ATTENTION ALL Working Men & Women!!!


There are dark forces within this city 
working assiduously against naming a park 
for her, and affording her recognition   
      as a voice of dissent against injustice!!!

    Thanks to the Chicago Park District
    "The park will, in its own small way, restore her role in history in the city where she helped launch the modern labor movement." 
         Illinois Labor History Society  

          The property is currently a parking lot at 4712 W. Belmont Ave  

  Lucy Ella Gonzales Parsons
"more dangerous than a 
thousand rioters"
Chicago Police Department
IWW Haymarket Local
Next Open Meeting of the
General Membership Branch
1st Sunday of Each Month

(312) 638-9155
May 2nd 
Annual Haymarket Martyrs Memorial
featuring a reading of the short historical play "Cell 29"
        at the      College of Complexes
                            Saturday     8:00 PM 
Lincoln Restaurant    4008 N. Lincoln Ave      Tuition $3.00
Info:            plus food/drink purchase      
Haymarket 1886
At 10:00 A.M. on June 27, 1905 a meeting was held in Chicago to establish the IWW. 
In attendance were Lucy Parsons, "Big Bill" Haywood, Eugene Debs, Mother Mary Jones.
Rebel Voices Charles Kerr Publishing Co.
Let the voice of the people be heard!
last words of Albert Parsons on the gallows

1905 - 2005 Celebrating 100 Years of Solidarity 

Read the Resolution of the Chicago GMB
Special Guest Speaker
(inflammatory) on the Current Status of the Organized Labor Movement to be announced