February 24
Moral Messages and Absolutes from "Don Quixote"
Meeting # 3,755 - Professor Robert Lichtenbert, long-term college regular
This first novel teaches us many morals that we much need today. Its main moral is that we all need to live passionately a good way of life, as Quixote did as a knight ridding society of evils. However, he learns the hard way that this way of living hurts others. Quixote dies believing that everything important is relative to or depends on each person in stupid society. I will then briefly explain seven of my favorite moral absolutes (non-relative universal principles) to counteract this.

"It is often labelled as the first modern novel and one of the greatest works ever written. Don Quixote is also one of the most-translated books in the world and one of the best-selling novels of all time."

Don Quixote Full Book Summary
February 17 
More on Primitive Society, and the Class Society, 
Feudalism and Capitalism, and the Future
Meetings # 3,754 - long-time college regular Sid Cohen
How we got to feudalism, and then capitalism, and what the future will bring 
February 3
Why We Should be Ridin' with Biden
Why support for President Joe Biden is justified by the historic effectiveness of his administration, and to prevent the establishment of a Fascist dictatorship 
Meetings # 3,752 - Kenneth Williams, political analyst from the CoC satellite campus
Kenneth Williams, President, Dallas Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, and Democratic Activist will discuss why support for President Joe Biden is justified by the historic effectiveness of his administration, and he will argue that this is also the only realistic strategy to prevent the establishment of a Fascist dictatorship by his probable opponent.
February 10
What We Know Now that We Didn't Know then about Sandy Hook
Conspiracy theorist presents new 'alternative facts' on an alleged shooting incident advanced by gun control advocates as if it were an actual event
Meetings # 3,753 - James Fetzer, a retired philosophy professor, author of a free PDF book on this topic that was downloaded 10 million times+

More information on event in question:  https://jameshfetzer.org/sandy-hook/
Speaker’s website:  https://jameshfetzer.org/ 
Link to a pdf copy of speaker's book
Nobody Died at Sandy Hook