May 29
Divest Chicago from the War Machine Coalition
Meetings # 3,618 - Greta, Organizing Director, World BEYOND War et al
​Presentation will be "about the emerging campaign to divest the city of Chicago from weapons and war. The coalition consists of a number of member groups, including World BEYOND War, CODEPINK, and Chicago Area Peace Action, who would jointly give a presentation followed by facilitating discussion."
May 1
Special May Day Speaker
The Entire History of Work in ½ Hour
Meeting # 3,614 - labor activist Charles Paidock 
​the story of the human activity termed labor from the cavemen to computers, 
from working for yourself on the farm, to working for another in a factory
May 8
Kathy Kelly, Peace Activist and Pacifist
The Wounds of War:  Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen
U.S. Accountability and a Call for Reparations
Meetings # 3,615 - Kathy Kelly is an American peace activist, pacifist and author.  As part of peace team work in several countries, she has traveled to Iraq twenty-six times, notably remaining in combat zones during the early days of both US–Iraq wars.

May 15
Should Chicago Be a State Separate from Illinois?
Meeting # 3,616 – Justin Tucker, New Illinois Cook County Committee
Justin Tucker will present a slideshow that makes the case that political separation between Chicago and the rest of Illinois is a practical solution to address the differences between rural and urban Illinoisians.

New Illinois is a nonprofit organization that educates Illinois citizens about their right to pursue the creation of new state from the State of Illinois. We are seeking a state split, following the process provided in the U.S. Constitution (Article IV, Sec. 3). This is the same way that West Virginia split from Virginia.

New Illinois is a nonpartisan, educational nonprofit. We are addressing a longstanding divide in the State of Illinois. This divide is not between Democrats and Republicans—it is urban vs. rural, small town and suburban. We are two very different places, both culturally and economically. Legislation and policies addressing the needs and best interests of a major urban area like Chicago/Cook County are not necessarily in the best interests of the rest of the state.

​The issues New Illinois focuses on are representative government, government corruption, and our state’s fiscal catastrophe.

May 22
Climate Crisis Policy and The Earth Bill Network
Meetings # 3,617 - J. Todd Fernandez, LLM, Executive & Legislative Director

Everyone is welcome to our inclusive and transparent organizing. Our Policy Teams are compiling The EARTH Bill, a comprehensive climate bill, and the 2021 Climate BIll Package for immediate action. On the ground, community-based Adopt-A-District teams are working by Congressional Districts for powerful advocacy. Volunteer to join the action today!

It is recommended that everyone should study the “Digest” compiled to show the Solutions to the Climate Crisis so we might unite across topics for concerted political power. Learn the solutions and get ready to fight for Mother Earth. All are welcome! 

Has compiled a digest of policy ideas from over 150 expert sources, all you need to know to stop global warming! - Check out the 2020 Climate Bill Package

A nationwide group of expert volunteers and organizations working together to pass scientifically-based federal climate legislation to stop our current pollution now before it’s too late for our children and all life on Earth.