April 10 - Special Earth Day Speaker I
The Texas Power Grid System:
what recently went wrong and why?
Meeting # 3,611 - Pete Dove
​"The presentation explains how the Texas power system works and why it is different from other systems in the US. It explains the history, components and entities that are involved, and who controls the system. It then explains what recently went wrong in the February 2021 winter storm, what caused it and what happened as a result of it. It then discusses the future, not only for Texas but the entire US and how the industry is going to be able to deal with climate change and the ability to meet zero carbon emissions by 2050, based upon current plans, future demand and projections."

I am a retired Master Mariner with a BSc in Nautical Science. I was born in London. After sailing the oceans for 25 years, I became involved with the offshore oil business, and came to the US in 1975 after being offered the job of Marine Superintendent of a large Offshore Drilling Contractor. Later on I worked for energy contractors and in in 1986, started my own company where we worked on new ideas for floating production and power generation. I am a US citizen with middle of the road politics. 
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April 17 - Special Earth Day Speaker II
Expand Nuclear Power Now!
Meeting # 3,612 - Nancy Bradeen Spannaus, Author of Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics

Speaker states that:  "It is not only necessary, but urgent that the new Administration and U.S. Congress act immediately to expand investment in nuclear power. Such an investment conforms perfectly with Alexander Hamilton’s principles for the American System in two crucial ways. First, it puts the “mechanical genius” of the American people to work in the most advanced, efficient, and safe means of producing energy yet invented. Second, it fulfills the responsibility of the Federal government to stimulate technological progress and prosperity for our nation today, and its posterity."
The Vogtle nuclear plant, under construction in Georgia, is the only plant being built in the U.S.
April 24 - Special Earth Day Speaker III
Eco-Socialism: An Introduction
Organizing to Replace Capitalism with the Solidarity Economy
Meeting # 3,613 - Rich Whitney, Green Eco-Socialist Network
​In the U.S. and around the world, there is a growing movement in support of the “solidarity economy,” which aims to build democratic worker-owned cooperatives and other community-based organizations that can serve as the building blocks of a new economic system. This movement is compatible with the aims of the Green Party, as expressed in the “Eco-Socialist” platform provisions adopted by the party in 2016. But what do these terms – the “solidarity economy” and “eco-socialism” – actually mean? In this presentation, Rich Whitney will provide an introduction and an opening argument for supporting these movements.

Rich Whitney is an attorney from Carbondale, Illinois, now working as an appellate public defender. He is one of the founding members of the Illinois Green Party and served as the Party's first candidate for Governor in 2006, winning over 360,000 votes. His current activist roles include serving as co-chair of the Illinois Green Party, interim chair of the Green Eco-Socialist Network, and is very engaged in the peace and environmental movements. He is also a Green public official, serving as Vice-Chair for the Jackson County Mass Transit District. He provides regular political commentary and is a volunteer DJ at community radio station WDBX in Carbondale. 
In conjunction with the
Chicago Greens