March 2
Open Microphone Seeking 3 or 4 Keynote Speakers for 15 to 20 minutes each, for upcoming program on the Israel-Palestine conflict
Meeting # 3,756 - 
​Open Microphone on March 2nd
Seeking 3 or 4 keynote speakers to get the conversation going, 15 to 20 minutes each, for upcoming program on the Israel-Palestine conflict for Saturday March 2nd at 5:00 PM CT at the College of Complexes, weekly free speech forum, in-person or on zoom

If you would like to speak contact Charles Paidock, Program Coordinator by email to (312) 842-5036

Homework Assignment - 3 short videos on the topic

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history (10 minutes)
The conflict is really only 100 years old.
One of the biggest myths about the Israel-Palestine conflict is that it's 
been going on for centuries, that this is all about ancient religious hatreds.

In fact, while religion is involved, the conflict is mostly about two groups of people who claim the same land. And it really only goes back about a century, to the early 1900s. At its heart, it is a conflict between two self-determination movements — the Jewish Zionist project and the Palestinian nationalist project — that lay claim to the same territory. 

Israel and the Palestinians: a century of conflict Oct 10, 2023 (3 minutes)
A brutal attack on Israel by Hamas has spectacularly reignited the long-running conflict 
between Israel and the Palestinians. We look back over a century of hostilities.

Why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is so complicated Mar 1, 2023 (5 minutes)
Israel and Palestine jump from crisis to crisis, but a string of deadly attacks over the past few weeks has raised fears the Holy Land is spiraling toward unrelenting bloodshed, with speculation it is on the brink of an intifada – a Palestinian uprising or, literally, a 'shaking off' of Israeli control.

The first two uprisings failed to end the occupation, with several thousand people killed, mostly Palestinians. Some believe a third intifada has already started.  

But what makes the decades-old conflict so complex? The Guardian's Jerusalem correspondent, Bethan McKernan, examines the key figures and issues at play – and looks at why experts fear peace is further away than ever.   

March 30
Humanize Long Term Care Campaign
"dignity, community & freedom for people with disabilities and 
Meeting # 3,760 - Fran Tobin
"As America ages, a growing network of disability, senior and labor groups is calling for Illinois to lead the way in transforming the Long Term Care system, so consumers have a real choice to get care in their own homes or community-based settings, instead of being pushed into a nursing institution. The disability-led Humanize Long Term Care campaign wants greater dignity for those in facilities, an end to retaliation against residents and staff that speak up about violations, and a plan for transformation leading to better care for consumers and better wages and working conditions for caregivers."

March 16
Libertarian Party of Illinois and their Candidates for the Primary Election
Meeting # 3,758 -  Justin Tucker et al
​"Libertarians have many views, but generally favor maximizing freedom and minimizing government. The foundation for this view is respect for the rights inherent to all people, often referred to as the “non-aggression principle,” the idea that initiating force or the threat of force against others is wrong."
March 23
A Dank LIbertarian Meme Stash
A Collection of Political Illustrations Posted on Social Media
Meeting # 3,759 - Justin Tucker, officer

Information Libertarian Party of Illinois    website 



Ballot Access Continues to be a Challenge for New Parties in Illinois 

Harvey City Treasurer
Peoria Heights Village Trustee
Nettle Creek Board of Education
Chicago 14th Police District Council
Nokomis City Commissioner
Mazon/Verona/Kinsman Board of Educ
Pana City Clerk
Hamel Village President
Normal Town Trustee

Aisha Pickett
Brandon Wisenburg
Brett Ryan
Chris Laurent
Jake Leonard
Jenae Wise
John Broux
Justin Gerstner
Karl Sila

March 9
A Civic Self - Defense Class, Exercising Our Right to Reject Reaganites of Both Parties!
Meeting # 3,757 - college regular Jonathan Barton
Speaker states that he will present "A civic self - defense class in the face of the unending barrage of the politics of cruelty that's dominated our legislative discourse ever since Ronnie the cowboy (HOLLYWOODS MOST FAMOUS " B " MOVIE ACTOR) stole the election in 1980 . To steal a line from one of his most famous speeches - MR AND MRS STATUS QUO , TEAR DOWN THIS REAGANISM !"