October 20
The Solution to Chicago’s Gang Violence
Aldermanic Candidate (48th) David Earl Williams III 
Meeting # 3,499  - "In the past, we’ve had politicians either turn a blind eye to the growing gang violence, or suggest we use military force (Federally or State) to quell such activities.  There’s a more reasonable and cost effective solution to fix Chicago’s gang violence. To understand why people join gangs, you have to understand human motivation and need."

October 6
Panel of Speakers
The Deep State from Three Different Perspectives
Meeting # 3,497
Ellen Corley states "the NSA and CIA covert operations are now getting away with literally "revising history" in both domestic and foreign markets by the means of a variety of operations. I will be naming names of the Deep State actors, and present suggestions for how to prosecute them for State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD)s.”

Ted Aranda, who has spoken on several false flag operations, states that "the question of the Deep State gets at the heart of the true nature of our "representative government." This type of political system is in fact an oligarchy, not a democracy."

Charles Paidock maintains that “People don’t know that federal employees are a 4th branch of the U.S. government, in many ways autonomous from the executive. They don't leave when presidents do, and watch presidents come and go. It is alleged that former President Obama is coordinating a deep state resistance to Trump.”

October 13
Report on a Trip to China 
Trump’s Trade Wars and Challenges to Building Socialism
Meeting # 3,498 - John Bachtell, Communist Party USA 
John Bachtell will share impressions from the visit by the Communist Party USA delegation to Shenzhen, Beijing, and Anhui province. John will address the implications of Trump's trade war, China's new economic and social reforms, foreign policy and building an ecological civilization.

October 27
Good and Bad in Jordan Peterson
“one of the most effective voices against the extreme left"
Meeting # 3,500  - author Dr. David Ramsay Steele
Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychology professor who has suddenly become a superstar of social media, with millions of followers, and one of the most effective voices against the extreme left. He represents both the intellectual reaction against political correctness and the death of the traditional media (newspapers and TV), whose dominant role in public debate has been taken over by sites like YouTube and Twitter.
        Dr. David Ramsay Steele, author of Orwell Your Orwell, a study of George Orwell’s thought, will accurately explain Peterson’s thinking and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Meeting #