October 19
An Analysis of Milton Friedman and "Capitalism and Freedom"
Meeting # 3,551 - Justin Tucker, Chair, Libertarian Party of Chicago​
​This presentation will analyze the classic book, "Capitalism and Freedom" by  the Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman.  Justin Tucker will examine some of the ideas Friedman explores in the book, such as the negative income tax and school vouchers, and discuss the impact Friedman's book has had on the world.  Friedman is noted for saying that "there is no such thing as a free lunch."
October 5
HR1, For the People Act 2019
Re: Public financing of campaigns / Disclosing tax returns / Voting rights and procedures
Meeting # 3,549 - NWSOFA (NorthWest Suburbs Organizing for Action) will present a short non-partisan presentation on why the issues covered in HR1 are important for all Americans to know about and reasons to support it. HR1 is a far reaching bill that and the presentation includes three short videos and summarizes HR1. 

Summary of HR1 Sections
Campaign finance
Public financing of campaigns, powered by small donations. Under H.R.1, the federal government would provide a voluntary 6-1 match for candidates for president and Congress, which means for every dollar a candidate raises from small donations, the federal government would match it six times over. Support for a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United.
Passing the DISCLOSE Act, This would require Super PACs and “dark money” political organizations to make their donors public.
Passing the Honest Ads Act, This would require Facebook and Twitter to disclose the source of money for political ads on their platforms and share how much money was spent.
Disclosing any political spending by government contractors and slowing the flow of foreign money into the elections by targeting shell companies.
Restructuring the Federal Election Commission to have five commissioners instead of the current four, in order to break political gridlock.
Prohibiting any coordination between candidates and Super PACs.

Requiring the president and vice president to disclose 10 years of his or her tax returns. Candidates for president and vice president must also do the same.
Stopping members of Congress from using taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment or discrimination cases.
Giving the Office of Government Ethics the power to do more oversight and enforcement and put in stricter lobbying registration requirements. These include more oversight into foreign agents by the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
Creating a new ethical code for the US Supreme Court, ensuring all branches of government are impacted by the new law.

Voting rights
Creating new national automatic voter registration that asks voters to opt out, rather than opt in, ensuring more people will be signed up to vote. Early voting, same-day voter registration, and online voter registration would also be promoted.
Making Election Day a holiday for federal employees and encouraging private sector businesses to do the same, requiring poll workers to provide a week’s notice if poll sites are changed, and making colleges and universities a voter registration agency (in addition to the DMV, etc), among other updates.
Ending partisan gerrymandering in federal elections and prohibiting voter roll purging. The bill would stop the use of non-forwardable mail being used as a way to remove voters from rolls.
Beefing up elections security, including requiring the director of national intelligence to do regular checks on foreign threats.
Recruiting and training more poll workers ahead of the 2020 election to cut down on long lines at the polls.

October 12
Report on a Trip to China
How does China differ from the USA, and what is worth emulating?
Meeting # 3,550 - college regular Peter Pero
Developments in China are frequently featured in today’s news. How do Chinese ways of culture, economics and social organization differ from those found in the USA? What fundamentals does a traveler to China need to understand ? Which Asian inventions or exports are worth emulating? Peter Pero offers his views of the Middle Kingdom based on a trip to China. He explains how China can improve as well as offer growth models for the Western World.
October 26
Theoretical Spiritualist
Meeting # 3,552 - college regular Ed Rios will be providing a theoretical basis for the unseen world and the soul