June 22
Why Are We So Often Stuck with the Status Quo?
Meetings # 3,534 - author Margaret Goldstein, who says: "From the Illinois EPA and Dept. of Human Services to the struggle to get fair redistricting of our electoral districts, to the United Nation's Security Council's flaws, much never gets changed.

All possible advocacy accomplishes little. Authorities merely tweak the system or claim they will satisfy demands but never do."

June 15
The Humane League - Chicago
Ending the Abuse of Animals Raised For Food: 
why it matters and how you can help
Meeting # 3,533 - Josh Richards, Grassroots Coordinator
Since our founding in 2005, The Humane League’s mission has been to save the lives of as many animals as possible and to reduce as much animal cruelty as we can. We want a world where all animals are treated with the same respect and compassion that we show to our beloved family dog or cat.

We are working relentlessly to reduce animal suffering through grassroots education to change eating habits and corporate campaigns to reform farm animal treatment. 
June 1
An Up-Close Look at China Today 
Meeting # 3,531 - Presentation by Stansfield Smith on his 24 day trip to China, with some pictures
Speaker states that:  "China is rapidly advancing, investing a great amount in infrastructure and housing. Poverty has almost been eliminated, with 700 million Chinese lifted out of poverty over the last 40 years. China remains a socialist country with a fair amount of capitalism, but the capitalism does not dominate. In its development China is outstripping the United States. It is also making giant strides in taking action against causes of global warming."

June 8
The Roots of The Welfare State
Meeting # 3,532 - Germinal G. Van, author and political essayist, who explains how the welfare state started in the United States and reason why its policies harmed the people it intended to help

June 29
An Analysis of the Green New Deal:  
What It is, Who Benefits from it, and How to Pay for it
Meeting # 3,535 - college regular L. P. (Andy) Anderson