April 7
An Update on the Top Censored Stories
Meetings # 3,471 - college regular Andy Anderson of the NW Information Service

April 21
Special Earth Day Speaker
Resist the Trump Administration’s Regressive, 
Anti-Environmental Agenda, and Empower a Progressive, Pro-Ecological Agenda to Make America Even Greater!
Meetings # 3,473 - According to DENNIS NELSON, an energy-environmental researcher, writer, speaker, and organizer:
 "The most serious institutional threat to environmental protection and environmental quality is now President Donald Trump, his administration's cabinet members, and the extreme agenda of the Republican Party.  I will bring newer and different material to help with the RESISTANCE to the Trump fiasco, and the EMPOWERMENT in challenging those die-hard Trump apologists who still want to give him a chance.  My topics will include: How the Trump Administration is destroying the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA); the Trump Administration's continuing climate science denial/climate policy delay; the Trump Administration's attack on our ocean protections and marine national monuments; renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); stopping Trump from starting a nuclear war (a great eco-threat which must be reemphasized); the Trump Administration's agricultural and food policy; and what role do energy markets and government intervention have in determining our energy policy.  The extreme agenda of the Republican Party will also be discussed. What we need is a good, solid, progressive-populist agenda for public and environmental health, climate protection, eco- justice, economic well-being, and national/global security, and make America an even greater nation."  

April 28
The History and Current Situation on the Ground in 
Palestine / Israel – through poetry, prose, and art
Meetings # 3,474 - Through poetry, prose, and art, semi-retired librarian Daniel Staub Weinberg will analyze the background and recent developments in the Middle East.. 

Pen and ink political/comic drawings by Weinberg can be purchased at www.artpal.com/weinbergsart.
Weinberg's email is weinbergsart@gmail.com.

BDS - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
April 14
Centuries of Classrooms Around the World: 
Does the Built Environment Enhance Leaning? 
Does Material Culture Transmit Values?
Meeting # 3,472 - Presented by Peter N. Pero, teacher, author, and time traveler
A photo essay on historic schoolrooms in a global context.
- private schools vs. public virtues
- how does wealth determine educational outcomes?
- the teacher as “change agent”
- who needs technology?
- international education across space and time