May 26
Meeting # 3,478 - contact the Program Coordinator Charles Paidock if you would like to speak at (312) 842-5036 office, (312) 714-7790 cell, or by email to
May 12
The Truth about:
Sputnik and the Russian Space Program vs. 
the U.S. Space Program
Meeting # 3,476 - It terrified the United States when Sputnik was sent into space by the Russians. The press went into a frenzy when President Eisenhower went golfing and claimed Sputnik was not a problem. Kennedy would say the Republicans were soft on communism by ignoring this event. All of Intel ( which was only a few agencies then) claimed this showed socialist ideals were a match for capitalism and the Soviet Union was unstoppable.
        Now for the first time in the United States the actual truth will be revealed. Using declassified Russian documents and interviews Michael Flores has discovered the truth. Tracing the Soviet space program from the second world war to the U.S. publicity stunt of a man walking on the moon he names names, incidents that not even the Russian people know. And reveals the biggest secret of all! A multi-media event you will not forget. 

May 5
Special May Day Speaker
Teamster UPS Contract Campaign – the largest private sector union contract in America
Meeting # 3,475 - Brother Joe
UPS Teamsters have reason to be in a fighting mood. In 2013, when Teamster President Hoffa encouraged the union’s membership to vote to accept a concessionary contract, it barely passed the 50% threshold needed for approval. Regional supplements in 18 locations were voted down.
        To many there are indications that another concessionary contract will soon be on its way. According to UPS’s own executives, they expect to rake in over $5.3 billion in profit this year. 
        UPS, however, is claiming more and more competitive pressure. In prior contract negotiations, the main delivery competitor on everyone's lips was FedEx, but now Amazon has exploded into the equation. The national Teamster officials have provided no plan whatsoever to organize these major companies. Instead, UPS workers have endured a race to the bottom which most recently has taken the form of management attempts to hire seasonal drivers who use their own cars and cell phones: ‘uberized drivers.’

May 19
Electricity:  How Much of It Do We Use, How Do We Get It, and How Much More Will We Need?
Meeting # 3,477 - college regular Tim Bolger -  What is the grid?  What are we paying ComEd for?  How much do we get from wind and solar?  How much natural gas is there?  What about "clean coal"? that Trump wants?