsay Steele’s latest book is The Mystery of Fascism: David Ramsay Steele’s Greatest Hits, a collection of twenty-three of his articles spanning the years 1987–2018. The most famous piece, still constantly read and re-read with astonishment, is “The Mystery of Fascism” (2001). Other chapters cover Ayn Rand, Thomas Szasz, Friedrich Hayek, the TV show Dexter, why gambling is productive, how we know we’re not living in the Matrix, how Hillary Clinton could have won the 2016 election, and why it’s moral to eat meat.

In his talk Dr. Steele will focus on fascism: what it means and what we can do about it. Copies of The Mystery of Fascism will be on sale, and if you want your grandchildren to be multimillionaires, the author may be persuaded to autograph them (the books, not the grandchildren). Dr. Steele’s other books include Orwell Your Orwell (2017), Therapy Breakthrough (2013), Atheism Explained (2008), Three Minute Therapy (1997), and From Marx to Mises (1992).