May 6
Special May Day Speaker
"A Communist Celebration of May Day"
     My 70 years of celebrating my favorite holiday
​Meetings #3,715 - Fred Kushner, white SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) 
member and antiracist.

As the child of radical Communist parents in Chicago, Fred discuss his father's role in the Communist Party (as a leader, he was forced underground for years). Growing up with the "Black and white, unite and fight!" mindset, Fred was surrounded by Socialists, Communists, and labor organizers. One of his earliest memories is attending Emmett Till's wake, and he talks about the IWW (International Workers of the World), the Taft-Hartley Act, the Smith Act, and moving at the young age of 18 to Mississippi to become part of SNCC.

Asked by Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) to be part of the "last white folks' campaign," Fred spent nearly a year in Mississippi, and even trained at the famous Highlander School in Tennessee.

May 27
Electricity for Sustainable Passenger Transportation in France (from London to Paris to Marseilles)
​Meeting # 3,718 - Mike Lehman, college regular and bullet train advocate
Photos - also subways and other transportation modes, stations, even cars and busses

May 13
How Economic Democracy Can Save Political Democracy
"three major economic institutions have channeled wealth unequally since man crawled out of the cave—and continue to do so today"
Meetings #3,716 - Maralyn Hamaker, retired teacher and concerned citizen

Speaker states that she will discuss how unsustainable wealth inequality has existed in most nations throughout history, causing those nations to eventually fail. As to “Why?” she will examine the ways in which three major economic institutions have channeled wealth unequally since man crawled out of the cave—and continue to do so today. She argues that these three institutions can be revised to create a fair and just economic system that allows abundance for all in a modern world. Maralyn outlines and concludes that we must make necessary adjustments for Economic Democracy to Save Political Democracy.  

May 20
Get into Jail for Free! 
We the Davids and Davidas vs the Ruling Goliaths
steps we can take to enact actual participatory democracy
Meeting # 3,717 - 
How to send war criminals to the Hague to appear before the International Criminal Court, and other fun steps we the people of Earth can take to enact actual participatory democracy!  College regular Jonathan Barton gives a presentation about the crucial importance of bringing war criminals to justice and why we have a tremendous amount of power, that we don't even realize we have, to do exactly that.

Video of Interview
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