March 4
Special Int’l Women’s Day Speakers
Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights
Meeting # 3,706 – In early January of 2022, individual long-time activists came together to form an organization based upon their shared recognition that the Supreme Court was on track to decimate abortion rights. They issued a statement that read, in part,
“We refuse to let the U.S. Supreme Court deny women’s humanity and decimate their rights! Join us in fighting for Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!… Forced motherhood is female enslavement…The violent subjugation of half of society must not be accommodated, excused, downplayed, or surrendered to. IT MUST BE STOPPED!”

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights is now fighting for:

Legal Abortion On Demand and Without Apology Nationwide, Everywhere!

From the organization's statement on the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade:

The attack on abortion rights is part of a patriarchal Christian fascist program that takes aim at contraception as well as LGBTQ rights. Denying the right to abortion hits poor women, and especially Black and other women of color, with vicious consequence – tightening the chains of both white supremacy and the subjugation of women. This is only the beginning: This fascist-dominated Supreme Court has opened the floodgates for states to pass more and more draconian laws to enslave and punish girls and women who dare to step outside their prescribed roles as mothers and breeders of children.

The idea that we have to fight for women’s civil rights state-by-state only normalizes the concept of women’s fundamental rights being based on local public opinion. Would you accept the right to free speech, or the right to vote, or the right to worship in only half the country? We demand legal abortion on demand and without apology everywhere!"


From the women in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia who have waged a fierce determined mass non-violent struggle in the streets to de-criminalize abortion. Rise Up will talk about the international dimensions of the right to abortion, which is recognized by the UN as an international human right.

March 18
Elon Musk Did America an Invaluable Service When He Bought Twitter:  More Conservative and Libertarian Minded Billionaires Need to Step Up and Buy Other Media Outlets Now
​Meeting #3,708 - Enrique Perez, the 2013 Bughouse Square Debates Soapbox Champion and former community activist

Speaker  states that:  "The Mainstream Media is hopelessly biased against Conservatives, and has been for a long time. The just released Twitter Files prove that without a doubt. Unlike their predecessors, the Modern Left does not believe in Freedom of Speech! They seek to squelch it! Say the wrong thing... Express an unapproved thought... And they cancel you... This is why it's time for "OUR BILLIONAIRES" (i.e. Those who still believe in Freedom of Speech) to start leveling the playing field by buying up some of these biased Mainstream Media outlets."

March 25
Open Microphone (on run-off election in Chicago)
Everyone 5 to 10 Minutes Each
in-person or on zoom, seeking keynote speakers
Meeting # 3,709 - seeking keynote speakers to get things going, if interested contact the Program Coordinator Charles Paidock at (312) 842-5036, or (312) 714-7790 cell, by email to

March 11
Community Renewal Society
​Meeting # 3,707 – The Community Renewal Society is a faith-based, community organizing and public policy organization that works with congregations in and around Chicago to address issues of racism and poverty.

Community Renewal Society informs and brings people of faith and congregations together, in partnership with communities, coalitions, interfaith organizations, and civic leaders, to intentionally and decisively transform society toward greater social justice at the intersection of racism and poverty.

The Beloved Community: where all God’s children flourish and live in dignity.

With the implementation of CRS’ strategic plan, prioritization of anti-racism frameworks and tools is essential. Our internal audit team completed its report in 2018, and the Board accepted its report and recommendations in April of 2019. We are currently creating a Transformation Team to ensure CRS’ continued awareness and movement toward being an anti-racist institution, which will impact the way we work with our Board, leadership, community leaders and congregations.