March 20
Citizen Advocacy Center
 a non-profit, non-partisan community legal organization dedicated to building democracy for the 21st century
​Meeting # 3,608 - Mr. Ben Silver, Community Lawyer, who assists clients with legal questions, monitors local governments, and ensures public access to government
March 13
Second Thoughts on Atheism
​Meeting # 3,607 - David Ramsay Steele, author of "Atheism Explained"
Speaker states:  "This new talk would be on some not so often talked about questions, 
such as whether God could have a meaning in his life, or whether a refutation of Darwinism 
                                                                would compel us to become theists.
March 6
Celebrate Women
International Women's Day is Celebrated the World Over in Style: Why Not Here?
​Meeting # 3,606 - seasoned activist Janice Gintzler

David Ramsay Steele wrote the book Atheism Explained, a popular outline of all the most important arguments for and against the existence of God. In this talk for the College of Complexes, David will present some interesting aspects of the God question which are often overlooked.
        God is defined as a spirit, but which came first, God or spirits in general? David will maintain that the more fundamental question is the existence of spirits in general, and the question of whether there is one big boss spirit is much less important.
        The Tanach (the Old Testament) is, practically speaking, the foundation of both Christianity and Islam. If we read the Old Testament we meet a God who is an active and passionate person, a dynamic being with ambitious plans which don’t always work out, swayed by strong emotions and changes of mind. But the God of the theologians, or most of them, is a static entity which feels no emotion, does not act within time, and perhaps cannot even think.
        The theologians have a point: someone who was indestructible, eternal, all-knowing and all-powerful could not develop emotions or any feeling of affection, and would be unable to give his life a serious meaning. Hence the common view that God has committed suicide. From God’s point of view, what’s the point of it all?
        If there is a God, it’s absurd to suppose that this God would care whether people believed in him or worshipped him. Do you care what ants think of you? Obviously, a super-intelligent, super-powerful being would be way beyond vanity or pride.
        The most popular argument for God’s existence is the claim that the natural world must have been designed. However, David shows that if there were a design input into nature, this would do little to provide evidence for God. The designer couldn’t have had a coherent plan, nor any clear idea of what he was doing, but must have been extremely limited in both knowledge and power. Therefore the hypothesized designer (or more likely, several squabbling designers acting at cross-purposes) could not qualify as God.

David Ramsay Steele, PhD, has often spoken at the College of Complexes. As well as Atheism Explained: From Folly to Philosophy (2008), David has written The Mystery of Fascism: David Ramsay Steele’s Greatest Hits (2019), Orwell Your Orwell: A Worldview on the Slab (2017), and From Marx to Mises: Post-Capitalist Society and the Challenge of Economic Calculation (1992). He also co-authored, with Dr. Michael Edelstein, Therapy Breakthrough: Why Some Psychotherapies Work Better than Others (2013) and Three Minute Therapy: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life (1997; second edition 2019)

March 27
Chicago Area Peace Action 
US Crimes and War Planning 
American Aggression in Yemen
​Meeting # 3,609 - Alex Haft 
Peace Action is the nation’s largest grassroots peace network with chapters and affiliates in states across the country. We organize our network to place pressure on Congress and the administration through write-in campaigns, internet actions, grassroots lobbying and direct action. Through a close relationship with progressive members of Congress, we play a key role in devising strategies to move forward peace legislation. As a leading member of various coalitions, we lend our expertise and large network to achieving common goals.

For over 60 years, Peace Action has worked for an environment where all are free from violence and war. We understand that long-standing global conflicts require long-term solutions and that US foreign policy has a lasting effect on the world. We are working to promote a new U.S. foreign policy that is based on peaceful support for human rights and democracy, eliminating the threat of weapons of mass destruction, and cooperation with the world community. We organize against pre-emptive wars, and advocate for the withdrawal of American troops and contractors from the endless wars across the Middle East.
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