April 29
Computers: Are They Becoming Self Aware, and 
Are They After Your Jobs?
Meeting # 3,714 - Tim Bolger
Tim Bolger, college regular, will present the latest news in computer technology, namely Artificial Intelligence. First what is it all about, and what is the latest thing called “chat GPT”, and then some areas where this will be very helpful to mankind, and how it can be used for evil purposes. Is AI coming to take your job, or is it becoming an intelligent assistant. Will it help our species “clean up” or be “cleaned out.” Some live demonstrations will also be included.

Special Earth Day  Series of  Speakers
April 1
Working for a Nuclear-Free Future 
the nuclear threat in Ukraine and at home, why nuclear energy cannot solve the ecological crisis, and what you can do here in Illinois
Meeting # 3,710 - Kelly Lundeen (she/her)  

Nukewatch is a Wisconsin-based environmental and peace action group, dedicated to the abolition of nuclear power, weapons and continued radioactive waste production. Nukewatch brings critical attention to the locations, movements, dangers, and the politics of nuclear weapons and dangerous wastes. Staff and volunteers advocate Gandhian nonviolence in education and action, and report on nuclear issues in the Nukewatch Quarterly newsletter.

Nukewatch began in 1979 in response to the cold war build up of nuclear weapons and the secrecy surrounding the nuclear industry. Nukewatch conducted TrackWatch; a program to monitor and expose secret shipments of radioactive waste on U.S. rails; TruckWatch, the transportation of H-bombs and component parts in unmarked trucks by the DOE; Nukewatch mapped all 1,000 land-based nuclear missile silos for educational and organizing purposes. Nukewatch has a long history of successful grassroots organizing across the nation.

Nukewatch monitors the transportation of radioactive waste around the country and around the world on an on-going basis.

April 22
Chuck’s Eco-Plan
to Re-configure the Use of a Car in Chicago, and the Country
and Achieve Equity among Travel Modes
Meeting # 3,713 – Charles Paidock, Secretary, Citizens Taking Action (CTA) for advancement of transit and trains
Chuck says that: ”The transportation policy for use of an automobile in the US is different from that for the other travel modes. With the onset of climate change by 2030, it is imperative that we act to apply fleet management concepts, that incorporate as well measures which correct impediments to automobile usage. Anyone who owns a car will want this plan effected.”

April 8
Open Microphone
"Why I Think We Need to Stop Climate Change"
3 Keynote Speakers from the
Illinois Team for Passage of the Earth Bill
​Meeting # 3,711 - Mary Shesgreen, Richard Stuckey, Meryl Greer Domina will speak for 5 to 10 minutes each about their involvement in the environmental movement, to start the discussion, after which all can make comments on the topic.
Everyone will have 5 to 10 minutes to speak, pro or con on topic
Everyone will have 5 to 10 minutes to speak, pro or con on topic
April 15
Capitalism and Soil
Meeting # 3,712 – librarian Dan Weinberg, college regular
Summary: “Soil is a natural resource that might disappear if practices stay the same. Fertilizers and weed killers have to end. Natural systems will do the same job for less money and more survival. Survival of Earth is what we are talking about.”
            Speaker also asks "Can Capitalism and regenerative agriculture coexist? Do you agree with Marx that capitalism is not the natural outcome of human nature? Where are the profits from farming going-to food corporations or to farming communities? Why does this matter to Chicago, LA, Houston, NYC, and other cities?"

Regenerative Farming vs. Agribusiness