July 24
Author, Patrick Cage
"Profound Secrets of Jesus and His Inner Circle" 
Meeting # 3,626 - Patrick Cage, Author
​Profound Secrets of Jesus and His Inner Circle will bring to light paradigm-altering facts surrounding Christ's arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection. This book provides an in-depth understanding of the substantial roles played by women in the fulfillment of Christ's mission here on earth. These pages reveal that just as God used a woman, the Virgin Mary, to birth Jesus, God likewise used a woman, Mary Magdalene, to resurrect him.

The book uses information discovered outside of the Bible to establish that miracles performed by Jesus actually happened. Ancient documents reveal these miracles, including at least one involving the raising of the dead, was promptly investigated and, in some cases, witnessed by the religious elite responsible for putting Jesus on trial.

The secret of the Apostle Paul's preconversion contact with Jesus will also be thoroughly examined. Other areas explored include a revealing look at how Christianity was founded by a woman and not any of the male disciples of Jesus. The book will look at James, the brother of Jesus, and his plot to kill the Apostle Paul.

July 31
FairVote Illinois on RCV ranked choice voting
for freedom and fairness in our elections
Meeting # 3,627 - Andrew Szilva, Executive Director

July 3
Human and American needs and how they relate to our country as we approach our 250th birthday as a nation: what values as a nation do we want for the future world situation? 
Meeting # 3,623 - C. Jenny Walbridge

Speaker states that: “For the July talk, I would like to read some old hymns to amuse and inspire us, then discuss three suggested patriotic teacher questions from the National Endowment for the Humanities for our 250th birthday. I will read a few poems: my great-grandfather wrote a “Poem to Old Glory” in 1941 which inspired me to craft a new American flag poem along with a “Poem to New Glory,” a poem to a world flag. We can ponder my use of American values applied to the future world situation. I would like to use these poems for the 2024 Artemis moon landing, with the first woman on the moon—who hopefully will replace the American flag up there now with a world flag!"

Three Questions for the Nation
National Endowment for the Humanities on USA’s 250-year Anniversary

 “Q: What does it mean for a union to be made ‘more perfect’?”

“Q: What roles do the humanities play in fostering ‘a more perfect union’?”

“Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of citizens and government in a democratic society?

July 10
Being a Cheapskate in Chicago:
​How to get things for free
Meeting # 3,624 - Meeting # 3,624 – seasoned college regular Corina Schusheim
talks about one way to adopt a low-consumption lifestyle
She states that: “I have compiled a cheat sheet for cheapskates. Tightwads can use online forums to get free goods, haircuts, movies etc. Saving money sometimes requires a substantial time commitment. Receive free things while keeping goods out of landfills, helping trainees practice and enjoying Chicago's public goods.”

July 17
Picking the "better" of two evils: 
the ethical downfall of American political identity
Meeting # 3,625 - Meeting # 3,625 – Bonniejean Alford, Distinguished Toastmaster
​(in progress)
Bonniejean Alford, The Identity Guru, MA (Sociology and Communication)
Founder and Creative Brand, Identity, and Word Strategist, Alford Enterprises
Word Artist. Professional Speaker. Creativity Coach.

Incorporated in 2020, FairVote Illinois is made up of volunteers who are supporters of democracy, who value freedom and fairness in our elections, and who are passionate about implementing ranked choice voting in Illinois.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower Illinois voters to be heard, supported, and represented by improving freedom and fairness in our elections through ranked choice voting (RCV).

Why We Do What We Do
We believe Illinois voters should have a greater choice in who represents them, a stronger voice that is heard by those in office, and representation that better reflects their values, beliefs, and backgrounds. 

The Problem with Our Current Electoral System
Our winner-take-all system robs us of real choice.

We shouldn’t have to vote against a candidate we want to lose rather than for a candidate we truly want to win.

No one should feel as though their vote doesn’t make a difference in the outcome of an election, and no one should have to accept that things won't change no matter who's in charge.

We refuse to accept this status quo. None of this is consistent with the spirit of democracy.