June 30
David Mihalyfy, Labor and Education Activist for Alderman (11th)
"Let our Light Shine" Campaign
Meeting # 3,483 - 
Mihalyfy is running on a platform of expanded economic and community development under the slogan “Let Our Light Shine.”  

Mihalyfy’s proposed policies include a home solar energy program to reduce cost-of-living, create jobs, and spur local business; advocacy for a newly-built neighborhood CPS high schoo; a Chicago flag-themed “mural corridor” with paid summer jobs for youth; and renovation of a local theater, presently closed, as a non-profit move house serving the entire community with kids movies, recent blockbusters, and films in languages like Chinese and Spanish.

He has signed the Illinois State Board of Elections’ Code of Fair Campaign Practices, becoming the first 11th Ward aldermanic candidate ever to do so.

A current SEIU HCII member working in home healthcare and elder care, Mihalyfy has participated in many unionization drives, including 2 recent campaigns that brought 2500+ workers into AFT-IFT and 200+ workers into Teamsters Local 743. As part of an ongoing SEIU Local 73 unionization campaign, he also gave testimony before Chicago City Council’s Education Committee and helped obtain a unanimous resolution in favor of the unionization of contingent instructors at Chicagoland’s private colleges and universities.

As a freelance writer on higher education’s accessibility crisis, Mihalyfy has consistently fought the bureaucratic waste causing student debt. Most notably, his financial investigative reporting about his then-employer the University Chicago revealed that 8 high-level administrators took more than $7.6 million in payraises over 5 years, even as the school moved toward and received a credit downgrade. Mihalyfy’s uncovering of outsize payraises later informed Crain’s Chicago Business coverage probing the school’s financial management.

June 2
The Freshwater Lab / Great Lakes Issues
University of Illinois - Chicago
Meeting # 3,479 - Dr. Rachel Havrelock, University of Illinois – Chicago, Founder of the Freshwater Lab, Lead Investigator on the “Great Lakes, Global Midwest” grant
"The Freshwater Lab is an initiative to communicate Great Lakes water issues to the general public, create tools to visualize the current state and future scenarios of water sources, engage unaffiliated groups in water planning, and train a new generation of Great Lakes leaders. As we focus on the Great Lakes basin, we also reach outward to build relationships with water stewards from other parts of the world."
Good Water Neighbors
Human RIght to Water
Oil Pilelines and the Great Lakes
Environmental Justice
Water Delivery and Lead Pipes
Water Diplomacy etc.
June 9
Paradoxes of the Global Warming Belief System 
The Church of Global Warming Pseudoscience 
Meeting # 3,480 - Dr. David Ramsay Steele will analyze the contradictions of the Global Warming belief system, and show how Global Warming relates to pseudoscientific cults which make a noise for a while, do a lot of damage, and then vanish from the scene.
        Dr. Steele maintains that nuclear power is the only serious alternative to fossil fuels.

June 23
Left-Wing Market Anarchism of the Libertarian Movement
Meeting # 3,482 - Joseph W. Kopsick
The speaker states that:  "I  will analyze the ideas of John Locke, Thomas Paine, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Henry George, Samuel E. Konkin III, Gary Chartier, Kevin Carson, and others, on how these thinkers have proposed taking centrist or moderate approaches towards solving economic problems which have divided conservative-leaning Libertarians from the radical Left. 

The focus will be on issues related to landed property, markets, organized labor, and political freedom & social contract theory. I will also touch on the similarities and differences which Libertarians have with Greens, socialists, and anarchists, and outline potential political strategies which their agreements suggest may be a practical way to achieve multi-partisan political change."

June 16
Designing a Win-Win World for ALL 
Building the "Cyber-CIty / State / Country / World of the Future"
Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP) and
Safe Haven community service corps
Meeting # 3,481 - 
Kimball Ladien, MD, discusses his ecological recommendations, and book outlining a proposed new social program: Safe Haven-- Breaking the Cycles, for a gang -free, drug-free, full-employment economy in America by 2020.

He states that: By moving beyond “politics as usual” to genuine good government, using good science, we can design win-win systems for the benefit of all. 
            As a scientist, my Global Energy Independence Program (GEIP) provides clean, renewable energy that saves $2-3T/yr, and can pay for universal healthcare and education in the process. 
            Similarly, Safe Haven, a community service corps, like FDR’s CCC and WPA, can provide jobs and prevention-oriented programs to help achieve a gang-free, drug-free, full employment economy in America by 2020.