February 4
Special President's Day Program
What Every American Should Know about Abraham Lincoln
Meeting #3,702 - Nancy Spannaus, author of Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economicshttps://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Versus-Wall-Street-Principles/dp/1532067542
and editor of the blog americansystemnow.com

February 11
Capturing the Outlaw:  Was there a Real Robin Hood?
and A Look at Modern Resistance Movements 
Meeting # 3,703  - Charles Paidock, historian, will take a look at the worldwide appeal over centuries of this heroic character, and at opposition to subjugation and servitude today
February 25
Meeting # 3,705 -  contact the Program Coordinator Charles Paidock if you would like to speak at (312) 842-5036, (312) 714-7790 cell, or by email to cpaidock@hotmail.com

February 18
An Overview of the Eight Significant Components of CEJA, 
the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, 
and how you can take advantage of the major components
Meeting # 3,704 - Paul Culhane, Tim Milburn
Tim Milburn is principal of Green Ways 2G0, which provides clean transportation consulting services. Paul Culhane is a member of the Sierra Club’s Northwest Cook County Group executive committee.

"Illinois passed landmark clean energy legislation—the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act—in 2019. We will provide an overview of the eight significant components of CEJA, and then focus on how you can take advantage of three major components—electric transportation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy."