April 13
Zennials of Illinois
Estimates of the U.S. population in this cohort range from 30 million to 48 million
Meetings # 3,762 - Chibu Asonye, She/Her/Hers, Founder, Zennials of Illinois

April 27
Why Joe Biden is the Worst President Our Country has had Since Jimmy Carter, And Why America Needs a Republican, Any of the Republicans, to be Our Next President
Meeting # 3,764 - accomplished soap-box speaker Enrique Pere

Any Republican
Joe Biden
Green Party
Voter's Guide

Special Earth Day Series of Speakers                        April 6, 13, 20

April 6
A List of Specific Things You Can and Should Do to Save the Planet, and What They Are Doing in Other Countries
Meeting # 3,761 - Andy Andersen of the Northwest Information Service

Eco's confront the Polluter
Which one
 is you?
April 20th
The Agenda of the Illinois Green Party (ILGP)
Meeting # 3,763 - Anna Schiefelbein, State Secretary
​"The Illinois Green Party (ILGP) is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to advancing the Greens’ Ten Key Values in our political and social lives. The ILGP is both a political party and a membership organization. The ILGP is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States and is part of the international Green movement.  The Global Greens have affiliated Green parties in 72 countries around the world!

We understand why many people don’t want anything to do with politics: Our political system has become so corrupt and sickening that it turns off most voters. But that is due to the behavior of the two corporate parties. Decades of choosing between evils has led us to a place where we are facing numerous, interconnected crises. We need real solutions to the life and death issues we face! We need to build a people-powered alternative that is independent of the corporate parties and their corruption."

Information: The Illinois Green Party (ILGP) https://www.ilgp.org/

Membership https://www.ilgp.org/membership/

Chicago Greens http://www.illinoisgreens.org/